Film Junk Podcast Episode #375: Magic Mike

0:00 – Intro
10:40 – Review: Magic Mike
52:15 – Headlines: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Call it Quits, Marvel to Announce Guardians of the Galaxy Movie, The Devil’s Knot Casting, Martin Scorsese Going Digital for Good but Not 3D
1:02:20 – Top 5: Best Movies of 2012 So Far
1:06:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Avengers, Gray’s Anatomy, Walk Away Renee, Ali, Missing in Action, M. Hulot’s Holiday, Blade Runner, The Newsroom, Jeff Who Lives at Home, Brave, Ted, Showgirls
1:37:55 – Junk Mail: Perfect and Underrated Sequels, First and Favourite Drive-In Experiences, Blues Brothers and Favourite Intros, Favourite Stammers in Movies, Tony Stark and Shawarma
1:52:15 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:54:10 – Outro
1:56:40 – Spoiler Discussion: Prometheus Revisited

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  • patrik

    Loved Seans Hulk impression =D

  • patrik

    Btw, where do you record the premium podcasts? At Site B? I think the sound quality is even better than usual on those..

  • patrik

    Opening to Blade Runner is pretty awesome.

  • patrik

    I’m taking over this site!!

  • milandob

    the best opening scene has to be the beggining of PREDATOR, the arriving of the team and then Arnie smokes inside of the fucking chopper! it sets him up as a ultimate badass and the score by silvestri is amazing…

  • Indianamcclain

    Whats movie is Frank referring to when he asks is Beasts coming out ?

  • Beasts of the Southern Wild

  • The Star Wars ring tone bit in “Ted” was pretty funny. “Nah, it’s from ‘The Notebook'”.

    I suggest watching the edited for TV version of “Showgirls” that pops up once in a while where there are animated tops drawn on to actresses. I remember being 17 when this came out, and I was psyched because it was the first wide NC-17 release, so I got to see it at my local theater. I never thought as a teenager that I would ever get sick of looking of tits, but this film somehow did the impossible, because once you get past the first 15 minutes or so and the novelty wears off, there’s really nothing left. On a positive note, this was my first exposure to Gina Gershon, who I remember thinking was way hotter than Elizabeth Berkeley. The movie as a whole was shit regardless of it’s rating, but do you guys think that if it would have been at least financially successful that we would have had more mainstream big studio NC-17 releases, or did this pretty much kill the chances of that?

  • sansho1

    Sean, I remember liking Lone Wolf McQuade (a Chuck Norris joint circa 1983) quite a bit. I have no idea whether it holds up, but it was sort of the prototype for his Walker, Texas Ranger character, and David Carradine plays the (kung fu master!) bad guy. Might be worth a pokeroo if you can find it….

  • I would love to hear a bonus podcast discussing what qualifies for one’s top 100 list.

    I think I’ll be updating my own list sometime this year. When I made my first list in 2009, I called it the best of my favorites, and my favorites of the best- kind of combining the ideas of a favorites list with a masterpiece list. I didn’t include movies that I recognized as great pieces of art but just didn’t resonate with me for whatever reason. I also didn’t include guilty pleasures- movies I really couldn’t see myself recommending to anyone despite enjoying them.

  • patrik

    Jay should check out “Dynamo: Magician Impossible”. Not the worst show I’ve seen.

  • bg

    Hey PlanBFromOuterSpace . If you like Gina Gershon maybe you should check out Bound… It will make you pause the movie and go beat off.

  • antho42

    I am with Frank, Star Wars can go fuck itself. People complain about the impact of Christian fundamentalism has in modern America, but it pales in comparison to the affect that Star Wars has on popular culture.

  • Ed Norton does stammer in The Score… his entire performance is incredible, even more impressive considering he’s acting opposite De Niro and Brando in the same film. By the way, The Score is one of the best caper films out there.
    Outside of film, the best stammerer has to be Derek Jacobi in I Claudius, the genius BBC TV show from the 70’s.

    Perfect sequel is Terminator 2. Builds on the original, expands it, and ultimately suppresses it. You can add it to the “Great openings” list as well. That cyborg foot crashing the skull is iconic.

    Sean, if you can track it down, you might wanna check out the Chuck Norris 80’s potboiler The Octagon. It has good ol’ Chuck fighting evil ninjas (!) in the desert (!!).
    The best Chuck Norris film might as well be Code Of Silence, directed by action specialist Andrew Davis.

  • kyri

    Regarding Prometheus post-show, I Conclude that I thoroughly enjoyed the film, it’s not perfect, but it’s by far the best film of the year. absolutely a 4/4. I just love it. My only problem, …is the ending.
    It felt out of place..
    And specifically I didn’t like that Sharliz Theron died and Ripley.0.2 lived.
    It should’ve been the otherway around and I explain as follows:

    -when the spacecraft crashed in front of the two characters .after a moment of silence the spacecraft starts leaning forwards threatening to crush them.- At that point they both should have sprinted for their life.

    …And the fittest should ‘ve survived. simple as that. (that is Theron since Ripley0.2 was injured)

    The current ending is just a wrap-up. I don’t dislike it. but there is nothing more to it.

  • Kasper

    Please make the premium episode about what qualifies for your top 100! I’d gladly throw money after that.

    Oh, and when do you guys expect the Spider-Man premium to be available?

  • Steve Kasan

    I remember seeing a youtube video about actresess pandering to “geeks” on late night talk shows saying “I grew up a nerd. I love Star Wars. Love Star Trek.”
    Well, yeah, who in our generation does not love Star Wars or Trek? It’s a franchise on its own so I absolutely agree with Frank. Saying you love Star Wars or referring to it does not mean anything.

    As for great opening scenes, one of my favorites is in Red Heat. It’s just so surreal to see this russian bathhouse scene and Arnold gets the coal test and the snow fight.

    Greg, how can you forget the release on DVD of No Holds Barred????

  • Greg

    @Steve I didn’t even know about it’s release until Monday night.

  • Liney

    I just wanna address this thing (raised in the Prometheus section) about whether The Dark Knight is/isn’t about George Bush.

    I really think that question is a bit of a red herring. The film very clearly addresses a particular issue (it spells it out in the last scene in case anyone’s thick enough to miss it), and that issue does relate directly to the Bush Administration, and indeed to a million other situations. So it may well not be about Bush per se, but it certainly examines an issue that is relevant to Bush.

    Similarly, it always annoys me when people debate whether a film is about Iraq, Vietnam, WW1, WW2, or any other specific conflict. If a film is about a War situation in general, it can probably be applied to all of these conflicts on some level, and might teach us about them, or about how to avoid them. A writer/director may be completely honest when they deny that a film is about Iraq, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t relevant to Iraq.

    So The Dark Knight very obviously explores the idea that perhaps sometimes strong arm (or even dubious) tactics are needed in order to keep us safe from the more extreme elements in the world, and the fact that liberal people will often object to this, but that perhaps they need a leader that is prepared to use strong arm tactics anyway, even if they end up hating him. This is relevant to Batman in the film, and to Bush and Blair in the real world. I’m not saying I agree with Bush/Blair/Batman, but I like the fact that the film explores these issues, which it undoubtedly does!!!

  • P. Traum

    I don’t know if you mean honestly that Filmjunk is made possible by guys like me……

    I usually listen to the ‘casts half naked and puking….Jay I don’t know about, Frank seems like me, Sean is obviously Doctor X,,,,,,,

    The only gripe I have with you guys is you’re Canadian. AS a Bruins fan all I can say is…..look out for Tyler Seguin….

  • P. Traum

    I would never start at a 3. I start at 0.

  • devolutionary

    No offense, but I would never want to have a serious film discussion with anyone that wants to grasp at straws by comparing the core ideas of Tree of Life to Prometheus. By that reference, I’m sure we can tie almost any semi-serious movie to Tree of Life. Something I need to improve on, is the ability to separate hype, and expectation from the actual enjoyment or viewing of any movie I’m watching.

  • I don’t think anyone was comparing the core ideas of Prometheus and The Tree of Life. It was more about the fact that they are both challenging films that are open to interpretation.

  • devolutionary

    No, sorry, wasn’t directly meaning you guys. Simply referring to the point Jay was trying to make at the end in the bonus discussion. I guess I still get slightly peeved when certain people glaze over Tree of Life as nothing more than surrealist imagery

  • Shannon

    Loved the review of Magic Mike. I’m glad you all didn’t dismiss it based on its premise. Was great to hear the male take on the film, and you were all pretty spot-on

  • Falsk

    OMG, I can’t believe Frank’s seen “Rocket Science”. My acting teacher (required course in film school) was in that film and bragged about it every single day in class. I watched it after the course was over and thought it was so bad. I assumed I was the only one who’d ever seen it, ahahaha.