Film Junk Podcast Episode #374: Brave

0:00 – Intro
3:00 – Review: Brave
34:35 – Headlines: Jurassic Park 4 Gets New Writers, TMNT Reboot Put on Hold / Delayed, Charlie Sheen Cast in Machete Kills, Paul Verhoeven’s Jesus Movie is Happening, Ivan Reitman to Direct Buffalo Bills Comedy, Rob Zombie to Direct Broad Street Bullies, Monsters University Trailer, Dredd Trailer
55:30 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Faculty, Pitch Black, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Nightwatch, Daywatch, The Driver, Harold & Maude, The Girl on a Motorcycle, Crack in the World, Legend of the Guardians, Singin’ in the Rain, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, Nacho Libre, Dark Shadows, Adaptation, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Snow White and the Huntsman, Notorious, The FP, Holy Rollers
2:04:10 – Junk Mail: Ivan Reitman vs. Judd Apatow, Movies Where the Title is Spoken in the Movie, Dumb Characters in Horror Movies, Life in Canada + Criterion Collection, Would You Wake a Snoring Theatregoer?
2:38:30 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:39:38 – Outro

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  • For the guy snoring in the theatre, I find that a few well-thrown M&Ms usually do the trick. A couple of those babies off the noggin will wake up nearly anyone. Feel free to substitute the M&Ms with any other hard candy. Malt Balls are to light I think.

  • Goon

    The Brave review hit every major point I had against the film, and yet you all still liked it more than I did. I don’t think I’ve ever seen FJ like a Pixar movie more than I did.

  • Jay C.

    Well, speaking for myself I can say that I’m not particularly passionate about the legacy of Pixar or computer animated films in general, so there’s nothing here that really offended or inspired me. I will have forgotten about Brave in a week.

  • “Would You Wake a Snoring Theatregoer?”

    Well, thank god someone put their warm hand on my lap and said:
    – You´re snoring!
    while I apparently was snoring during Tintin.

    That´s also my mini review of Tintin. The longer version of the review would also say:
    “Overrated piece of shit”

  • Here is a link to the Brave “twist” via toy packaging (Spoiler Alert):

  • FRANK,

    Do you really think BRAVE looks as good as “How to Train Your Dragon?” If so, then you saw it under different lighting than I did.

    It looks not even CLOSE – not. even. close. – to as good as Dragon. Brave doesn’t really look that good at all. Everything is drab or dark and boring. The characters are all ugly and look like moving mannequins.

    Yes, there are moments that are stunning (the hair, the salmon-catching scene, the bear fight), but for the most part everything looked really… boring.

  • Kasper

    Brave seems really boring and uninteresting, and that twist sounds completely retarded. I think I’ll skip this one like I did with Cars 2. It’s not looking good for Pixar, their movies seem to have dropped a lot in quality.

  • And not to nit-pick Frank, but it’s Friar Tuck that shoot Sir Hiss out of the balloon. Just sayin’


  • Kent

    Looking forward to the new Cantankerous!

    Sean will be on it, right? He should be.

    I know that when you guys did the infamous Inception episode a couple of assholes thought Cantankerous should be just Jay and Reed – which I completely disagree with.

    Cantankerous should be Sean, Jay and Reed. Absolutely.

  • Fatbologna

    Jay, if you liked Sierra Madre you NEED to check out Freidken’s Sorcerer! It’s AMAZING! One of the few remakes that beats the original in my opinion.

  • Ren

    Agree with Kent. Sean is a must-have for Cantankerous.

    Also, who is this Billy Donnolly chap? :p

  • Cantankerous has always been Jay and Reed’s thing but I am hoping to be involved in the next episode and to maintain my status as an impartial observer.

  • dirrrtyfrank

    @Andrew James

    Let’s get this out of the way first… that Friar Tuck nitpick is extremely valid and quite frankly I am very embarassed …

    I think HTTYD looks better than Brave, If I said something contrary to that on the podcast, I misspoke. Your comments seem to be more in line not being a fan of the art style choices of Brave, which is fine, and I would agree. I do think that on the technical side it looks just as good as HTTYD. That being said, I did like the stylistic choices of many things in Brave:

    THE HAIR …hehe
    The Vistas
    The Cauldron
    The Horse
    The Evil Bear

    I am also curious to see it on baby blu rather than the muddied 3D picture.

    All this Friar Tuck talk has me craving a baby blu treatment for Robin Hood.

  • Henrik

    Goon didn’t like Brave?????? Glad to see you wake up after all these years XD

  • patrik

    I watched the first episode of The Newsroom yesterday, you guys really should to check the fuck out of it. Thought it was amazing.

    Frank is wrong about Snow White, it was fine. Kristen too, she was fine as well. Character was a little boring but she did ok with what she had.

    How about a Tom Cruise special? I know the next few kinda decides themselves but a two part Tom Cruise special could be great. 1 part famous and popular movies, 1 part less famous and popular movies like Valkyrie or something..

  • Cody Lang

    Holy crap, this episode was funny. Frank’s 4-year old impression made me lose it at work. The other ladies in the cubicles around me were not impressed.

    Now to more serious matters. Refn did not explicitly want to remake or make nods to Hill’s The Driver. However, the chase sequence in The Driver is very similar, but Refn said that he was thinking of other car movies from the seventies, specifically Two-Lane Blacktop. I recently caught 35mm showing of Hellman’s film, and I see more of a direct connection with The Driver than Two-Lane. Also, Hill was indirectly remaking Melville’s Le Samourai with The Driver whereas Drive was an adaptation of the James Sallis novel of the same name. The novel and film are very different, especially the way Sallis wrote the driver character and the way Refn filmed Gosling’s character. I agree completely with Jay that the characterization of both driver’s in Hill’s and Refn’s film are very similar. In any case I love Drive (one of the only films I’ve seen twice in the theatre) and I love The Driver.

    The other thing I wanted to say is that The Killing criterion is so good. I love when Criterion releases other films as an extra like with Linklater’s first film being included in the extras for Slacker. I saw Killer’s Kiss before watching The Killing because I believe before Criterion released the latter film, Killer’s Kiss still had a separate release. It’s too bad Criterion cannot get a hold of Kubrick’s first film ever, The Day of the Fight, or find his first feature Fear and Desire. Although I know Kubrick wanted to suppress his first feature because he hated it so much.

  • You’re in luck Cody, as Kino is releasing a blu ray of Kubrick’s early films:

    The collection includes ‘Day of the Fight’ (1951), ‘The Flying Padre’ (1951), ‘Fear and Desire’ (1953), and ‘The Seafarers’

    It’s not Criterion, but Kino does a pretty good job with most of their releases.

  • Cody Lang

    Oh man that’s excellent. I’ve seen Day of the Fight somewhere before. I can’t remember if it was a pirated copy or whatever. This is excellent. I’m very surprised Fear and Desire is on there. Kubrick worked very hard to make sure no one saw that film. I will definitely pick this up if it comes out on DVD.

  • Cody Lang

    Thanks for the heads up Jay!

  • First, Frank says it was Robin Hood that shot Hiss. Then Andrew says it was Friar Tuck. Who are we to believe? It’s the JFK conspiracy, all over again!

    Maybe it was this scene that Frank was thinking about, where Robin Hood was disguised as a stork.

    Pretty impressive shot, if you ask me. I think Frank’s point still stands.

  • I really do think that “Robin Hood” (the 70’s Disney version) is the bottom of the barrel as far as Disney animation. My daughter wanted to see it early in the year and I was very keen based on my own childhood memory. I hadn’t realized how poorly done it seems now.

    “Dark Shadows” is now officially on my “Don’t see list”. It seems I’ve never heard a good thing about it from anyone.

  • I really liked Nightwatch and Daywatch. Boo.

  • kyri

    hope you discuss Prometheus with the Reed.

  • New Cantankerous! YEESSSSSSSSS

  • Gerry

    New Cantankerous, with Sean please, is great news … providing Reed doesn’t back out.

    Can we also have more Fishing With Tom as he must have a lot of army tales by now.

    The Simpsons did a great Treasure Of The Sierra Madre episode with issue 1 of the Radioactive Man comic substituting for the gold.

  • Steve

    Frank, instead swapping faces with TJ, as in “Face/Off” to experience life in each other’s country, I suggest emulating the premise of 2006’s “The Holiday” instead. It might be less of a permanent change just to house-swap.

  • I like Disney’s Robin Hood.

  • Frank, really? The cute bears are there just to sell toys? Please tell me you’re not that cynical.

    I see Brave as the most Disneyesque of the Pixar films. Only difference is that there are no songs (sung by characters, that is – yes, I wanna see Pixar have the balls to do a musical), and it’s an original story. It may borrow heavily from other sources outside of Pixar, but it still has the Pixar DNA in that its focus is on family dynamics – just like The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Toy Story series… that’s why the “twist” is crucial to the story. It’s not about her going of and having an adventure. (I do agree the movie loses some steam half-way through, though, and becomes less fresh). Anyway, I’m not the biggest Pixar fan out there. The Incredibles and Wall-E were the high points for me. But Pixar have their own Pixar formula by this point.
    The animation in Brave was breathtaking – that hair was awesome – and the horse galloping made we want to see a Pixar war film or something set in the middle ages (yeah, right). And I thought the voice acting was great.

    It doesn’t invent the wheel for sure, but I guess Pixar wanted their own fairytale. This is it.

    P.S: Yes, that archery sequence was very Robin Hood. Probably the best part of the movie.

  • macaco malandro

    About movie title said during the film: i just saw “Full Metal Jacket”.

  • Cody Lang

    Oh, and another good criterion release with excellent special features is Ali: fear eats the soul. There’s a documentary about New German Cinema and a very long interview with Todd Haynes on Fassbinder.

  • Plenty non-cheesy instances where title is mentioned in the film, and Full Metal Jacket is certainly one of them. I also liked the scene in Doubt and find it totally appropriate and even powerful, maybe because Meril Streep sells it so well. The good films have their title mentioned as an important thematic beat, as if saying “this is what it’s all about”. If it’s just mentioned casually it can be less effective.

    Funny that Frank mentioned Cosmopolis. In the screening I went to this guy was snoring loudly for ten minutes before one of his friends bothered to wake him up. This along with multiple walk-outs made for a very interactive experience.
    I think it’s much harder anyway to fall asleep in films like Transformers because they’re so goddamn loud.