Taken 2 Trailer Starring Liam Neeson

I’m still not quite sure how Taken became such a massive hit, but at this point we all know the impact it has had on Liam Neeson’s career. A sequel has been in development since 2009, and to be honest, I was starting to wonder if they were taking too long to get this thing in theatres before the excitement had worn off. Well, if Twitter and Facebook are any indication, they have absolutely nothing to worry about, because people seem to be losing their shit over the first trailer for Taken 2.

This time around the villains from the first film exact their revenge by kidnapping his wife as opposed to his daughter. You probably don’t need to know much more than that, but the budget does seem to be a bit bigger this time around and the exotic locales will leave you thinking of the Bourne films. Olivier Megaton (Colombiana, Transporter 3) is in the director’s chair for this one, and he seems to be doing a decent (albeit somewhat predictable) job with it. Does Taken 2 look like everything you had hoped it would be? Taken 2 hits theatres on October 5th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

  • 1138sw

    I liked the first Taken but I’m still not sure what made it such a blockbuster. Liam Neeson’s can act in anything and give it credibility…I love the guy and think he’s that good but that doesn’t fully explain Taken’s popularity.

    As for this trailer, it looks good and I will see it but what is the uproar about?…the trailer doesn’t look that awesome.

  • 1138sw

    P.S. Can the sequel capture that secret ingredient that made the first so huge? In fact so the producers and writers really know what that ingredient even is?

  • Court

    I kinda don’t understand this movie premise. Why kidnap any of them? Why not just shoot ‘em? And if they do kidnap the wife, just kill her cause he’s coming after you anyways, right? Might as well get some sort of revenge by killing his loved ones.

  • Spooksta

    I think Taken was a fresh stab at an old theme and it worked brilliantly due to the screen presence of Liam. His voice, given the right words, can pull you into the film in a way not many other actors can.
    I though he was pants in the A team though! scratchy script!

    Cant wait…..

  • Darksiders

    can this be renamed TAKEN TOO!

  • AmKe

    looks dumb

  • Mike H

    Loved this first one, the second one looks like it will be a great ride!

  • La Menthe

    The first one wasn’t so good, and this certainly doesn’t look any better. Court has already pointed out several important questions that arose from watching the trailer.

  • Eisensammler

    I loved the first one as well.

    As to why it was so popular: Great action set pieces, an interesting main character that a lot of people can relate to (the caring father, the ex husband, longing to get back to his wife, the lone wolf, that never gives up etc) and a decent enough acting perfomance by Liam Neeson – for an action flick at least.

    The trailer looks ok. Obviously it´s a bit of a stretch that _another_ relative of the main character gets kidnapped. But hey, its Taken 2 what do you expect?

  • Gerry

    Taken was a pure adrenaline rush without an ounce of fat on it, villains who everyone could hate with no percieved political agendas attached to them that smacked of racism, and a hero who could actually act.

    I’m not sure a retread can capture lightning in a bottle a second time.

    The sort of sequel to Taken, based in Germany, was dull beyond belief. I can’t even be bothered to look up it’s title it was so bad.

    It’s like remakes of Total Recall etc, I just can’t see the point. You need to bring something new to the table if you want lots of people to part with their cash to see them.