Film Junk Podcast Episode #373: Cosmopolis and Piranha 3DD

0:00 – Intro
8:25 – Review: Cosmopolis
39:10 – Review: Piranha 3DD
1:03:45 – Review: Rock of Ages
1:10:20 – Review: That’s My Boy
1:23:50 – Other Stuff We Watched: Safe House, Underworld: Awakening, The Gold Rush, Quintet, Snow White and the Huntsman, Lethal Weapon, Lethal Weapon 2, Lethal Weapon 3, Lethal Weapon 4, Being Elmo, Teenage Paparazzo, Hot Rod, You, Me and Dupree, The Break-Up, Fahrenheit 451, A Necessary Death
2:03:25 – Junk Mail: Blockbuster Fatigue, Inconclusive Endings, What’s in the Suitcase?, Favourite Sports Movies, Is 3D Now Just Expected?, Documentaries That Changed Your Life
2:40:10 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:42:43 – Outro

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  • Holy heck– FOUR reviews and a new Game Junk in one week? I might just OD on Junk!

    Wait… I didn’t think that through.

  • I read the book a few years ago. Believe me, it’s no better. The problems you had with the movie are the problems I had with the book.

  • rjdelight

    There’s a Piranha 3DD book?? Please tell me where to get this!

  • Sven

    Thanks for answering my question. Some good food for thought in there, as always.

    You didn’t get to Breaking Bad though. I remember Frank saying at one point he loved it almost more than Lost, so I figured he would still be watching. Jay, waiting for the Blu?

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    @Jay – Because Prometheus aims to be smart sci-fi(or feels/is paced like one).

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    PS Jay, I do tend to like your geek-busting but you’re off in this particular case.

  • Sven: Sorry, I realized after we finished recording that we forgot to answer the second part of your question. I’m currently getting caught up on seasons 3 and 4 of Breaking Bad right now so I may have more to say about it on a future episode.

  • kyri


    ps Rewatch it in 3d it is amazing, ,,way better than AVATAR.

    also -> DO comment on the holograms this time, they hint ,I believe, towards many answers regarding the plot…

  • rjdelight – LOL… I should have been more clear. I meant the Cosmopolis novel.

  • Goon

    I dug Cosmopolis, I found the characters interesting by how alien they were. I didnt take any depth from their mumbo jumbo which sounds like the Architect Matrix scene. I thought the point was that they were disconnected. I took some humor out of how weird it was. Maybe I was supposed to take something bigger out of it but whatever, I got entertainment out of it and was eventually swept up in what was happening through my own filter.

    I think the key scene is when R-Pat is asking “is this how people actually talk?” – these people are so disconnected, living their lives in a soundproof limo, that they’re warped and may as well be alien visitors.

  • Goon

    What I took from it was… R-Pat’s character in the middle of the turmoil is looking to reclaim his humanity. He is not exactly aware of what he’s looking for or how the haircut fixes that, there’s just a lingering flicker he doesn’t comprehend that’s pulling him there.

  • Brendan

    Greg said he thought the trailers for Cosmopolis were a mistake because they made people think it was like Pulp Fiction or Go, so people expecting to see something like that were disappointed. But that’s not a mistake if it made more people see the movie.The people that cut the trailers are just trying to get as many people into the theater ad possible. They don’t care if they misrepresent the film if it means higher box office. So in that respect, if more people saw it than would have if the trailer was more truthful, then the trailer seems to have been a success.

  • I loved COSMOPOLIS, the book. Don DeLillo is a great writer. A bit preachy at times, with tons of existential themes throughout. I wouldn’t say it is DeLillo’s best work (that would be UNDERWORLD) but yeah, I definitely felt that the book was un-filmable. I’m still excited to see one of my favorite directors take on one of my favorite authors despite the lukewarm review. My expectations are right where they should be with this one, I hope.

  • csidle

    Greg trying to talk about That’s My Boy while laughing is one of the funniest things I’ve heard on this show. I don’t know why but it’s hilarious to hear him try to speak while holding down laughs

  • kyri

    I don’t know if you have noticed it, but apple has changed something in their settings inside the itunestore, they’ve made the download button smaller or smthng.

    anyhow, for some reason the download button for your podcast appears way to the right in my ipod and I cannot download the show.

  • patrik

    Jay is on the ball with Snow White. 3,5 / 5 for me.. Kristen Stewart was fine, there’s just not too much anyone could do with a character written like that.

  • Kamen Liew

    Guys please don’t do a Prometheus introspective coz I don’t think the movie warrants this much discussion.

    It is a flawed movie with underwritten characters and gaping plot holes with confusing plot points. None of the movie works at a script level and if you want emotional stimulation you won’t get any. From a visual standpoint it is commendable but nothing outstanding and immediately forgettable.

    Maybe the surgery scene but that’s about it. Time to move on.

  • Colin

    Justin Lin did the Community paintball episodes… aka the dude who did the last few Fast & Furious flicks.

  • antho42

    Jay — I will defend the internet. Just because something gets a mainstream response it does not follow that the response is unwarranted/invalid. There are always “consensus” and “sub-consensus” when it comes to the public’s reaction to art(even politics). People do not live in a fucking vacuum!

    Your criticism has an air of “elitism”/”smugness” (some might label hipster-like). “I am above the Internet herd.”

  • Gerry

    I finally saw Prometheus, and can see why Sean gave it 2 stars. On the basis of my first viewing I agree. What a disappointment after the anticipation.

    On the other hand I didn’t like Hannibal because it wasn’t Silence Of The Lambs but I grew to like it.

    I’ll still be buying the blu ray / 3d blu ray combo but when it’s cheap rather on release day.

    I’m guessing Guy Pierce will turn up as a son of Weyland’s, illegitimate or otherwise.

  • patrik

    @Kamen Liew – That’s just idiotic.. I’m sure no one is forcing you to listen if you don’t want to. I for one would love another Prometheus discussion as the last one helped me understand the beginning better, and therefor liking the movie more.

  • Agagooga

    Is it just me or is Frank a major bullshit artist?

  • dirrrtyfrank

    @agagooga … please elaborate … I thought I did a great job of disguising all my MAJOR bullshit but apparently you’re on to me, let me know where the slick thick shit is slipping through the cracks.

  • Kasper

    As long as the bullshit is entertaining, I ain’t care. More bullshit, Frank, more!