Film Junk Podcast Episode #371: Moonrise Kingdom

0:00 – Intro / In-House Stuff / R.I.P. Richard Dawson
10:40 – Review: Moonrise Kingdom
43:10 – Headlines: – Independence Day 3D, The Expendables TV Show, Stallone and DeNiro in Grudge Match, One Shot is Now Jack Reacher, G.I. Joe Delayed to Add More Channing Tatum?
52:15 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Big Chill, The Freshman, Snow White and the Huntsman, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The Quick and the Dead, Get Lamp, Contraband, Nothing But Trouble, The Terrorists, Au Revoir Les Enfants, Rushmore, I Shot Jesse James, Buck Privates, Humain, trop humain
1:39:10 – Junk Mail: The Power of Rotten Tomatoes, Episodes 1-85, Cinema Studies, Documentaries and Fictional Films that Go Together, Comedies with Great Action, Clever Ways of Giving Exposition in a Movie, Update on Jay’s Bowel
2:05:35 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:10:00 – Outro

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  • Oh man, I am so bumme that Moonrise Kingdom isn’t playing anywhere near me. I can’t wait to see this!

  • Essie

    One example of a docu – narrative film pairing that was brought up on the show a couple times last year would be Project Nim and ROTPOTA.

  • Hi there – director of GET LAMP here. The title was meant to be unusual and weird, causing people to either dismiss it or see the name and be interested in a movie in that subject. For that, it does well.

    I also assume you didn’t see the DVD, which has a lot more supporting material and additional episodes.

  • Can’t believe I missed the news of Dicky D’s death. :( Sad sad day…

    Lookin forward to some ethically charged discussions about DVD organization issues. And deals. Exciting shit!

  • Kasper

    I don’t know if Greg first appeared on episode 85, but he is at least on that first episode in the archive. So you get the guy less credit than he deserves!

    I think his first appearance was in the late 70’s or so, but I don’t have any of the old episodes any longer. I seem to remember there being more in the actual on-site archive (dating back to around episode 70?) where there were a few of them without Greg, then Greg guest starring and finally him (thankfully) replacing that other guy, which wasn’t very good at all.

  • Hmm, apparently I stand corrected. Either way, most of the early episodes are not that great and probably not really of interest to current listeners. I know people want to be completionists, but just trust us on this one!

  • To any filmmakers out there that wanted to know what camera and lens Wes Anderson normally uses its a :

    Cannon THNKSGVNG 1970cc
    Quirk 200mm Lens

  • Kasper

    Oh and wtf. Why would they release Missing In Action 1 and 2, but not 3? They’re all about the same quality, so it doesn’t make sense they would leave out the third movie and instead release The Delta Force, though The Delta Force is pretty sweet. Lee Marvin’s pretty kick ass.

  • We need to get Reed on the Prometheus episode for some Sci-Fi talk.

  • devolutionary

    Yes Mike, that would be amazing…for many, many, different reasons. I wonder how Reed would rank the Alien Quadrilogy? Just went back the other day and relistened to the Movie Club Podcast on said topic. Still very entertaining.

  • sansho1

    My high school’s football coach and his family were on Family Feud in 1980, my freshman year. Coach Cagle was a big (6’8″) dumb ex-jock (played O-line for the Eagles for a few years), who couldn’t string together four words if you spotted him the first two. Think Tom Hardy in Warrior, only much bigger.

    Anyway, the Feud aired during my Phys Ed class, so we got to watch Coach Cagle instead of doing whatever. Dick Dawson (after a few height jokes) asked him, “What do little boys play with that little girls don’t?” He thought for a moment, then answered…..”balls”.

    Which was funny enough, but Dawson proceeded to deadpan the FUCK out of that answer, to the point where my teachers couldn’t help but laugh despite themselves. RIP

  • Nuno

    I think the Expendables TV series should be a kid friendly cartoon in the vein of Rambo: Force of Freedom and Robocop: The Animated Series. Now that would be a true 80s throwback.

  • Ultimo

    A Doc-Film double: and one Jay might be interested in

    The Emperor’s Naked Army Marches On and Under the Flag of the Rising Sun (Kinji Fukasaku, 1972)

    Very similar story, both fantastic.

  • patrik

    Keep at it Sean. Season 3 & 4 of The Wire are way better than the second season and absolutely amazing.

  • Kasper

    Season 1 & 3 of The Wire is by far the best. 2 & 4 are about the same and season 5 is absolute garbage. Like, 0.5/5 kind of garbage.

  • rjdelight

    I second the Reed for Prometheus.

  • I invited Reed to the next podcast but he declined as usual. Sorry guys.

  • Bob

    Greg noticed an inconsistency in a movie?! I don’t think we need Reed on the Prometheus podcast. Sounds like we have his replacement already. ;)

  • rjdelight

    What?! Reed I know you’re reading this. It’s a Ridley Scott movie. You have to be there.

  • Letterboxd list for this episode:

    …So you Letterboxers can easily add movies to your watchlist as you listen!

  • I have a prejudice against the writer of Prometheus, so I’m afraid that I would judge it too harshly. Scott makes visually interesting films, but he’s not very good at judging scripts in my opinion.

    I like all of the films in the Alien quadrilogy. I even like the AvP films.

    I’m trying to improve my film criticism skills before I appear on another Film Junk podcast.

  • Greg

    Reed, I don’t have any film criticism skills, yet I’m I’m on all the shows. If the majority (ha) of the Film Junk listeners can accept what I bring to the show, they’ll be okay with however you look at films. People like what you have to say, just come to the damn show.

  • Bob

    I think one thing is clear after this podcast. We need to start a Kickstarter campaign for Frank’s river otter enclosure.

  • Reed, The reason I and most of he fans listen to FilmJunk is because you guys are fun, entertaining, and love movies. And I’m pretty sure you can do that? If the show was all about deep film criticism it would be boring and it wouldn’t be FilmJunk.

  • “That’s not what you said at Pizza Hut.”

  • anonymiss


  • patrik

    @ Kasper

    I disagree about season 5, I like it. Sure, it’s not as realistic as the rest but I love how they wrap everything up with the kids and all that. Season 3 and 4 stand out for me. Season 2 is the “worst”, but it’s still decent for me.

  • projectgenesis

    Reed, you gotta do the Prometheus podcast! We would all love it!

  • kyri

    And how do you exactly improve your “film criticism skills” without being on the show? by talking to the mirror?

    Come to the show and make sure you annoy every single one of them, that is what we expect.. We like you because you suck. It makes us feel better about ourselves..

    you are like a bad x factor audition.

    (I JOKE)

  • Brendan

    Actually, the Rotten Tomatoes rating isn’t calculated like Sean said. RT asks reviewers to give each review a rating of fresh or rotten, which is independent of their review score. So it’s up to the reviewer to make that determination. For example, a reviewer could give a film a 1.5 out of 4 stars in their own review, but they might decide it’s still good enough to give it a fresh rating for RT.

  • I guess that’s a bit more reasonable, although still highly inconsistent.

  • Brendan

    @ Sean, I agree. And either way it’s still misleading to the general public. You would think that the RT score would be an average of review scores, which isn’t necessarily an accurate consensus rating anyway. But it’s really just a poll of two extremes. So if something gets a 98 rating, it just means 98 % of the reviewers thought it was at least an OK movie. So a mediocre but watchable movie can easily get a high rating.

  • Steve Kasan

    Frank, with Snow White and the Huntsman do you think it should have been gory?
    I understand wanting to get a high take with a wider audience, but, I think it would have been better. Like Excalibur. Then again I enjoyed the movie and liked what forehead did in the movie.
    Charlize kind of oversold it, as if she was channelling Al Pacino.

    “That’s not what you said at Pizza Hut” is T-Shirt worthy!

  • Kent

    Rotten Tomatoes has an average rating feature as well you know.

    Average Rating: 7.1

    The Tree of Life
    Average Rating: 8.1

    The same percentage – but a big difference when it comes to average rating.

  • Philadelphia people:

    Moonrise Kingdom opens Friday at the Ritz East. Anybody going?

  • Sean, an example of a western with a female protagonist would probably be Johnny Guitar (with Joan Crawford, no less). Can’t expand on it since I didn’t watch it myself or at least don’t remember watching it. It’s an oldie. But I think The Quick And The Dead is probably one of the only westerns with a female gunslinger…

    What’s Up Doc is a very funny comedy with a great action scene – a car chase in the streets of San Francisco. It’s like Bullit by way of a WB cartoon.

    Jay, have you seen The Anderson Tapes with Mr. Connery? Sidney Lumet, 1971. I think it’s right up your alley.

    Oh, and this is for Frank:

  • Anthony

    RT also has a consensus line that shows, generally, what was considered good or bad about the film.

    I think the problem with RT isn’t how it’s set up, it’s how it’s used. People think the percentage is a rating, when it’s just a percentage of who liked it. For example, when I see a film with 50% approval rating, I font think “bad film” Afterall, if half the people who saw a film liked it, why is it considered a bad film?

  • John Gibson

    Greg – That was cool of you to ask Gerry on the show.

    Gerry – Be nice to hear you again even though I think you’d hate Prometheus irrespective of your reservations with the writer.

  • Bill Murray will be “bringing it” on Letterman tonight. Should be good. He is never not good on that show, as Frank would vouch for.

    Reed, you don’t need to become a better film critic, you just need to be less of a contrarian. Also, Greg makes a good point and this is from a guy whom I thought was your #1 nemesis. I think the reason you give is not entirely true. I call shenanigans.

  • rjdelight

    I wouldn’t listen to Sean and Jay. If you can get your hands on the first 85 episodes you’re in for a treat. There’s some great stuff there plus Chian and Tom Baychuck! Oh how I miss those guys. But I wouldn’t change the current lineup one bit.

  • Robert Paloutzian

    In re: Get Lamp, I was one of the backers and I enjoyed it wholeheartedly, but even I can see how it could fall flat with a mainstream audience. No doubt it is a niche movie. If you played games on a computer between 1977 and 1987, odds are very high you played a text adventure game. If you’re one of those people who did, the title of the movie speaks to you. If not, it’s a crap shoot. The filmmaker, Jason Scott, treats the subject with absolute respect. We get to hear the voices of the unique individuals who handcrafted these games, of those who love playing them, and of those who are still creating them today. No, there is not much visually happening on the screen, unless you count the facial expressions of people who are speaking about their craft and their passion (which I do). There is also a beautiful musical soundtrack. For those who are intrigued, get the DVD and watch everything on it. The main feature does not tell the whole story. There is an entire second feature all about Infocom, the giant of the text adventure genre. There is a shorter feature about the cave that inspired the original game Adventure (AKA Colossal Cave). There is an entire second disk of bonus material, including a music video by MC Frontalot, AND it is PC readable and includes text adventure games that you can install on your PC and play. There are excellent commentary tracks, too, that stand on their own. Included with the purchase of the DVD is a very nice numbered collectible coin. There’s a lot of love in that package, and I’m glad to have been a part of it. P.S. Jason Scott has made a number of unedited interviews (22 at the time of this posting, more to come) available for download at