G.I. Joe: Retaliation Delay Could Mean More Channing Tatum

When Paramount announced last week that they were pushing G.I. Joe: Retaliation back to 2013, it was a big shock to industry insiders and a major letdown for those of us who were looking forward to seeing the film this summer. Although they claimed that the delay was to allow extra time for a 3D conversion, there has been speculation as to whether or not the studio might have ulterior motives. After all, could the additional profits from a 3D release really make up for all the money they would lose on a last minute delay? The toys are already on store shelves! Obviously the quality of the movie has been called into question and the possibility of reshoots has already surfaced. However, it seems that there could be another reason for the delay: studio execs want to retroactively add more Channing Tatum to the movie.

According to Deadline, early audience test scores for G.I. Joe: Retaliation have been pretty dismal. As Paramount scrambled to figure out ways to improve the film, they realized that the movie could benefit from some additional star power. Specifically, they could benefit from giving more screen time to Channing Tatum, one of the biggest stars already in the film.

Most people had assumed that Duke, the only character to return from the original film, would get killed off at the beginning of the movie. It would appear that this was indeed the case, but studio execs are now rethinking that decision after the success of such films as The Vow and 21 Jump Street. I have to admit, Tatum was one of my least favourite parts of the first film, but he has since won me over with some of his other recent roles. Adding Duke back into the film could be a good move, but again, is it really worth the delay? They already have Channing Tatum’s name on the posters anyway. What do you think, is this a good idea, and would you be happy to have more Channing Tatum in G.I. Joe: Retaliation?

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  • Colin

    The picture up there looks like a mock-up for a Mass Effect movie.

  • Maopheus

    There has been an argument made on another site that the Duke character was too central to kill off. He is certainly one of the most identifiable Joes, and if he was not always the leader of the team, he was always one of their major figures. In just about every iteration of G.I. Joe, Duke has been featured, along with Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, and a couple others, even though the rest of the roster changed around them.
    While I can appreciate that the Duke character ought to be featured in anything G.I. Joe, I think one must also factor in the questionable decision in the beginning of casting Tanning Chatum to play Duke. Then, also, factor in the somewhat controversial decision to kill off Duke and other characters from the first movie. All in all, Paramount continue to make mistake after mistake. First, in electing to make a G.I. Joe movie to begin with. Second, to take it in the direction they did. Third, choosing the specific Joe team members that they did. Fourth, to cast the actors they did to play those characters. (Really, who ever pictured Chatum as Duke?) Then, after the bad reaction to the first movie, to boldly (and perhaps rashly) semi-reboot the second movie by essentially changing most of the personnel and push new actors.
    I’m reminded of the advice about being in a hole, and to stop digging. Paramount are in a hole.

  • It is odd, since like you say they already have his name in the marketing. Also, if he dies early and they do want to add him back in to the rest of the film, that’s going to be one big reshoot.