The Expendables 2 Theatrical Trailer

As promised in yesterday’s somewhat amusing teaser featuring Terry Crews, the full theatrical trailer for The Expendables 2 has finally hit the web and it’s jam packed full of testosterone and washed up star power. The trailer does a pretty good job of showcasing all of the new additions including Chuck Norris, Liam Hemsworth and Jean-Claude Van Damme, while also giving us plenty of the original crew as well. Still, I think the definite highlight is seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis wreaking havoc together while squeezed into a Smart car.

The good news is that the one-liners appear to be marginally better this time around, but based on this trailer, the plot looks just as convoluted and confusing as the first. Something tells me that action movie junkies won’t mind too much. Personally I just wish Stallone looked like he was having a little more fun. Speaking of which… worst trailer intro ever? The Expendables 2 hits theatres on August 17th; check out the trailer after the jump and let us know what you think.

  • Steve Kasan


  • Niklas

    YES! I’m on board once again!

  • Derek McFarland


  • Mike H

    I love this shit!!!!!!! I hope that #3 is in the works too, add Segal, Weathers, Bill Duke to name a couple!

  • Kamen Liew

    Holy shit Van Damme’s helicopter kick is back! Hasn’t been seen since 1999!

  • I will say the directors cut on the first movie does a better job on the story than the theatrical cut. I hope they get it right the first time out with this one.

  • FoxMulder

    how dull would life be without explosions!

  • BobTheAvenger!

    They are a bit older,a bit slower here and there,but the line “i am back”made my F!#!¤!day!
    I hope this movie rocks some mean pussy!
    And who the shitbags!is Liam Hemsworth!?..Home and away anyone!!!?