The Dark Knight Rises Trailer #3

You didn’t really think that Warner Brothers was going to let Marvel have the spotlight for the entire week, did you? Just in time for the release of The Avengers, a new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has been revealed online through a new viral campaign. It definitely gives us plenty of new footage to chew on, but it’s also surprisingly straightforward. There are no big money shots or in-your-face surprises here (with the exception of perhaps the Batwing), just a classy reassurance that we’re in for another thoughtful and gripping drama.

Ironically, Bane’s voice now seems almost crystal clear, to the point where it’s painfully obvious that it has been overdubbed. Let’s hope that all the complaints of muffled dialogue from the IMAX preview didn’t drive Warner Brothers too far in the other direction. Other than that, I don’t know if there’s too much to say about it. Christopher Nolan clearly isn’t showing us all of his cards, and at this point I don’t think he needs to. I’m looking forward to the inevitable The Avengers vs. The Dark Knight Rises debates that will be raging a few months from now. The Dark Knight Rises hits theatres on July 20th; check out the new trailer after the jump and let us know what you think.

  • Somnium

    Sadly, I’ll be hundreds of feet underwater when this amazingness comes out. Everybody, please, please watch this movie twice for me.

    From your filmjunk submariner :)

  • I’m going to have to go into radio silence mode when this movie comes out so that it isn’t spoiled for me. I’d like to see it opening night, but then you know for a fact that you’re going to get a loud audience.

  • James

    Already seen avengers (glorified michael bay film) so this looks so much more promising to me. Not just action upon action, but a fantastic story. Sadly Avengers had no story at all.

  • James

    btw: not saying avengers wasn’t a lot of fun. Tons of action and some really funny stuff in there.

  • I thought comment #1 was going to be signed “James Cameron” :)

  • FoxMulder

    Wally Pfister is the man!

  • Liam_H


    Did you only show up for the last 30 minutes of the movie? The story was there. Just because a movie has explosions doesn’t make it a Bay film.

  • FoxMulder

    And I love Hathaway as Catwoman! Great outfit.

  • La Menthe

    The more I have seen of this film, the more cynical I have gotten. This trailer was the final nail in the coffin. The overuse of CGI (which also is mediocre) and the stupid lines (“Your punishment must be severe”, didn’t fit in at all, and “it’s a car” is an obvious David Goyer (<–fuck this guy) line) ruined it for me. The only thing that had me excited were the flashback-like scenes.
    Let's trust Nolan, and see this as only a made-for-the-masses-trailer. Nolan has never failed to entertain me since The Prestige, his best film to date, and hopefully he won't do it this time either.

  • Justice

    This trailer is ok. If I wasn’t already very excited for the movie, it wouldn’t change my mind. But, I am, so I don’t really care one way or the other. I do agree that Bane’s voice is now way too far the other way, unless its supposed to be a microphone or something, like a cancer kazoo kinda.

    But can anyone please tell me what Catwoman says when she’s dancing with Bruce, after “you look like you’re looking forward to it.” My ears aren’t what they used to be.

  • James

    Liam_H: the story in avengers was coherent, but almost the same as a transformers movie. The film was fine, but nothing more than fluff.

  • I reason a prefer The Avengers over The Dark Knight series is the Avengers knows it’s a comic book movie and embraces it whereas The Dark Knight tries and hides it. All you people that act like The Dark Knight is so much important than anything that Marvel does are kidding yourself. Yeah, real gritty and realistic having people dress up like a Bat, Cat, Clown, Scarecrow, and Bodybuilder.

    I’ll stick with Tim Burtons’ films.

  • Someone tell Nolan to lighten up. This is so gloomy and depressing.

  • Derek McFarland

    @MovieViewerMan (#5) LOL!

    “just a classy reassurance that we’re in for another thoughtful and gripping drama.” lol…..”gripping drama”
    Hearing a comment like that tells you that Nolan’s Dark Knight films are like The Godfather, of Batman movies. To be honest, the trailer didn’t do all that much for me. It did kind of felt like more of a “drama” suspense trailer, rather than an action adventure. But knowing how good of a director Nolan is, I have the feeling that he might have undersold this trailer on purpose; to take the audience by surprise, when they go to see it. That’s just my theory. I’m looking forward to seeing this…..But not as much as I’m looking forward to seeing Prometheus. All the Prometheus trailers have kicked all sorts massive ass. They gave you everything you’ve every wanted to see in a sci-fi horror trailer without really giving you anything but lots of assumptions…good assumptions. This is gonna be an awesome summer of movies to come.

  • matthew puentes

    seeing this makes me think of Dark Knight Returns(the comic). . . a lotta echoes. An older Batman returning from a kind of retirement, a big white skinned punker and his gang kicking batman’s booty, the bat fighting alongside a girl. . . that batmobile design so remniscent of that in the comic. perhaps, i am stating the obvious but, could give clues as to the ending. anywho, it’s lookin perty good to me.

  • Derek McFarland

    I do wish Selina Kyle’s hair was blonde though. That’s kinda like seeing Superman with red hair, to match his cape, or Lois Lane with dread locks. Just sayin….

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  • Nelson

    I don’t know about everybody else, but I thought this trailer was very good. It sets the tone of the movie, and even if it is “somber” and more or less grayscale, there are definitely some interesting things going on. I feel confident that this movie will be, at least, as good as “The Dark Knight” and probably even better.

    Anne Hathaway as Catwoman is sexy and that second of action that I saw her perform was awesome, if anything can really be gleamed from that glimpse of her performance.

    The relationship between her and Bruce OR her and Batman seems like it will be complex, in a good way, and very interesting.

    I don’t know if this trailer will really get a lot of people excited about the movie, but I think it will make a lot of people consider the movie and question what it’s about and how it will be.

    I can see myself in the theater, watching this, and being blown away by scenes that this trailer didn’t even hint at.

    I want to see this one, but I don’t have the same urgency for it that I have for some other movies this year. I feel like I know exactly what to expect in many ways….

    I hope I’m wrong about that…

  • Liam_H

    @Christopher M.

    That mentality would restrict this genre so much. Its a comic book so it has to be colorful and goofy. Has Nolan fundamentally changed who the characters in the Batman universe are? Does Batman fight crime because he’s bored and has too much money? NO. It’s just taking the universe and interpreting it in a different way. Just like after Nolan is done we’ll get a new interpretation.

  • rob

    yeah have to say that this hasnt gotten me any more excited for the film :/ wish I hadnt seen this trailer really! revealed a bit too much, but i suppose thats my own fault

  • Looks anything but “epic”…

    Looks like a group of people fighting in the street, and a few cars blowing up… yawn… But this comes from a person who has never like Nolan’s take on Batman.

    Oh yeah.. the dubbing of Bane is TERRIBLE!!!

  • kyri

    I skipped the trailer. all I know is I will watch it on Imax at least 2 or 3 times.

    Just like a cheesecake… you don’t like it? I ll have your piece as well.


  • BarBar

    Bane now sounds like Frank the rabbit from Donnie Darko…

  • kyri

    no offence but you guys are acting like kids. “his voice sounds weird” SO WHAT? He wears a bloody mask for christ’s sake. It’s like complaining that a guy’s face looks weird because it is disfigured. Would you preferred that he spoke normal? Then you should also prefer Two-Face Harvey to look more kid-friendly or smthng. It is what it is. The guy wears a mask and his voice sounds weird. Get over it.

  • Henrik

    It would actually be pretty awesome if they ended it completely like Dark Knight Returns where he fights Superman… Unfortunately it just looks like he’ll die (probably not-die due to some clever twist, but still).

  • bullet3

    I’m amazed at people criticizing that it doesn’t look “actiony” enough. This looks 100 times more interesting than the Avengers. Know why? Cause I can tell they’re driving and blowing up real cars, with real extras running around fighting, with an actual story where I don’t know necessarily where it’s going to go beat by beat.

    I look at the Avengers and it’s so overblown and obviously digital that the action doesn’t have nearly as much impact (not saying it’s a bad movie, but lets not kid ourselves here).

    Nolan’s one of the last guys still making event movies largely the same way they would be made in the pre-digital era, and refusing to play down to the audience.