Take This Waltz Trailer Starring Seth Rogen and Michelle Williams

Here’s another movie I really wanted to see at TIFF last year but ended up missing — fortunately both Mongrel Media and Magnolia Pictures will be bringing it to theatres sometime this summer. Take This Waltz is Sarah Polley’s sophomore effort as a filmmaker after her directorial debut Away From Her received pretty solid reviews back in 2006. The title is taken from a Leonard Cohen song but the story is a completely original work.

The movie stars Michelle Williams as Margot, who is happily married to cookbook author Lou (Seth Rogen). But when she meets Daniel (Luke Kirby), her neighbour from across the street, she finds herself unable to deny their mutual attraction and questioning her current relationship. It looks to be both funny and touching, and something tells me Seth Rogen is perfectly cast as the odd man out. The movie also co-stars Sarah Silverman as Lou’s sister. Take This Waltz hits VOD on May 25th and select theatres on June 29th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

  • Mr. Sleaze

    People were laughing out loud at TIFF over this one. The distrubtor is so desperate he’s trying to sell people with the old “see if it’s as bad as they say” routine. (Favourite comment I heard, from someone coming back into the thatre after a bathroom break – “Oh Dear, she’s crying again”.)