Film Junk Podcast Episode #364: The Hunter and 4:44 Last Day on Earth

0:00 – Intro
8:40 – Review: The Hunter
29:25 – Review: 4:44 Last Day on Earth
55:20 – Headlines: Anchorman 2 Gets Greenlit, Twins Sequel Starring Eddie Murphy, Chloe Moretz to Star in Carrie Remake, Study Finds Support for Texting in Theatres, Total Recall Trailer
1:13:55 – Other Stuff We Watched: Hot Fuzz, Twins, The Long Goodbye, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Celebrity Apprentice
1:33:33 – Junk Mail: Mr. Nobody News, The End of Movie Theatres, Academy Voter Demographics, Goo-gone Baths, Self-Generated Expectations, Film vs. Digital, The End of Film Junk
1:57:25 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:59:28 – Outro

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  • Cy-Ed

    Dafoe double feature. Nice

  • DrewCore

    I’ve finished way too many episodes the same night theyre posted…

  • Mrespony

    Double Dafoe Danger! Still getting through 21 Jump Street episode.

  • patrik

    I wonder if Greg caught the Maria Menonous WWE event. It was a glorious thing.

  • Ozymandias

    Damn it. I wish you guys stuck with MixCloud. Now I’ll have to wait until next week to hear this episode.

  • Sorry, their upload servers were down last night. If you’re trying to listen on a mobile device you should still be able to click directly on the MP3… or at least, that works for me on my iPhone.

  • Ozymandias

    Don’t worry about it Sean. For some reason work IT block stuff on, but when it’s archived older episodes it works fine. And for whatever reason they let MixCloud play fine. Not sure why but that worked beautifully. Thanks anyway.

  • matthew puentes

    I enjoy the heck outta you guys! I now spend more time listening to people talk aboot movies than I do actually watching them.

  • Thanks Matthew! Watching movies is overrated anyway.

  • I agree April seems like a shitty month, except for next weekend when we get Cabin in the Woods and Lockout.

  • No one’s excited for American Reunion?

  • Kasper

    Sounds like next week we’ll get a visit from The Jackal.

  • bugsyoz

    LOL. Hogart. We have a new capital of Tas

  • Nice episode, guys. Thank you for limiting the Celebrity Apprentice discussion to three minutes.

    I figured someone would mention the somewhat well-known Canadian movie Last Night during your review of Last Day On Earth… by your description it sounds like they share many similarities. If you have not seen it it’s pretty decent.

    And texting in theaters is not a teenagers problem. Tons of adults do that all the time.

  • Falsk

    You and me both, DrewCore. You and me both. Dying tonight at work…

  • Falsk

    Also I’d like to add an addendum to my Junk Mail after hearing Frank’s story…

    When I went to see “War of the Worlds” my friend adamantly told me, “Watch for the Will Smith cameo! He jumps out and goes ‘Welcome to Earth!’–it was crazy!” Didn’t realize til close to the end he was putting me on … THAT GUY!!

  • patrik


    What are you on about? The Celebrity Apprentice discussion should be a full review ideally.

  • To each his own. I don’t watch Celebrity Apprentice and have no idea what they’re talking about. I was just making a humorous remark. They can talk about for half an hour if they want, there’s always the fast forward button.

  • rjdelight

    A real quote from Arnie regarding Triplets:

    “I can see a poster,” the actor continued. “A billboard with us three. ‘They found another one!’ ‘Triplets!’ ‘Only their mother can tell them apart!’ I would do that in two seconds, because that’s real entertainment. You come out with that movie for Christmas, like December 5th or something like that, and you’re home free.”

    Good god, Frank’s jokes are actually reality.

  • Steve Kasan

    @rjdelight reading that quote, even Arnold knows who ridiculous it is and is just going along with it for a payday

  • sansho1

    I think Jay’s final episode was #363. j/k

    @20 After listening to enough interviews with Arnold, I’m not sure he knows how ridiculous anything is. That’s sort of been his key to success….

  • rjdelight

    @ sansho1

    yeah, he was noticeably quiet this episode. ;)

  • Bob

    I hope Kasper (#12) is right and we hear from The Jackal next week. I kind of miss that guy.

  • DavidM

    Look, it’s okay, you don’t have to review the latest movies, and we don’t have to listen. If you’re not interested then let’s just call it quits – you had a good run.

  • Bob

    DavidM, Wicked sense of sarcasm you’ve got there. Surely you jest?

  • sean d

    What was the intro song called? Thanks

  • Sean

    White Arrows – I’m on Fire (Bruce Springsteen cover)

  • sean d

    Thanks so much!