Tarsem Sets Sights on Eye in the Sky

With director Tarsem’s Mirror Mirror debuting later this month, it’s a good time to take a look at some of his other upcoming projects. It’s already known that Killing on Carnival Row will be his next movie, but now he may have a follow-up with Eye in the Sky, a contemporary war film. Described as “a sprawling, Steven Soderbergh-like hyperlink film” such as Traffic or Contagion, Eye in the Sky concerns a drone attack in East Africa and how the event effects everyone associated with it – from the people on the ground to politicians miles away. The film would feature a large ensemble cast with a whopping 62 parts to fill. Tarsem sees the project as an opportunity to step away from his typical visual-oriented films, although it should retain some level of spectacle.

Tarsem has admitted that making this type of mid-budget movie would be a difficult task, which is a complaint being heard from many other directors as well. He’s quoted as saying, “There doesn’t seem to be a problem doing a $120 million movie, or a $2 million dollar movie, but that middle area is wiped out.” Still, Tarsem thinks he has the clout to pull it off, despite the challenges. He should know within a week whether he’ll be taking over the project. It’s worth noting that another foreigner, Oliver Hirschbiegel (Downfall), was previously being set up to direct Eye in the Sky last fall, but that obviously fell through for one reason or another. A modern day war film from Tarsem sounds intriguing enough, but would fans rather he stick to his usual style? What do you think – would you like to see Tarsem take a different direction in his career?

  • Brendan

    Theme song by Alan Parsons Project I hope?

  • @Brendan Was literally going to say the same thing. That song is awesome. I second that hope.