Mark Millar’s Supercrooks Teaser Trailer

Although Mark Millar claims that both Kick-Ass 2 and American Jesus will be shooting this summer, it’s quite possible that the next movie based on one of his comics may actually end up being Supercrooks. The comic, which hits stores this week, revolves around a group of supervillains who get together to pull off a heist, with Millar himself describing it as “a supervillain story done like a Guy Ritchie movie — a sort of big, over the top heist story done like Lock, Stock or Oceans 11, but with cracking new super-villains and interesting powers.” The story will be set in Spain and, not coincidentally, Millar is teaming up with Spanish director Nacho Vigalando (Timecrimes) for the feature film adaptation.

While Vigalando has a couple of other projects on his plate before he fully focuses on Supercrooks, in the meantime he collaborated with Millar on a little promo trailer for the comic book. Vigalando directed it and even appears as an actor in the video. Just to clarify: this is NOT a teaser trailer for the movie, but rather for the comic book. Still, it does get across the world that the movie takes place in, and it provides a small hint of what we might expect from the movie. Are you interested in a Supercrooks movie? Will you be picking up the comic? Check out the trailer after the jump.

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  • 1138sw

    there are only superheroes in America??? Therefor super villains as well??? For some reason that doesn’t seem to make sense…Granted I haven’t read the comic book but still seems somewhat illogical.

  • anonymiss