Film Junk Podcast Episode #361: John Carter and The Skin I Live In

0:00 – Intro / Post-Genies Rant
24:15 – Headlines: First Official Photo from The Lone Ranger, Nicolas Cage Comic Book Heist Comedy, Chronicle Director in Talks for Venom Movie, Man Sues Movie Theatre for Overpriced Snacks
47:00 – Review: John Carter
1:22:35 – Review: The Skin I Live In
1:51:40 – Trailer Trash: Men in Black 3
1:57:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: Celebrity Apprentice, Robinson Crusoe on Mars, The Swell Season, Survivor: One World, World on a Wire, Cane Toads: The Conquest, The Satan Bug, Immortals, Merantau, Hugo, Dances with Wolves
2:50:50 – Junk Mail: Oscar Relevance, Fantasy Film League, Actors Paired in Multiple Movies of Different Genres, Why Some Special Effects Don’t Hold Up, Torrents and Film Sharing
3:09:15 – This Week’s DVD Releases
3:14:00 – Outro

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  • rjdelight

    Post-Genies Rant? This is going to be good.

  • Jonny Ashley

    Where it says Download the mp3 (28 mb) I think it’s supposed to say (90 mb).

    film junk podcast, you make my life complete

  • anonymiss

    pedro’s last name is AL-MOE-DOUGH-VAR

  • Falsk

    Agree with Jay about drive in food vs. theater food. I never buy a thing at your typical theater (I actually snuck oatmeal in during a morning matinee this weekend SORRY FRANK), but I fucking LOAD UP at the drive-in… to show my support, sure, but also because I fucking love root beer floats, funnel cake, chocolate covered strawberries, perogies, collectible buckets of popcorn… drive in food is the best. If they raised prices because of distribution prices or whatever I would continue to patronize the snack stand. I LOVE YOU DRIVE IN!

  • Kasper

    I can’t play the Mixcloud-file, it keeps asking me for password.

  • csidle

    Mixcloud working fine here!

  • Kasper

    I’m surprised Frank actually (somewhat) likes John Carter, I was expecting you all to poo-poo it.

    Oh well, no matter, I enjoyed it in the same way I enjoy something like the original Star Wars trilogy. Light, fluffy spaceadventure. It wasn’t a perfect movie, but it was fun and I enjoyed the world.

  • Yeah I don’t know what’s up with Mixcloud, I was getting that weird login prompt too after I uploaded it.

  • antho42

    The Skin I Live In:
    1.The Twist is contrived because it is a melodrama. Melodrama are suppose to be ridiculous.
    2. Antonio Banderas started out as an arthouse actor — he work with Almodovar in the 1980’s.
    3. Atame is another horror type film from Almodovar. It is but awesome and it stars Banderas.

  • antho42

    Basically, the film is melodrama with dark comedy overtones. Funniest film I saw in 2011.

  • antho42

    The Skin I live In is not a trashy horror film because it is not a horror film; it is a trashy art house film.

  • antho42

    The tiger part was hilarious. It might be a language barrier, but in Spanish, it is hilarious.

    If the tiger part was in the film I will felt cheated. I paid to see an Almodovar film, not a horror film.

  • antho42

    Jay, you should see Atame (Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!, 1990). You need to get used to Almodovar’s melodrama. Along with Wong Kar Wai, he is the current king of melodrama.

  • antho42

    Blaming Almodovar’s sensationalism is like blaming Tarantino’s postmodern dialogue.

  • Colin

    antho42 has confused this comment thread with his personal Twitter account.

  • patrik

    Frank is way off on Lynn Collins imo. She was pretty good and also insanely attractive. Like unreal.. Kitch was fine I thought, not great but not bad.

  • fatbologns

    Almodovar’s an arthouse John Waters in many ways. Seems like Jay missed all the tongue in cheek humor and is inferring a lot about the director without actually knowing. He’s not the snob his filmmaking may imply, there’s actually a lot of sleaze in his other work. What I mean to say is he’s not generally afraid to get his hands dirty so I don’t think any restraint in the part of the film is due to cold feet.

  • fatbologna


    You’re a dick.

  • Goon

    Someone told me as a John Carter fanboy I should skip the segment to avoid having a fit :P anyone want to confirm/deny?

    Either way I loved it. I am probably a sucker for these types of movies though, I mean I kinda liked Prince of Persia and Scorpion King, and would even give a pass to the prequesls (with obvious reservations).

  • Antho42

    I totally agree with fatb. — but Almodovar is a great filmmaker. The term “art house” is like the term “hipster”: but are overuse for the wrong reasons.

  • patrik

    It’s not so bad Goon, Frank sticks up for John Carter quite a bit. Rightly so.

  • kyri

    Just because a film is in Spanish that doesn’t automatically mean that it is an “art-house” film. If Almodovar is an art-house director then Fassbinder is twice that.

  • antho42

    His films are blockbusters in Spain.

  • fatbologna

    The nationality of the film obviously doesn’t make it an arthouse film but the style and subject matter of a film does. Almodovar deals with subjects that are generally not covered in mainstream films.


    “After her death, a mother returns to her home town in order to fix the situations she couldn’t resolve during her life.”

    “An examination on the effect of Franco-era religious schooling and sexual abuse on the lives of two longtime friends.”

    “Two men share an odd friendship while they care for their girlfriends who are both in deep comas.”

  • fatbologna

    Just sayin’ he seems more arthouse than blockbuster to me, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

  • antho42

    He is more melodrama than anything else.

  • Jay’s criticism that Carter jumping really high is like Superman is invalid because Carter came years before Superman, ERGO Superman ripped off John Carter.

  • Also, movies and video games and TV are rotting your brains. You sound like you’re in trances.

  • el ohroy

    Too bad Reed wasn’t there. With everybody looking down on John Carter, he might have had a different opinion.
    Also, thank you for the extra long episode!

  • kyri

    if the Big lebowski was in spanish jay would had probably have the same issues he had with t.s.i.l.i.

  • Falsk

    I don’t normally say this, but Jay’s review of JC was spot-freakin’-on. it’s not a movie worth hating, but it sure was dull…

  • patrik

    It was spot-freakin’-off imo.

  • I don’t think it’s invalid to criticize a movie that reminds you of something else just because the source material came first. It’s not our fault it’s late to the game. Been there, done that!!!

  • I think Frank’s on to something with Aubrey. She’s the only one on the girls’ team to step up when things go to shit. But she’s no Penn Jilette. Still don’t understand how the guys lost this week, too. I’m guessing they’re going to be winning the next several challenges.

  • Ozymandias

    Does Frank really think that blood is blue before touching oxygen or was he joking? This is the sort of myth kids tell each other just to mess with each other. But yea, that is a complete myth.

  • Liney

    I’m no expert, but two things:

    – the Skin I Live In is based on a book. Obviously you could stil say it’s typical Almodovar and that that’s why he was attracted to the material, but the twist itself was from a book (and might have been different on the page where there is no concern for casting, voices, etc…).

    – Sean’s discussion about Banderas choosing to be in smaller films…this has been touched on above, but I’d say that most Spanish language actors would jump at the chance of being in an Almodovar film (I’m aware that Banderas already has been). He’s pretty much Spain’s most celebrated director I think?

    Looking forward to the premium podcast! Hopefully get to double dip this week…

  • antho42

    Pedro Almodóvar / Antonio Banderas collaboration:
    Matador (1986)
    La ley del deseo (Law of Desire, 1987)
    Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios (Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, 1988)
    ¡Átame! (Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!, 1990)
    The Skin I Live In (2011)

  • I am definitely not familiar with any of these films, but my point was simply that I felt it was a risky role for Banderas to take and I couldn’t think of anything comparable that I had seen him in previously. It made me re-evaluate him as an actor. In a good way.

  • Bob

    It’s best that Jay didn’t win the Genie. He would’ve always felt defined by it much like the guy from Once that Sean mentioned.

    …Now I need to look up the Genie awards to confirm that they really do exist.

  • Wow, I didn’t know the Genies were so lame.

    I haven’t seen John Carter nor did I read A Princess Of Mars, but I’m aware of the Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom books and I’m not sure it matters if the planet doesn’t actually look like Mars. Aren’t these books basically pulp fantasy? You can just replace Mars with another Alien Planet Name and it wouldn’t matter that much, I think. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, please.

    I’m not a big fan of Men In Black 2, it’s kind of a mess and the CGI effects did not age well at all. But it has moments of brilliant lunacy (the species that live at the bus station locker, for example), and one of the funniest scenes ever in any movie (I’m hyperboling here, I know). A scene that hardly has any special effects, only two actors. It goes something like this:

    (entering the Deneuralizer room)
    Agent J: The Deneuralizer. In a few moments, transverse magneto energy will surge through your brain, unlocking information hidden deep and dormant that could hold the key to Earth’s very survival.

    Agent K: Ah, okay. (long pause) what’s that thing?

    Agent J: The….. Deneuralizer.

    I don’t know. I just find it hilarious for some reason.

  • Gerry

    Jay should set up a paypal account. Then anyone who torrents his movie(s) could donate an amount to his account.

    If 6000 people donated only one dollar each that would be a tidy little sum.

  • Napalm

    Just watched The Skin I Live In.

    H O L Y S H I T

    What a messed up film. I loved it though!

  • Can someone give me the link to the James Horner vid on YT, please?

  • Thanks, Sean!

  • Glad to see the link is proving so popular… yes, it is jaw-dropping. By the way, it is more than 5 films, there’s more. See the drop-down on the YT page.I can’t say I remember it from Star Trek 2… but it’s been a while.
    I never made the connection until Avatar, because the Theme (yeah, let’s capitalize it) is so magnificently used there, you can’t forget it.

    Just so I’m clear, I think Horner is one of the best film composers ever.