Film Junk Podcast Episode #360: Project X and We Need to Talk About Kevin

0:00 – Intro
3:30 – Headlines: Oscar Ratings Up Slightly from Last Year, Jason Segel Won’t Return for The Muppets Sequel, Lucy Liu to Play Watson in Elementary, Ed Helms Rumoured for Vacation Reboot
19:50 – Review: Project X
51:00 – Review: We Need to Talk About Kevin
1:19:15 – Trailer Trash: The Avengers, Piranha 3DD, Frankenweenie, That’s My Boy
1:32:22 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Color of Money, The Cable Guy, Beauty Day, Celebrity Apprentice, Wake In Fright, The Captains, Thrillkill, Sky Riders, Def-Con 4, Battle for Brooklyn, Fever Year, Juno, Blue Chips, Terri
2:10:30 – Junk Mail: Inconsistent Fonts, Life Events That Change Your Reaction to Movies, Good Scores to Bad Movies, Blu-ray Digibooks, LOST
2:29:55 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:34:00 – Outro

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  • The Project X review blows my mind

  • Regine

    Frank! The only one who got Kevin. Seems difficult to understand that this film is about Tilda’s guilt, nothing else, no evil child, no devil’s seed.

    Let Frank speak, guys, he rules!

  • B.L.V

    She stays in the town to punish herself. Cause she blames herself for what happend to Kevin and what he did. I think Ezra Miller is over the top, because you the story through her eyes. Anywho. Great movie.

  • dan day

    Is there a reason you didn’t watch the new PROJECT X, other than not wanting to watch a shitty teen comedy? I don’t mind, just curious.

  • You guys have finally confirmed that I’m not crazy for being reminded of an old movie I saw at a mommy and me theater day when I saw AVATAR. Late. PROJECT X was the shit.

  • bugsyoz

    Wake in Fright:

    The ‘game’ is two up. Illegal here now except on ANZAC Day – when it’s pretty much illegal not to play! :)

    From memory the lead character talks to himself back in his room after he has the win..saying something like ‘one more win and I’m out of teaching’. I can’t remember why (or if it’s explained in the film) one thousand dollars is important…or how that gets him out of teaching. It’s somewhat beside the point….the point being he loses his money at two up and is stuck in the yabba.

    Excellent aussie flick,


  • Ren

    Got Beauty Day in the mail the other day. Definitely a buy if you haven’t got it yet

    I’m Australian and Donald Pleasance’s accent in the movie is one of the best i’ve heard.

    If you can’t pin it down you sound retarded and he nailed it so good, I actually thought he was an Australian actor before I realised it was Donald Pleasance in the role.

  • The Project X joke fell flat.

  • I don’t think anyone wanted a review of the new Project X anyways, so why review some shitty 80s movie just for laughs?

  • Regine and B.L.V.: Are you basing this on the book? Just wondering because I think the movie is unclear. Not saying it’s not about her guilt, that is definitely part of it, but I’m just wondering how you can be so sure.

    Dan and Mark: I have no idea what you are talking about.


    Loving The Apprentice talk. And the guys got screwed this week. The girls had neither the glass signs nor the twins, and somehow they won? The hell is that? Think they just wanted to finally get the men’s team in the boardroom. And again, Penn was awesome.

    But every week Don, jr. Is creeping me out more and more. He seems like the new kid who’s tying too hard to fit in, like tying to ride on the coattails on Carolla’s water boarding joke. I don’t know if you still watch the US OffIce, but it’s hard not to believe that the character of Gabe was inspired by him.

  • Napalm

    You gotta be kidding me with the Project X review! :|

    I was waiting for you guys to rip the 2012 Project X to shreds!

  • rjdelight

    Everyone ripping on the Project X review, and asking “why would you do something like this?” obviously doesn’t know what podcast they’re listening to. Classic FJ! Loved it!

  • Greg

    Hold up. There’s a 2012 Project X? Did I watch the wrong movie again?

  • Indianamcclain

    So when the Avengers comes out I’m assuming you guys will be reviewing the Uma Thurman movie.

  • Jing

    Am I the only one who can’t get this from iTunes?

  • bard

    I’m loving the love for John C Reilly in this episode! I plan on checking out Terry, I heard it was pretty great. Walk Hard is a classic comedy that gets overlooked far too often.

  • Regine

    Sean, although I read the book and can’t possibly seperate my reception of the book from that of the film, I really think that the film speaks for itself.
    The entire story is told from Eva’s POV. We see that she rejects Kevin from the very beginning (answering Jay’s question what came first, the chicken or the egg and who hated who first. Clearly, she hated him first because he destroyed her career. She had been a travelbook writer and been around the world. Her pregnancy put an end to that. Remember the first scene in Spain?).
    As I interpret the film, she feels deeply guilty and is looking for punishment. And I don`t agree with what you said: “It’s up to you to decide if she’s responsible.” Not at all. The main thing is that she is convinced that she is responsible. That’s why she takes the slap, cleans away the paint and goes on visiting Kevin.
    @Jay: you’ll benefit from watching the film again, as you didn’t remember what became of the John C. Reilly character.
    Please go into spoiler territory, guys! I love your show. Keep up the good work.

  • rjdelight

    @ Jing

    I don’t see it up on iTunes yet either.

  • The new episode will not be up in iTunes until later tonight (hopefully). I couldn’t update the RSS feed because our web host got hacked and I was locked out of our account.

  • Glendon

    My iTunes feed is also not downloading the episode.

  • Jay C.

    For me it was less a joke and more an excuse not to have to see the new Project X. People always suggest we do retro reviews, so this was a good opportunity to do one. I liked Project X quite a bit as a kid and I think it was fun revisiting it after getting ROTPOTA and Project Nim last year.

  • Greg

    Yeah, I’m not sure any of us considered it a joke. We just thought it would be fun. We had fun watching it and talking about it and the goal was that the Film Junk universe would have fun listening to it.

    For those that didn’t enjoy it, I hope we get you back on board next week when we review John Carter. You know…Noah Wyle’s character on E.R.

  • Napalm

    I honestly thought you guys were making up the plot of the story as you went along. That was until I actually decided to look up the film on wiki. Yes, the review sounded that ridiculous. Not that I’m complaining.

    I was just waiting for one of you to burst out with the big reveal and move on to the actual Project X (2012) review.

  • I thought we agreed that we were going to be watching Coach Carter?

  • bard

    I honestly didn’t even know that there was a new Project X out. Still a great episode.

  • Don’t bother with Reindeer Games. Wooden acting, terrible script. Just pretend Frankenheimer died after Ronin.

  • Kasper

    Would have loved it if you guys had reviewed both the old and new Project X but treated the new one as if it was a remake.

  • Gerry

    Re Kevin, I thought the start of the film was written and directed by someone who was in the early stages of filmmaking 101 and hadn’t yet realised that less is more. I thought being battered over the head with the red was tiresome and boring. Red ey, what does that symbolise?

    There were a few improbable practicalities in the film, e.g. who fills a kids sqirtgun with red paint, and if it was the kid the yellow gun would show messy evidence of the paint, as would the kid.

    Blaming video games and junk food plus bouts of bad upbringing (and demon child). The movie couldn’t seem to make up its mind what caused Kevin to ….. so threw in everything.

    On the plus side I had a very ominous feeling as to what would happen / had happened to the sister and dad near the end of the film so kudos to the director for that.

    4 stars all round? You were very generous to a film that was indeed muddled. The academy called this one absolutely right, i.e. no recognition for an average film.

  • mushroomyakuza

    Still not on iTunes….I’m having a meltdown here guys.

  • DrewCore

    Man I was REALLY confused when the Project X review started. I felt like Greg (except I didnt see either movie). Good stuff.

  • Although it was spoiled for me by looking at the comments before listening to the review, I thought the Project X switcheroo was fantastic. I’d love to hear more retro reviews and see more creative “adjustments” to the usual formula like this one. Well done. As for next week, I propose a discussion about the Wonder Woman TV show. (I don’t understand why Disney had to drop “Mars” from the title. It sounds so bland).

    By the way, Horner uses that Avatar theme all over the place. I recently watched the war film Enemy At The Gates, and there it was. Different orchestration, but there’s no mistaking it. It’s quite interesting. Many film composers use similar music (it’s called style, duh) in their work, but I have never heard of a film composer actually using the same theme in different movies. I’m not sure I dislike it. It’s kind of bold. Someone even made a video of it:

  • rjdelight

    Reindeer Games is awesome. Definitely a buy!

  • Adam

    I fucking loved the Project X review and had a big smile of acknowledgment during Film Junk’s breakdown. They gave the current contemporary version the treatment it deserved by ignoring the damn thing. Good on the boys by not wasting their time/money on it and having fun reviewing the “old” one. Way cool. Just fucking classic Film Junk style!

  • Just as a side note, I didn’t realize the new Project X was something so reviled it should be ignored, more than the usual stuff Hollywood churns out each week. I loved Chronicle, so maybe the found footage genre can have surprises. Having said that, I still stand by what I said above.

  • patrik

    I thought it was funny that you reviewed the old one. It’s not like I’m dying to watch the new one anyway.

    I think “The Last Airbender” had a pretty good score but the movie was pretty shit.

  • Matt Jones

    Are we going to get this episode on itunes? I also can’t get it. Watching We Need to Talk About Kevin tonight too, so will be most annoyed if it’s not up later!!

  • bard

    I don’t understand how people are passing the download link in the post to comment that they can’t download it through iTunes.

  • By the way, it should be up on iTunes now. At least it was for me when I checked.

  • shame, I like the joke attempt, but still wanted to hear your thoughts on the new. From a found footage angle its worth the review. For me, the joke didn’t deliver since people are naturally listening for the moment you break out of the joke, therefore, you don’t listen to the actual content…just saying…

  • Im also disappointed as I feel with the growing sensationalism in modern documentary filmmaking and the success of found footage film in different fiction genre we are seeing the two arenas are moving closer together. Therefore, Project X is important to talk about in this light. I would like to hear Jay expand on this (at some point) as his knowledge is unquestioned, direct and white hot like the sun.

  • bard

    I forgot to mention that The Matrix trilogy is the perfect choice, can’t wait for that.

  • Greg, brah, what’s your problem with monkeys, brah?!

  • KeithTalent

    Jay Cheel: Have you purchased/watched any of the “Masters of Cinema” Blu-rays from Amazon UK? I finally caved and grabbed a region free player and noticed there are quite a few of these releases for films that are not available on Blu over here, but just want to make sure the quality is acceptable before I hit “Buy”. Thanks.

  • antho42

    You guys should do a main review for the Skin I Live In.

  • We’re actually planning to do that with John Carter next week.

  • curtis talls

    co sign with antho42, just got Skin I Live In, I would be interested to hear what you guys think. I loved the switcharoo on Project X, now I’m gonna have to rewatch it on Netflix.

  • dan day

    Yeah, i liked the fact that you ignored the new one.

  • Rich

    Great podcast as always, chaps, but I thought the Project X gag was going to stop with the trailer (or at least after a few minutes of discussion). As others have said, there’s been so much hysteria about the non-simian Project X that I was anxious to hear what you guys had to say about it.

  • Dummy

    The Project X review wasn’t a joke, these filthy pirates probably all just torrented the wrong movie!