Film Junk Podcast Episode #359: Goon

0:00 – Intro
5:25 – Headlines: Sacha Baron Cohen Banned from Oscars?, Tugg, The Raid Title Change, Dwayne Johnson to Star in Hercules, Edgar Wright to Direct The Night Stalker, Jai Courtney is John McClane’s Son, Weinsteins Boycott MPAA Over Bully Rating
24:00 – Review: Goon
53:40 – Other Stuff We Watched: Midnight in Paris, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, The Help, Elite Squad: The Enemy Within, Wet Hot American Summer, Firecracker, Nightwish, Charley Varrick, Matinee, The Woman in Black, The 10th Victim, Willow, Life’s Too Short
1:31:05 – Junk Mail: Reviewing Bad Movies, Letterboxd for Video Games, Interpreting Director’s Intentions, Involuntary Audible Reactions to Movies, Africa Addio, Nostalgia and The Sandlot vs. Mighty Ducks, Mixing DVDs and Blu-rays from Different Regions
2:00:50 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:01:30 – Outro

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  • Dan Day

    Wow, I was expecting you guys to hate Goon. It came and went here in the UK, and looked awful. Guess it was just bad marketing.

  • Kasper

    I guess Goon just didn’t have enough Kevin James or fart jokes in it to be in the Franksters taste.

  • I was extremely disappointed and incredibly disillusioned that Jay didn’t break out into Weird Al’s I WON ON JEOPARDY when Frank said they found the kid from the 911 movie after he won on JEOPARDY. Missed opportunity.

    On a lighter note, I just watched a double feature of THE HELP and THE OSCARS. I’m tired as hell, but enjoyed the hell out of both. Just thinking about life, death, and movie magic. But, do I ever do anything else?

  • Every movie is a mystery…

  • KeithTalent

    I haven’t committed to a region-free Blu-ray player yet, but I do purchase region-free Blus from Amazon UK for various reasons. I grabbed 12 Monkeys recently because the cover art on the UK release is so much better than anything released over here and I love that movie. They do a good job of listing everything that is region free right in the description, so it’s easy to see them. They also seem to have some region-free things you can’t get over here for whatever reason.

    Anyway good show; had no interest in Goon until this review, so I’ll likely check it out now.

  • Great show — though I was hoping for some Celebrity Apprentice discussion — looking forward to next week.

  • I’d like it if you guys threw up some photos of things you discuss, ala the way the Adam Carolla Podcast does it.

  • bard

    This was a great episode! I was trying so hard not to laugh at work, good job guys. Two things:

    First, as far as that e-mail concerning the directors’ intent or personality affecting my view of the film, Juno is the best answer, hands down. I already didn’t like the movie in the first place, but everything I heard about the writer (can’t remember her name right now) made me hate it even more.

    Second, I’ve commented and e-mailed about this movie, but Jay WON’T RESPOND!!!! JAY PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS IN ANY WAY. There is a movie called The King ( ) that James Marsh (director of Man on Wire, Project Nim, etc…) made that I would like to hear what you have to say about it. It stars Gael Garcia-Bernal, William Hurt, and Paul Dano. The acting is incredible, the story is dark, and the movie looks fantastic. Please check this movie out and let me know what you think. If not for me… do it for James.

  • Steve Kasan

    I would like to hear a discussion of the Matrix films. I personally see the Matrix films as just two films. Reloaded & Revelations are truly one film. One long ass film but it should be considered as that.
    With that in mind I’d welcome the inclusion of Speed Racer. I would also like to hear your thoughts after listening to the Philosopher’s commentary. It made me appreciate Revelations a bit more.

    Although, the Schwarzenegger special really excites me, because, well, Arnie is the king.
    For films, might I suggest these three:
    Last Action Hero
    End of Days
    Red Heat

  • bard

    Oh yeah, I posted in the forums, but The Matrix and then a Nicolas Cage special would be my choices.

  • Snorfle

    Haven’t heard the show yet but I’m hoping someone made the obligatory “wondering what FilmJunk contributor Goon thinks of this movie” comment.

  • Another epic Jay and Frank debate! Great stuff.

    I too was surprised to hear you guys enjoyed Goon, only because, from the trailers, it seemed like a Slap Shot wannabe, only much less funnier. This is coming from a huge hockey fan and Stiffler fan. Maybe it’s because I’m tired of seeing hockey movies that only focus on the violence of the sport. Slap Shot did it first and set the bar very high so any attempts since then have been pale imitations. Youngblood was horrible. Even Score A Hockey Musical(also horrible) can’t resist the fighting angle.

    I’d rather see more examples like Mystery Alaska and The Rocket. Even the TV movie Net Worth was great. However, after Film Junk’s review, I’m willing to give it a chance.

    Nothing beats John Wayne playing Johnny Hanson – a chicken farmer who becomes an NHL star, as the captain of the New York Panthers, in Idol of the Crowds.

  • Greg

    Sorry I missed the show gang. I had a Buffalo Chicken dip emergency before the Oscars. Goon (the movie, not the guy) was a lot of fun. Over the top violence worked quite well. 3/4.

  • Woogy


    I rarely agree with you but you are bang on about The Help. I saw a free screening in the UK without knowing much about it in advance. It is horrific. The scatalogical humour is terrible. It is broad, dumb and sappy as shit. Brys Dallas Howard’s ‘evil’ character is ridiculously one-dimensional. Octavia Spencer and her Oscar winning character were both utter gash. The final straw was fucking stupid way that Howard got a cold sore at the end to emphasise her comeuppance. The film is 2 hours and 20 minutes long and has about 8 endings! Add another twenty minutes and you could watch Kubrick’s 2001 in that time!


  • Woogy

    ….also. Sissy Spacek, a wonderful actress, is insufferable in The Help. Depending on what cut you watch of 2001, it can be 5 minutes SHORTER than the 146 minute shit sandwich that is The Help.


  • bugsyoz

    Go. Reds.


  • Since he usually comes on for the big Sci-fi releases, can you guys get Reed to come on for the John Carter episode? It should be right up his alley.

  • If he’s interested, he’s always more than welcome.


  • Frank, you’re right that THE HELP was predictable, but that’s because life for those people was predictable. Living in the south, I see my grandmother and her friends and a bunch of people I know in the movie and see how this crap influenced day to day life around here. You might have a different view of the film living in Canada. Just a thought.

  • The Octavia Spencer character actually lost me at the poo pie. I mean, I get it — the metaphorical avenged by the literal. But it was so out of left field, and so gross, and so constantly referenced throughout the rest of the movie that it overwhelmed the rest of the story. I found myself thinking about the logistics of making a poo pie, then trying NOT to think about it.

  • I’m down for some Reed on John Carter!

  • I know John Carter isn’t going to be the next Avatar, but Reed and Jay’s back and forth on the Avatar podcast was some of the funniest shit. Reed should come back.

  • Dan Day

    Yeah, get Reed back for JOHN CARTER. His debates with Jay are great fun.

    Although everybody knows he will be disappointed by the movie and give it 2 stars.

  • kyri

    a pleasant Canadian surprise came at my doorstep this morning
    BeautyDay from Amazon with no French on the back cover

  • Sean…thanks for mentioning Elite Squad 2 enough to influence me to finally watch it. I’ve been putting that movie on the back burner for too long. I loved it even more than the first film. The scene when a certain politician get his ass kicked by the main character..I stood up and cheered.

    It’s weird how both Elite Squad films feel like sequels to City of God. The guy that played the prison drug lord in the opening of Elite Squad 2 also played Knockout Ned in City of God. He could’ve easily played the same character in both films except City of God takes place in the 70s. The writers should’ve just put old make-up on him or have him play Knockout Ned’s son to connect all the films.

    I didn’t see City of Men…wonder if it’s worth seeing.

  • I liked City of Men but it’s definitely not at the same level as City of God. I haven’t seen the TV series either… not sure if that would influence my opinion of it.

  • Miike

    The Woman in Black is indeed a remake of an awesome 1989 British TV-movie of the same name and story. Definitely a BUY.

  • Goon

    The TV series of City of Men is awesome. The movie… not so much.

    “Haven’t heard the show yet but I’m hoping someone made the obligatory “wondering what FilmJunk contributor Goon thinks of this movie” comment.”

    Loved it, as all good people would :P

  • anonymiss

    i missed you greg, you can dip my buffalo any time!!! ;-)

  • anonymiss

    3 cheers for greg!!!!!

  • anonymiss

    i’d give greg a good cheer any time!!!!

  • Mason

    For those of us with Netflix in the USA, Nightwish and Charley Varrick are available on Instant streaming.

  • @Sean: Let me know when the John Carter podcast is happening. I may be up for it, but Dan Day is probably right in that I’ll be disappointed.

    BTW, I was re-watching the television adaptation of The Martian Chronicles from the ’70s. I’m one of the few people who like Richard Matheson’s script for it.

  • Buffalo chicken dip is easily one of the top four things of all time.

  • Aaron

    I love the podcast! What is the web address for the letterboxed site you discussed? I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks.

  • You’re like the tenth person to ask this question. Maybe they should have chosen a better name!

    It’s Letterboxd without the “e”.

  • When in doubt, drop the last “e”: Letterboxd, Tumblr, Flickr :)

  • @Reed: I seem to remember liking The Martian Chronicles when I watched it as a kid. I liked that it had the original live-action Spider-Man, Nicholas Hammond.

    As for John Carter, they should rename it Gary Carter to pay tribute to “The Kid”, the Montreal Expos’ star. RIP Gary.

  • Lindsay

    On the slightly *spoiler-ish* topic of Doug’s ankle, they do foreshadow it earlier in the film.
    When he’s sitting in the car talking to Eva before she drops him off, he tells her a story about how as a kid he tried to do a stunt and landed in a pile of medical waste, breaking his ankle.
    Also, in one of the final games before playoffs, Doug gets his ankle hacked by another (I believe) Quebec player, seemingly to lead you to believe his ankle is extra weak. :)

  • mason

    Speaking of Sean William Scott, has anyone else ever seen The Promotion. It’s a dramedy startting Scott, John C. Reilly, and Jenna Fischer about two guys vying for a manager’s job at a grocery store. I remember linking it. Scott’s role is the total opposite of “Stiffler.”