Film Junk Podcast Episode #358: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

0:00 – Intro / Greg’s Vacation
29:20 – Headlines: Brian Taylor to Direct Twisted Metal, Gael Garcia Bernal is Zorro Reborn, Jonny Lee Miller to Play Sherlock, Ghostbusters 3 Could Recast Peter Venkman?, Mattel to Release Hoverboard
47:45 – Review: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
1:23:55 – Trailer Trash: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Beyond the Black Rainbow
1:31:40 – Other Stuff We Watched: Moneyball, Real Steel, Puss in Boots, Justice League: Doom, Comic Book Men, Full Metal Jousting, Eastbound & Down, Celebrity Apprentice, 555, The American Friend, Tokyo-Ga, The Killing of a Chinese Bookie, The Island, Apollo 18, Our Day Will Come, Race with the Devil, Ghost Rider, Crank, The Interrupters, Wet Hot American Summer, Elite Squad, The Abyss
2:30:15 – Junk Mail: The Artist Feedback, The Grey Spoilers, Old Video Podcasts, Favourite Tom Hanks ’80s Comedies, Watching Digital Presentations of Classic Films, Objective Goodness and Jobbers
2:54:10 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:55:15 – Outro

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  • dirrrtyfrank

    3 hour turn around … give it up FilmJunkies … Dwyguy is on the top of his game.

  • Adam

    Totally agree Frank, Sean is the MAN! Thanks dude.

  • Adamau

    3 hours!? Oh yeah! Greg talking about his holiday for the first half hour? Fuck yeah!

  • csidle

    Wow that was fast. Sean must have been working overtime.

  • csidle

    I meant double-time.

  • Buffet Junk

  • dan day

    Great show. Thanks for reading my email! So, anybody want to throw some ideas out there about a Filmjunk event for Reed’s 50th birthday?

  • Jericho Slim

    You guys are way off on saying there should have been more “Terminator 2″ in this movie. The movie that this should have been modeled after more is “The Golden Child.” I’m really disappointed in you guys, especially Frank.

    Can’t you imagine a “Brother Numsi” moment in this movie?

  • I live IN Cleveland! What fun!

  • anonymiss

    go SEAN!!!!! great name/guy!

  • mushroomyakuza

    Hey guys.

    This is Chris from Japan. Thanks for reading the email out! I now feel like a complete tool for thinking Sean spoiled me when he totally didn’t, I guessed I must have just totally misunderstood what the junk mail last week was about. Further, yes, Greg is right, I did kind of spoil the Sixth Sense and The Usual Suspects….but I kind of figured almost everybody, at least people who have an interest in film and therefore listen to this podcast, would know those endings….

    HOWEVER! I have NO fucking clue what you’re talking about Sean when you say I’m starting a new podcast! I’d love to of course but don’t have the know-how or an interesting enough crew of fellow film nerds to make one with. Further, were I ever to start a podcast myself I certainly would not use the title FilmFans2012 – a shitty title indeed, as stated by Greg. Perhaps you confused emails with another Chris? Anyway, thanks for reading and keep it up fellas, great stuff.

  • My bad! Too many listeners named Chris!

    I know that there was a Chris who had sent a few e-mails that I never got around to reading and I just assumed you were one and the same. My apologies to both Chris #1 and Chris #2.

  • projectgenesis

    I love Frank’s obsession with Mr. Bonestripper by Damn Yankees.

  • patrik

    The tequila sunrise is absolutely horrible. I don’t have any problems with the tequila in genereal but when it all sinks to the bottom of the drink and you’re drinking it with a straw, it’s not exactly delicious.

  • Greg

    Fuck straws. Ha. Seriously, I had no reference point on what it was supposed to taste like, so it was all just booze to me.

  • It’s too bad that Greg didn’t make it through Marley and Me 2, because I was curious to find out if there was a scene at the end where Marley’s larynx gets crushed, thus explaining why he doesn’t talk in the future. I’m picturing something like the scene from X-Men: First Class when Professor X gets shot. Maybe Marley got capped with an adamantium bullet and just forgot how to talk. Hmmm…

  • Gerry

    On Row Three Ciaran Hinds name was pronounced ‘Seernan’. Today Sean pronounced his surname Hinds, as in Hindi. It’s pronounced Kieran Hinds, as in behind.

  • Damn Irish names. I was happy that I got the first name right. Didn’t even think about the last name.

  • Jonny Ashley

    I just got my copy of Beauty Day in the mail! Thanks so much, and I’m sorry for being a pain in the ass by asking you to sign it. I can’t wait to watch and show my friends.

  • I want to see Greg review various cocktails a la “Fat Kid Reviews Food.” Definitely a watch!

  • The best (or at least most noticeable) 3D effect in Ghost Rider, oddly enough, was the split-screen phone conversation between the villains.

  • Kasper

    Loved hearing about Gregg’s trip.

  • Good episode. But, I was actually pretty impressed with Carolla. He didn’t yak too much yet and his joke actually diffused things. Think he’s ready to be called on his shit. Didn’t seem to be any Scott Hamiltons. That girl from the Puff Daddy group was pretty annoying and I think she should watch herself. Seems like she’s trying to start some shit she can’t handle.

  • rjdelight

    the biggest problem with Comic Book Men is that it’s an hour long. It needs to be 30 min.

  • Gerry

    Well done for having a damn Irish name Sean, and giving your sone one. Even Dwyer sounds Irish.

  • csidle

    Are you guys not gonna review Young Adult at some point?

  • csidle: Check Episode 353.

    Gerry: Yes, Dwyer is Irish but I’m definitely a few generations removed at this point.

  • Frank,

    Since your a big comedy fan i wanted to know if you ever checked out the show The Green Room with Paul Provenza? If you haven’t, I think its right up your alley.

  • Gerry

    The Interrupters is available on blu ray at

  • Sean – in regards to Wet Hot American Summer, you have to admit Paul Rudd is amazing in it. His performance kills me. I gotta pop on that DVD.