Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca and Suspicion to Get Remakes

In this day and age, there isn’t anything or anyone that’s safe from the remake bug — not even a legendary filmmaker like Alfred Hitchcock. Of course, it’s not like Hitchcock’s work has been off-limits in the past. There have been quite a few Hitchcock remakes over the years (many of them made for TV), with Gus Van Sant’s infamous shot-for-shot remake of Psycho being one of the most well-known (and most despised). Hitchcock even remade his own film The Man Who Knew Too Much in 1956, so he clearly was not averse to the idea. Still, there is something about this news that just seems wrong. This week it was announced that there are two Hitchcock films currently slated to get updates: Rebecca and Suspicion.

According to Variety, a new version of Rebecca is being set up through DreamWorks and Working Title Films, with Steven Knight (Eastern Promises) penning the script. The 1941 original revolves around a woman (Joan Fontaine) who marries a rich widower (Laurence Olivier) and moves into his huge mansion, only to find that his first wife still has a hold on him. Knight will be going back to the original book by Daphne DuMaurier to create a fresh take on the story. This was the only film that Hitchcock ever won Best Picture for.

As for Suspicion, Variety reports that this one is being set up at Paramount and Veena Sud of AMC’s The Killing will be writing it. Suspicion also starred Joan Fontaine, this time playing a shy British woman who marries a charming gentleman (Cary Grant) and then suspects he is plotting to kill her. It was also based on a novel, so I guess it’s debatable if will be a true remake. Are you interested in seeing updates to either of these films?

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  • Gerry

    If you like Rebecca buy the recently released blu ray. It has a stunning transfer.

    A remake may turn out to be good but there’s no way they’ll be able to recapture the atmosphere of Hitchcock’s version.

    I found Suspicion to be quite a slight film so if a remake does something interesting with it I’d be up for seeing it.

  • Mp01juve

    No & no. Also suspicion was great to Gerry. Wish theY let Hitch shoot his original ending

  • Emma

    No, no, no! I know Rebecca has been remade several times (and more faithfully to the book, which is excellent by the way), but no one can recapture the atmosphere of Hitchcock’s version. The acting, the writing, the music, the CINEMATOGRAPHY (!)… all perfect.
    Suspicion was a good film with a very weak ending. I’d be interested to see a movie that stuck to the ending of the book, as I felt the ending of the movie was a letdown that didn’t fit the rest of the story, BUT the rest of the story was very well done.
    But I’m a Hitchcock purist, so I’ll always be opposed to any remakes (except Hitch’s remake of his own movie The Man who Knew too Much, which was far superior to the original). No director ever has or ever will match Hitchcock’s mastery of the craft.