The Movie Club Podcast Episode #24: Southland Tales and Paris, Texas

The Movie Club Podcast is an irregular roundtable podcast where we select two movies to dissect, analyze and discuss with a group of fellow movie bloggers and film fans.

Three months have passed since the previous episode of The Movie Club Podcast, and I am happy to report that a new episode is now locked, loaded and ready to be heard! This time around the crew tackles another maligned film in Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales, pairing it with a much more respected Palme d’Or winner, Wim Wenders’ Paris, Texas. There are passionate arguments on both sides, but in the end I think we can all agree that the future is indeed far more futuristic than originally predicted.

Jay was once again in attendance representing Film Junk, along with Kurt from Row Three and Jim and Patrick from The Director’s Club Podcast. Head over to to download the episode and join in the discussion surrounding these two films in the comments over there. For the next episode we will take on a pair of gritty crime thrillers: Walter Hill’s The Driver and John Frankenheimer’s 52 Pick-Up.