Mattel to Actually Release a Back to the Future Hoverboard

Having recently revisited the Back to the Future Trilogy on Blu-ray for our latest premium podcast, it’s pretty clear that the movies have left an indelible impression on pop culture. The vision of the future presented in Back to the Future: Part II is a fascinating one that many of us are still hoping will eventually come to pass, although at this point we’re only three years away from the year 2015. It has long been rumoured that some of the products showcased in the film actually exist, and while Nike has since released Marty McFly’s sneakers (without self-lacing technology), the legendary hoverboard has never been available to the general public. Until now, that is.

Over the weekend Mattel announced that they will be releasing a replica version of the hoverboard in time for Christmas this year. Sadly, it is only a replica… that’s right, the hoverboard does not actually hover. The poster that was on display at Toy Fair notes that it “glides over most surfaces” but that it “does not work on water.” Yeah, that’s kind of disappointing, but if you’re a collector of movie props and other odds and ends, this might still be something you want to own.

It definitely does not seem to be targeted at kids as it is listed as a “high-cost item” that will only be manufactured if there is enough interest out there. They will be taking pre-orders from March 1st to 20th, presumably to evaluate the demand. How much would you pay for a replica Back to the Future hoverboard? Check out the Toy Fair poster and another image below.

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    A hoverboard that does not hover is only a board…

  • So in other words, it’s pretty much a snowboard.

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