Film Junk Podcast Episode #356: Chronicle and Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie

0:00 – Intro
11:40 – Review: Chronicle
57:35 – Review: Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie
1:22:10 – Trailer Trash: The Avengers, Act of Valor, Get the Gringo
1:46:30 – Other Stuff We Watched: Natural Born Killers, Tremors, Any Given Sunday, Invincible, The Program, Little Giants, The Spanish Prisoner, Spartan, Inglourious Basterds, Drive, Rolling Thunder, To Live and Die in L.A., Take Shelter, The Help, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, The Take, Justified, Thief, Luck, Misfits
3:07:20 – Junk Mail: Post-Oscar Roles for African-American Actors, How to Avoid Falling Asleep in Movies, Why People Enjoy Bad Movies, Favourite Movie Cars
3:34:55 – This Week’s DVD Releases
3:37:35 – Outro

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  • Nelson

    I haven’t even listened to the podcast yet, but when I came online to download it earlier, I saw the generally positive ratings for Chronicle, from you guys, so I went and checked it out today.

    Definitely the best part of a largely crappy day. It still surprises me how there are times when I go out, determined to be happy, and it’s as if there is a person, or persons, determined to make sure that I don’t succeed.

    Anyway, “Chronicle” is one hell of a movie. I don’t know what else to say. Someone on another website that I check out mentioned that they felt this movie was as close to a live action version of Akira as we are going to get and I have to agree.

    I think the budget on this movie was fairly low, compared to other action movies, but I saw stuff and felt stuff that I didn’t even come close to with “Superman Returns” or many of the X-Men films, which probably had at least double the budget this movie had.

    This is what a really great movie about people with powers should be like and I hope to God that Zack Snyder decides to check this movie out and take notes.

    I actually sympathize with the “bad guy” in some ways, because I know how people can be and I know how life can be. The subject of this movie is very sci-fi, but it felt very realistic to me in a lot of ways.

    The sad thing was how empty the theater was today, but I’m really hoping that this movie does very well and I think it will if everyone that sees it and likes it spreads the word about it.

  • mason

    Kurt is alright in my book, and great as a guest on FJ. I listen to the Row Three Cinecast regularly, though usually skipping the spoiler-laden reviews of the week. Kurt is the one who angers me the least, and I like when he tells stories of what he’s trying to make his kids watch. The only thing with Andrew is that he has hated some movies I like and sometimes seems to have two ratings: Most amazing film ever or “piece of shit”. Jay should talk to him about the five star scale (with half stars). They have great chemistry just like the FJ guys, and with both, it’s definitely noticeable when one of the regulars takes a week off.

  • Curtis Williams

    Love the addition of Kurt, he’s very well informed.

    3 1/2 hours is awesome BTW. Thanks guys!

  • Aftr watching the youtube video about death of superman, there’s no way I’m seeing CHRONICLE. Just not my thing. But, that video was pretty funny, just because I love that story. My stories probably read like fan wan, too. Depressing. Hurm.

  • Ren

    The Tunnel is another Australian horror film that is presented as a documentary.

  • @Mason

    I think you’re confusing me with Matt Gamble. Matt is the one for which every movie is either amazing or complete shit. I’m very often in the middle of the road.

    And I am 100% on board with the 5 star rating – including half stars.

    Thanks for listening, but don’t eva confuse me with Mattwat Gamble ever again!


  • To expand on the five star rating scale, I’ve been review all of my movies on that scale for years. I wish Netflix would incorporate the half star.

    @Sean, what is the song at the end of this episode? Asteroids Galaxy Tour?

  • Jessie J feat. B.O.B. – Price Tag

  • Mason

    Alright Andrew, I’ll take your word for it, but it’s you and Kurt’s voices I used to get mixed up, Gamble’s I can’t mistake. Though I know he does say it too and more often- may have transferred to you. I’ll have to check the tape. Hmmm, it may have been a Peter Weir discussion beginning when someone was jizzing over Master and Commander yet again, then someone brought up Dead Poets Society (one of my favorites, but podcasters and critics seem to always hate it). It may not have even been the words “piece of shit” but maybe “terrible”- still sounded like hyperbole.

  • patrik

    Frank is correct btw, synth scores are always great. That goes for electric scores too. The synth music is a big reason why the trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman was so cool. In my opinion anyways..

  • Mason

    Tangerine Dream did some good synth scores including Thief, Risky Business, and a movie I saw last week for the first time and recommend, Near Dark.

  • Don’t forget Legend!

  • That would have been me. I adore the entire filmography of Peter Weir, almost all of ‘em masterpieces, except for GreenCard (which I pretend doesn’t exist) and Dead Poets Society, which I loathe in the same way as Good Will Hunting for being terribly obvious and trite and just lame-duck in execution.

  • mason

    I like Good Will Hunting too, last I checked. It may be that I just have a thing for Robin Williams as a dramatic actor (and Matt Damon, for that matter).

  • The idea that Andrew is the luke warm one is laughable. He just goes apeshit over movies no one cares enough to argue about. Or, in the most enjoyable cases, he tries to backpedal once he realizes he lost his freaking mind over a Michael Bay movie that only 8 year olds found cool.

    While Kurt and I are simply more obvious and stubborn in our tactics, though we have different styles; Kurt is all about attrition (The day Kurt doesn’t try a 30 minute digression onto The Prestige when you’re discussing the latest summer blockbuster is the day he stops breathing) while I’m all about the shock and awe.

  • Had a lot to say about chronicle but you guys basically covered everything up, so not much to add. I will say though that I felt the exclusion of the characters referencing any kind of fictional superhero (even just one line would’ve done the trick) actually takes away from the realism of the movie, along with the exclusion of any mention of the internet or social media. But the cool thing about Chronicle is that it’s told in bits and pieces, you only see what was filmed by someone else. So there’s a lot of empty spaces in between where it’s obvious that something happened and that there’s a progression of sorts. It’s up to you to fill in the blanks. It’s a very nice touch.

    And Chronicle contains more excitement and thrills than all the latest avenger-related Marvel films put together (X Men First Class was great). I haven’t seen Captain America, but based on the others, I don’t know how anyone except the most ardent fanboy can drum up any excitement for The Avengers. It’s all so overblown and safe and trite and juvenile. Agree with Kurt on this one.

    And Payback is a terrific revenge picture, with a great, brutal performance by Mel Gibson. It’s hardly an action comedy.