FDR: American Badass! Trailer

As I clicked on the link sent to me by our good friend Wintle and started watching this red band trailer for FDR: American Badass!, there was only one thought running through my mind: please be real. It certainly seemed like it could be just another parody trailer, created with the sole intention of garnering YouTube hits, but the cast included a handful of character actors like Barry Bostwick and Ray Wise, who didn’t seem likely to be associated with such a thing. It turns out that the movie is real… unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have a release date as of yet.

FDR: American Badass! re-imagines Franklin D. Roosevelt as an action hero who has been stricken with polio due to a werewolf bite, and now rides around on a wheelchair of death hunting down lycanthropes and nazis. It certainly looks like yet another Grindhouse / Black Dynamite-esque period comedy, but the one-liners here are simply magnificent. I’m not familiar with director Garrett Brawith, but he also did a movie called Poolboy: Drowning Out the Fury, which is a tribute to ’90s action flicks starring Kevin Sorbo and Danny Trejo. (Kevin Sorbo also plays Abe Lincoln in this movie.) Even if this turns out to be 5% as good as the trailer, it should still be better than most of the other movies I will watch this year. Check out the trailer for FDR: American Badass! after the jump and see what you think.

  • Matt

    Trailer was funny, but it looks like the production values are very cheap.

    With the upcoming abraham lincoln vampire hunter movie I am wondering if this is a new sub genre of grindhouse movie. Take a widely beloved and respected historical figure and reinvent them with a goofy back story. The possibilities are endless…

  • Curtis Williams

    Thank you Film Junk for enlightening me on this.

  • Jarrod Curtis

    That looked truly awful… not a funny line in the trailer and it looks like it was made in someones basement

  • Dave

    Marco! Polio! Some funny stuff going on. Who would’ve thought Barry Bostwick of all people would make a pretty good FDR? But he is. But it does feel a little too cheap. Needed that bit of Rodriguez-ness in it. This has that overly digital feel like Black Dynamite.

  • swarez

    Yeah the production values look really weak. But Barry Bostwick did star in a very low budget horror comedy “Some Guy Who Kills People” and the cast and script overshadowed the small production values. Hope this will be the case with this as well.

  • Jarrod Curtis

    I think they shot it on a Sony VX1000 that they borrowed from a local skateboarder

  • Marcus Mallard

    I think this looks great! I have a warm place in my chest cavity for debauchery of this sort. Not to mention, I hold most Troma films in higher regard than popular or art-house fare anyway.