Film Junk Podcast Episode #351: The Adventures of Tintin, War Horse and Best of 2011

0:00 – Intro
6:25 – Review: The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn
42:45 – Review: War Horse
1:14:45 – Feature: Best and Worst of 2011
2:29:40 – Other Stuff We Watched: Warrior, Project Nim, Senna, A Christmas Carol, Tokyo Drifter, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Carnage, A Lonely Place to Die, Another Earth, Quatermass and the Pit, 1941, I Saw the Devil, Knuckle, Metal: Evolution, The League
3:18:45 – This Week’s DVD Releases
3:20:35 – Outro

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  • Niiiiiiiiccee!

  • patrik

    Just one thing about Skyrim.. When you´re in the quest log you can press “M” for map, and it puts the route to your goal on the map.

  • csidle

    After years of writing, I send in my question, and you guys don’t even do junkmail! The misfortune! :) Thanks for the episode guys. Can’t wait to listen, I love ‘best of’ lists.

  • Bocuma

    Anyone else having trouble downloading? Downloads really slowly and then gets stuck.

  • patrik

    oh and you guys should check out Undisputed 2 & Undisputed 3 for some good MMA movies.. Awesome fighting scenes

  • Sam

    The cult in Martha Marcy May Marlene was patterned pretty closely to the Manson cult. I’m listening to the audiobook of Helter Skelter (which is awesome, by the way), and what is depicted in MMMM is basically how the Manson cult lived — subsistence farming, breaking into the nearby houses of the “haves”, and gradually being taught that it’s okay to kill. Spare time spent sitting at the feet of the leader, listening to him play music and spout Truths. The movie even got the male/female ratio right — Manson’s cult had many more women than men, for the reasons you’d expect (labor and sexual variety).

  • Zac

    No love for The Artist?

  • dirrrtyfrank

    I’m severely disappointed that the banner artwork of this post reflects the weaker of the two films we reviewed.

    @Zac As for The Artist… no one had a chance to see it yet … tried to see it and Young Adult that day but fucked up the math. I’m sure we will all try see it as soon as possible.

  • Henrik

    Frank, putting you on the spot – Academy award for the horse? Possible?

  • I used a Tintin image mainly because we already had Shannon’s review of War Horse on the site and no Tintin coverage as of yet. But also because it’s better.

  • Juan Costrada

    No Beauty Day love on the lists!

  • Juan Costrada

    Except for Sean!

  • Zac

    @Frank you guys really should make an effort to see The Artist. It’s my #2 movie this year, but that’s the only #2 thing about it.

  • The Artist is a good film that I enjoyed but it’s not top ten worthy. It doesn’t leave a lasting effect.

  • Greg

    @Juan: Frank didn’t do a documentaries list, Jay certainly wouldn’t put it on his, Sean had it and I had it as an honourable mention. I’d say Beauty Day got it’s fair share of love.

    By the way, the banner artwork is great. Showcasing the better film obviously.

  • Kasper

    Jay going away for two months?!

  • dirrrtyfrank

    As I said on the cast … I didn not include docs on my top 10 list because no one else was , but Beauty Day would have been number 5 overall on my list. I FUCKING LOVE IT.

  • Gerry

    Another excellent show. No Reed though? More Reed shows please.

    I’ve gotta say I’m really warming to Frank.

    Re top 10 lists I’m not even gonna go there. Film is subjective so there’s no point. I’m going to check out Tree Of Life and Moneyball because you guys liked them so much.

  • Rob

    It’s not as crazy as you guys made it out to be for them to free the horse from the barbed wire without firing on one another.

  • Spongebob Scaredpants

    @Greg Good call on the difficulty of seeing films at the local theaters. I thought this year it was particularly hard to see a fair number of the movies making critics’ top 10 lists. Seemed like this year you guys had some rather large differences in your lists simply due to the fact that it was hard to see some of the movies.

    And the follow up rant by Jay on the crappy theater experience was spot on. As was Frank’s observation that some theaters should differentiate themselves by showing some of these lesser known films.

    2011 wasn’t a great year for movies IMO. Some pleasant surprises (Hanna & ROTPOTA in particular) and some solid smaller films, but pales in comparison overall to 2010.

  • Napalm

    Lmao @ Frank being heckled throughout the show. Sorry Frank :P

  • Jago

    Hate to be pedantic – but fuck it.

    War Horse was a novel first, then a play. And guys – you gotta read the novel! ;)

  • fatbologna

    FUCK EMPIRE CINEMAS!!! The WORST chain of theaters in Canada! Ours smells like piss and has giant sagging water damage in the ceiling. Their popcorn is always fucking rancid and the chocolate bars are even stale. Fuck those guys!

  • fatbologna

    Qyatermass is BOMBIN’!!

  • Fatbologna


    please never lump Horrible Bosses in with It’s Always Sunny ever again! WORLDS APART!! Watch the show before you judge it. Start with season 3 or 4 and then backtrack if you have to but it’s not fair to even judge it until you’ve seen enough. I didn’t like it either until I got a ways into the series.

  • Alex

    This episode is too slow, too long. Lack of energy.. Good content, but gee it was taking forever for everyone of you to say anything. Not to mention the painful numerous long pauses.

  • I guess that’s what happens when we spoil you with too many short episodes. Clearly no one in their right mind wants to listen to us drone on for 3.5 hours. ;)

  • Spongebob Scaredpants

    Sean, Jay, Greg & Frank, It must be said that you guys are doing great work with the podcast. I’m not sure people understand how hard it is to stick with producing these podcasts consistently over the years as you guys have. Thanks for putting in the effort. Always entertaining.

  • Ive been you guys for long time now and I think you guys are really hitting your stride the past year or so. Keep up the great work.

  • Sam

    I’m surprised that Moneyball was such a runaway favorite. I liked it well enough, but it’s an oddball story that is pretty unrelatable. I think it was expertly made, but didn’t speak to anything…I don’t know, larger than itself. Hanna was my #1, FWIW. My favorite scene of the year was Hanna stowed away in the cargo hold of the van, secretly watching her surrogate family dancing around and generally being a family.

  • Mason

    Regarding Jay’s comments on flaws in attaching star ratings to movies, I myself find it contradictory looking back on ratings and comparing movies in different ways (to other films of that director, in that sub-genre, a series of sequels, etc.) I just watched Midnight in Paris- should I be looking over Woody Allen’s filmography and comparing it with other films he’s done, just to make sure I don’t give it a higher rating than something I would say I enjoy more?

    I use a 10-point scale, since I’ve been keeping track on longer than any other method. (And it’s easily convertible to a 5-star scale.) I find myself reserving the top score of 10, reluctant to give it out much at all. A ten has to be near-perfect on an artistic and enjoyment level on my most recent watch. Usually there is just something special about the experience that just screams 10. To illustrate this, I can tell you as of now I’ve seen 59 movies with a 2010 release year, including nine 9’s and six 10’s. (Since I don’t get out to the theater much these days, I haven’t seen much from 2011 yet. One reason I love episodes like this- it helps me put together a must-watch list for when these 2011 movies come out on DVD/Blu-ray/Netflix.)

  • RC

    (#18)Seems like Reed is trying to weasel his way into a few more podcasts.

    Nice try Gerry!

  • KeithTalent

    Epic show! I agree with most things on your lists, aside from Attack The Block and The Descendants. Nice to hear some love for Senna too, what a great documentary. I really need to see Project Nim.

    Has anyone seen Tyrannosaur? Probably my favourite film of the year with the best performance of the year from Olivia Colman. Pretty rough watch at times, but awesome.

  • kyri

    heh.. what a coincidence I’ve watched Quatermass and the Pit && The Quatermass Xperiment as well the same week that Jay did.

    Although I am ashamed to admit that I was driven to those films by first watching the cheap tv ripoff -> “sole survivor” …starring Billy Jane as John Carpenter.

  • Whats with frank doing all these baby and cutesy voices, shit is annoying, quit.

  • Curtis Williams

    3.5 hours long….Love it! Thanks guys.

  • As for suggestions for films to review in January, I would definitely like to hear a review on Joe Carnahan’s The Grey.

  • KeithTalent

    Oh yeah meant to say you guys should do your top five (or whatever) scores/soundtracks for the year. You guys seem to have a good ear for that stuff and it helps retards like me figure out which ones to listen for.

  • Aaron

    I’m one of the few who enjoy 1941. It plays like a rapid-fire screwball comedy and I thought it was a lot of fun. Technically it’s extremely well done. The dancehall sequence that Jay mentioned is a standout piece of filmmaking.

    You’re telling me you didn’t even like the Jaws spoof at the beginning, Sean?

  • Brendan

    I find it ironic that Frank was getting on Jay about his star ratings, yet Frank frequently gives ratings that don’t match his comments. Frank will say how much he disliked a film, then give it a 3.5. What?

  • Falsk

    I actually didn’t mind the barbed wire scene in “War Horse” because it reminded me of the WWI Christmas Eve truce that happened between the two sides where they met in the middle and played soccer or whatever. I accepted that sentimentality more easily than the guy in charge of the horses pulling the cannon… that seemed more heavy handed to me…

  • Yeah, I think I’d be willing to reevaluate that barbed wire scene after reading about the Christmas truce.

  • Spongebob Scaredpants

    #35 – Stop hating on Frank. The baby/cutesy voices are him channeling Baby Muppets and Bobby’s World.

  • Gerry

    Re post 38, best score of the tear was Drive by a mile. A few great retro songs and a great score by the awesome Cliff Martinez. He aslso did a geat score for Contagion.

  • J R

    I hope Jay will make an appearance some time on Game Junk to talk more about his experience with Skyrim.

  • Kasper

    #45 Second that. Also his stance on videogames is interesting considering he’s had a career being a part of a videogame developer. Where Sean, Frank and Andrew love games, Jay seems distanced. Would be interesting to hear more about.

  • @Kasper: I went into videogame development hoping to finally get a chance to enjoy videogames, and discovered that videogames are designed for immature kids.

    @Brendan: I dislike star ratings, and I often get accused for what you accuse Frank of. We can often find things we dislike about films we love. Films that provoke no reaction at all will get low scores. Subjectivity plays a large part in star ratings. I’m glad Frank is picking on Jay. Maybe Jay will listen now that the criticism is coming from someone he respects.

  • Jay1

    1. Slow podcasts can be sped up with mp3 players like WMP and VLC 1.5x speed, 2x speed. No big deal and the show goes faster!

    2. Top Film lists are more disturbing to me than the star ratings (which does get to the GOTCHA reaction).

    FilmJunk staff in their TOP MOVIES of all time, worship the comic book movies (spiderman, batman) – which rattles me, as only the first two Superman movies are tolerable to me, yet the lads eat this stuff up.

    3. Request for Paid Pods: Blade Runner special, Numbered Classic Comedy specials (Meatballs/Caddyshack/Fletch/Vacation(s)/The Party Animal)


  • projectgenesis

    Three Fugitives, hahahahaha