Film Junk Podcast Episode #347: Hugo and The Descendants

0:00 – Intro
8:16 – Review: The Descendants
28:00 – Review: Hugo
53:45 – Trailer Trash: Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie
58:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: My Week With Marilyn, Three Amigos, How to Train Your Dragon, Kundun, After Hours, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, Italian American, American Boy, Boxcar Bertha, Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, Super 8, Trigger, Waste Land
1:22:04 – Junk Mail: Informative Commentary Tracks, Good Looking Blu Rays, Movie Memorabilia, Movies That Were in Theatres For a Long Time
1:35:44 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:38:21 – Outro

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  • Man oh man is the first 10 minutes hilarious! Congrats on the little filmjunker!

  • Cy-Ed

    WOW really didn’t think there would be a show this week. You guys are awesome.

  • Gil

    I was hoping you guys would take this week off so that I wouldn’t feel like a jerk downloading this. Felicidades, Sean!

  • Tomoo

    I love the total anarchy without Sean, the intro had me cracking up!

  • I am with everyone else, I really didn’t expect a show this week. This is above and beyond. You’re a damn hero, Sean! Congratulations.

  • Kasper

    Haven’t listened yet, but I’m really surprised there being a new episode this week, with the new kid and all.

  • Xu

    Congratulations to the film junk junior next generation or whatever the fuck it should be called!!!

  • Kasper

    Loved the intro – hilarious!

    And awesome that you used Mixcloud for the embed this week – please continue doing that.

  • Henrik

    Film Junk: The Next Generation… I love it. Star Trek went from hairpiece to no hairpiece, Film Junk can go the other way. This blows my mind.

    Decent episode.

  • Congrats Alicia and Sean!

  • Colin says Hugo is real 3D.

  • Goon

    Glad you guys enjoyed Hugo, even if I lean towards Greg’s opinion regarding it being all style.

  • This is a shock! Thank you for the episode! I wouldn’t have been surprised if there was a hiatus for a little while so I am really happy you are so dedicated to producing new content for your fans. Film Junk is simply the best. Congratulations Sean and Alicia!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay’s explanation of what is happening with Sean and his wife is trippy, bruh.

  • I love having Sean on the podcast, but I also love the “Boys Club” episodes where Jay and Greg wing it–and with Frank added, it’s like a ham sandwich that’s been deep fried.

  • RC

    The commentary for National Lampoon’s European Vacation is pretty good. It’s just Chevy Chase by himself. It’s good because he sticks to what’s actually happening on screen and doesn’t go off on too many tangents.

  • @Jay — Scorsese’s first film was Who’s That Knocking at My Door. And it’s Barbara Hershey, not Barbara Steele who was in Boxcar Bertha.

  • kyri

    You 3 need to get something pregnant as well.
    We need to ensure the future of the show.

  • Curtis Williams

    Nice! I didn’t think this would be out so fast. Thanks guys, and congrats to Sean!

  • anonymiss

    can’t wait for baby junk with sean and alicia!!!!

  • Congrats to Sean and Alicia! Hope all is well with the little one!

    Hope Sean comes back soon though, because The Jackal is a terrible* host.

    *by terrible I mean hilarious. And terrible.

  • patrik

    Blade Runner is definitely up there in terms of good looking blu-rays..

  • patrik

    This just in! For me anyway.. John Rich was kicked out of an airplane on account of being deemed too drunk. Not while the plane was in the air obviously.


  • Napalm

    I’m dying of laughter at the intro bit! LMAO!

  • Colin

    The best commentary track I’ve ever listened to is on the Dude, Where’s My Car DVD.

    It’s basically just Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott talking about the ladies they had sex with or wanted to have sex with on the set of the film.

  • Kasper

    #25 Sounds like I need to get ahold of that commentary track. It’s also been ages since I last saw Dude, Where’s My Car. I wonder if it holds up.

  • USED CARS with Kurt Russell, Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis is by far the funniest commentary I’ve ever heard. Kurt should be on all commentary tracks.

  • Liney

    Not much to add to what’s already been said but just wanted to give my congratulations to Sean and Alicia, and my thanks to Uncle Jay, Uncle Greg and Uncle Frank for keeping me entertained this week. Looking forward to both the films you reviewed…

  • Nils

    Good episode. Makes me want to check out Hugo.
    Congrats on the newborn, Sean.
    Should have named him after Reed, so you could call him Gerry McDwyer.

    I hope the little one takes the place of your infamous dog, farting in the background, resulting in Jay cursing.

  • Henrik

    For informative commentary tracks, I recommend Sam Mendes’ commentary for Road to Perdition, especially if you’re interested in some of the more intellectual decisions about what goes into a movie. I find that most commentary tracks tend to get rather technical when discussing the movie, but this one is quite good.

    Also Doug Nagy’s comments on the movie Conan: The Barbarian can be quite the eye-opener.

  • RC

    Colore Non Vedenti has some great commentary tracks, especially Tom and Gerry. Find out what laundry detergent Tom uses when asked by Gerry. Very informative!

  • Mrespony

    The C.H.U.D. commentary track with Daniel Stern and John Heard among others is one of my favorites. You get some insight into the film but mostly you laugh.

  • Jersey Jason

    I loved Hugo. This months American Cinematographer has an article about Hugo and confirms it was filmed in 3D. Not post converted.

  • Falsk

    Every sitcom has its wild Baby-Delivery Episode. And apparently so does Film Junk. Fucking loved it.

    Also nearly crashed my car laughing at, “I’m seeing stars!”

  • Mark In Ottawa

    I can’t get enought of the Randy Newman stuff.


    Any idea what they had and the weight ?


  • Mason

    I thought Julia Ormond looked pretty good for a cougar in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Surveillance(both 2008). Could be the make-up in the Marilyn film.

  • @ Falsk

    Haha. By far the best comment of the bunch.

  • RC

    Another great DVD commentary is the Hanson brothers from the 25th anniversary edition of Slap Shot. They’ve got some great comments about how Paul Newman thought they were hilarious and the whole process of they were cast in the movie.

    Congratulations to Sean and Alicia. Maybe Sean will be starting a new podcast called Toy Junk where he will review children’s toys ;)

  • Hey Sean, just wanted to tell you that the link in the Podcast Archive to this podcast isn’t working. The link places it in ‘May’ instead of ‘June’.

  • Thanks. I fixed the link but I’m just realizing that all of the episodes from previous years probably have broken links for the Show Notes because I eventually moved them to different pages. Oops.