Film Junk Podcast Episode #346: The Muppets

0:00 – Intro
4:40 – Headlines: First Images from Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, The Dark Knight Rises Takes Place 8 Years After The Dark Knight, Arrested Development to Return on Netflix, Star Trek 2 in 3D, Should the Oscars Have a Comedy Category?
23:55 – Review: The Muppets
1:03:40 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper, The Muppets Take Manhattan, Follow That Bird, One Night in Vegas, The Real Rocky, Renee, John Candy: True Double Blue, David Spade: Take the Hit, JFK: 3 Shots That Changed America, The Rules of the Game, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, The Storyteller, Farscape, Page One: Inside the New York Times, The Paper, Knights of Mayhem
1:58:22 – Junk Mail: Star Wars Unaltered Versions on DVD, Star Wars “Making Of” Books, Star Wars in French, Swedish Movie Titles, Watching Classics Just to Say You’ve Seen Them + Favourite Movie Villains, Natural Born Killers, Vice Magazine and, Thankful for Drive-Ins
2:17:00 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:22:00 – Outro

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  • kyri

    frank didn’t like the muppets movie because he wasn’t in it.

  • In the same boat with Sean on Page One. It felt very pandering toward The New York Times. It wasn’t totally a puff piece, as many of the discussions about how they’re keeping the paper afloat and their reactions to many recent stories were interesting, but then they bring in David Carr, who’s also entertaining, but pretty much fellates the NY Times.

  • Liney

    With regards to comedy awards, we do have something like that in the UK, although it doesn’t seem to actually include film categories:

  • Hmm, a quick search reveals that Comedy Central does have their own award thing ( but prior to that there was The American Comedy Awards, which ran from 1987 to 2001. Canada also has the Canadian Comedy Awards.

  • Anthony

    They’ve tried the Comedy awards twice on Comedy central, and it hasn’t worked either time. The South Park episode Funny Bot (which I think someone brought up in that news post this week) pretty much says why it doesn’t work.

  • Anthony

    Katy Perry wasn’t the reception. That was Emily Blunt.

  • Aaron

    The Jay Leno/Pat Morita gem that Greg brought up is actually called Collision Course. I’m sure that the thousands of loyal fans that movie has will be hunting you down for your mistake.

  • narby

    Jay what’s the current status of the documentary blog podcast? and because everyone wants to know, when may we see another Cantankerous?

    FYI: I’m the one that tweeted u about the Hollywood Collectibles @ the McKinley Mall in Buffalo, they have lots of Start Trek and other TV/Film items from still in the box toys, play sets, statues, and more. Right in the collective wheel houses of you and Reed.

  • As pointed out before, the Golden Globes way of bunching in comedies with musicals is pretty ridiculous. Often, some of the musicals are more dramatic than the films that get entered into the dramatic category, and some of the dramatic films are funnier than the comedies, whether it’s intentional or not.

    If the Oscars started having a separate category for comedies, how long would it be before someone started pushing for horror films to get recognition too, and so on, etc.? If they start creating new categories just to get more films nominated for “Best ______ Movie”, how long is it before the Oscars would just become the People’s Choice Awards or something? I’m not ready to hear “Accepting the Oscar on behalf of Happy Madison Productions is Rob Schneider and Nick Swardson…”.

    If anything, I’d like to see the animated category get pushed up to 5 nominees, and maybe more recognition in the visual effects and sound categories. Speaking of that, why do those particular categories only get three nominees? I understand the animated category, why that’s limited to three, as there have to be SO many animated films out that year in the first place, but EVERY movie has some sort of sound effects editing and mixing, and often, there’s a total head-scratcher in the visual effects category. Remember when Babe beat Apollo 13 that one year? Did Babe even belong there? Maybe I’m just upset that Judge Dredd and Johnny Mnemonic weren’t even nominated…

  • Kasper

    Sweet deal, Jay. I guess sometimes good deeds do pay.

  • swarez

    The letter about weird translations in Star Wars made me think of how here in Iceland we translated the names of each character, some more than others. Luke was Luke Spacewalker, Darth Vader was Black Head, Han Solo became Hans Oli and Chewbacca had a few depending on which film it was, Tobacco Chew, Hairy and Hairy Back.

  • kyri

    speaking about shame lists..
    non of the FilmJunk crew saw JAKOBS LADDER because they think that it will be like mr nobody..

  • Why didn’t Frank Oz direct the Muppet Movie?

  • If you’re asking about The Muppet Movie from 1979, I’m guessing because he had no experience yet. He did eventually direct The Muppets Take Manhattan in the ’80s.

    As for the new movie, he didn’t like the script and didn’t want to be involved:

  • I’m surprised that no one brought up the fact that you know a franchise is probably on it’s way out (or on it’s way to an eventual reboot years later) once it goes to space. It happened to the Muppets, it happened to Friday the 13th, and it happened to Critters, which is odd, considering they came from space to begin with. At the time it seems like a curse, but sometimes it’s just a blessing in disguise. I mean, had Leprechaun not tanked in space, would he have ever gone 2 tha hood and returned the series to greatness?

  • Falsk

    @Sean Oops! Shoulda worded my e-mail better. The question was for the group–what y’all eat there (besides poutine. OVER IT.) … I thought Jersey’s line up of funnel cake, pirogies was standard fare… !

    Also, get a boom box any way possible. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR DRIVE-IN EXPERIENCE COMPLETELY. You’ll never go back! Unless you run out of D batteries…

  • patrik

    HBO do have the right to overcharge. They´re that good.

    just discovered the ESPN 30 for 30: COllector´s Set Films 01-30 on glorious Blu-ray.. Definitely a buy

  • patrik

    oh and another stupid Swedish title.. “The Help” is apparently called “Niceville”.. I don´t even.. I don´t know if this is a secondary title or whatever but that´s retarded.