The Movie Club Podcast #23: Crash and Crash

The Movie Club Podcast is an irregular roundtable podcast where we select two movies to dissect, analyze and discuss with a group of fellow movie bloggers and film fans.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, The Movie Club Podcast crew gathered around the table to discuss two controversial and divisive films that happen to have the same title: David Cronenberg’s Crash and Paul Haggis’ Crash. While many film gurus out there adamantly refuse to ever revisit either of these despised flicks, we are more than willing to fearlessly charge into the wreckage. Of course, by we, I mean everyone except Jay and I… we both wussed out of this episode for, um, personal reasons.

Fortunately, there is still a great line-up of folks on this month’s episode including Kurt and Andrew from Row Three, Jim from The Director’s Club Podcast and Ryan McNeil from The Matinee. Head over to The Movie Club Podcast to download the episode and join the discussion in the comments. The next episode will be: Wim Wenders’ Paris, Texas and Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales.

  • Kasper

    I like Haggis’ Crash, I guess I’m one of the few. Oddly enough I’ve never seen Cronenberg’s.

  • csidle

    No Jay and Sean? Damn… Don’t think I’ll listen to this one.