The Hunger Games Full Theatrical Trailer

By now you’ve probably heard of The Hunger Games, the first in a planned trilogy of movies based on the young adult novels by Suzanne Collins. Lionsgate is expecting big things from this franchise, but when the first teaser trailer was released back in August, it seemed like anything but a surefire blockbuster. Now that the first full theatrical trailer has arrived, however, it is starting to look a bit more interesting as we are finally getting a good look at the dystopian world in which it is set and the large (if somewhat cartoony-looking) cast of characters.

The story takes place in a future where North America has been divided into one wealthy controlling district and 12 poorer ones. Once a year, the poor districts are forced to send one boy and one girl to participate in a televised battle to the death where only one competitor survives. Jennifer Lawrence (Winter’s Bone) plays Katniss Everdeen, who volunteers for the Hunger Games in order to take the place of her younger sister, while Josh Hutcherson plays Peeta Mellark, a schoolmate and fellow competitor from the same district. The premise has been compared to Battle Royale for obvious reasons and this trailer does hint at the grim violence that is to come, although something tells me that it will be a little bit sanitized. The Hunger Games hits theatres on March 23rd; check out the trailer after the jump and let us know what you think.

  • Jay Cheel appears at 1:44.

  • Andrew

    Could be okay.

  • rob

    much better than the teaser imo

  • Justice

    Looks interesting, but how do they get a three movies out of this idea?

  • Ben


  • Fatbologna

    As much as I like the idea of Battle Royale meets Running Man meets Blade Runner meets The Long Walk this kinda looks lame. The character design and costuming seems like they went over-the-top for the purpose of trying to tone it down and make it fantastical enough that people wouldn’t freak out at the concept of kids killing each other. It feels kinda forced.

  • Napalm

    i’m pretty happy with this. looks good.

  • Steve

    “Looks interesting, but how do they get a three movies out of this idea?”

    Books 2-3 are about the revolution against the government that oppresses the 12 districts, the morality of victory at any cost, and the use of violence to bring about change.

  • Jonathan

    Looks good. Sure it’s derivative of many things but It seems to have a character of its own. Good to see Wes Bentley back on the big screen too.

  • I’m getting pretty excited for this. Jennifer Lawrence looks a lot more like Katniss than I thought she could.

    @Fatbologna Actually, I think they toned down the costuming, if anything. In the books, everyone who has money is completely over the top, strutting around like a peacock with plastic surgery and ridiculous clothing to demonstrate their place in society. The poor people have drab clothing and normal hair color, etc.

  • /\/\/\/\/\ I think shannon and fatbologna are talking about the very issue I think is hurting this. They might be toning down the art direction, sets, feel, costumes, etc. to lessen the reality of “kids fighting to the death” BUT by doing that this trailer has a TV feel and is not very inspiring.

    “strutting around like a peacock with plastic surgery and ridiculous clothing to demonstrate their place in society.” – they shouldn’t of ran from this.

    need to get this book used and read beforehand…

  • Nelson

    I like it…but I am a little apprehensive. Just from watching the trailer and not having read the books, I am curious to see the movie and find out what happens to the 24 people that are chosen. If they take the time to make sure that people that see the movie give a crap about the 24 and we actually like the 24 actors playing those roles, AND they don’t kill them “too quickly”, there might be a pretty good movie in there, somewhere.

    In the trailer it does show a little bit of the girl chosen from District 12 being trained. If she’s a “likable” badass character in the movie, that could be very interesting to watch.

  • swarez

    Meh, I’ll just watch Battle Royale again.