Film Junk Podcast Episode #344: Immortals and The Human Centipede 2

0:00 – Intro
2:15 – Headlines: Billy Crystal to Replace Eddie Murphy at the Oscars
9:30 – Review: Immortals
50:10 – Review: The Human Centipede 2
1:08:05 – Other Stuff We Watched: Four Days in October, June 17, 1994, Straight Outta L.A., Tabloid, The Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy, Teen Wolf, Life’s Too Short
1:22:05 – Junk Mail: Tom Six vs. Rob Zombie, Rebuying an Entire DVD Collection on Blu-ray, Movies that Got Better or Worse Because of the Sequel
1:32:55 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:36:50 – Outro

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  • Scab

    I’m not sure I’m challenging many of the points you’re arguing.

    The impression was given that the weekly podcast was shorter because of the second Star Wars show.

    I apologise for upsetting you.

  • I saw Immortals in Riga (Latvia)
    This movie was awesome, scene transiscions where wery good, and for a 1:30 h movie all the major character motivations where well based, and no plotting at all.
    Cool little conversations with subtext.
    Most kills and tortures where well thought out.