Snow White and the Huntsman Trailer Starring Kristen Stewart

I have to admit, there are so many damn Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Wizard of Oz adaptations in development in Hollywood right now that I have no idea which one is which. Apparently Snow White and the Huntsman is the second of two retellings of Snow White that will hit theatres next year, with the other being Tarsem’s Mirror Mirror. Considering that Tarsem’s Immortals is hitting theatres this weekend, you might assume that the trailer for Mirror Mirror would be the one getting released this week, but unfortunately, no, Hollywood has chosen to confuse us even more.

This particular film is directed by commercial director Rupert Sanders and stars Kristen Stewart as Snow White and Charlize Theron as The Evil Queen. Chris Hemsworth (Thor) plays the huntsman who protects Snow White, while the seven dwarves are played by Ian McShane, Eddie Izzard, Bob Hoskins, Toby Jones, Eddie Marsan, Stephen Graham, Ray Winstone, and Nick Frost. That’s a pretty killer line-up of dwarves! The trailer proclaims that this movie is from the producer of Alice in Wonderland and it definitely feels like it is taking the latter half of that film and making it a little more mature. The visuals look cool, but if you ask me, Kristen Stewart just isn’t right for the lead role. Snow White and the Huntsman hits theatres on June 1st, 2012; check out the first trailer after the jump.

  • Sly

    The main attraction of this movie will be the CGI. Kristen Stewart is clearly in it for the money – which is no crime. Hopefully with that money she’ll do some indie flicks. She’s being underrated by the common hipsters. Besides – nobody does the biting of ones own lips better than her.

  • Falsk

    @ Sly, hahaha… she does have that down pat.

    The acting seems sorta meh, but it sure looks purdy. What was that beasty thing? Neat!

  • Kasper

    Sorta 50/50 on this. Might turn out alright, might be horseshit.

  • Justice

    Looks pretty cool, except in no world, real or imaginary, would Kristen Stewart ever be more fair than Charlize Theron.

  • amok


    So, this takes place in Middle Earth or why is she wearing the White Tree on her shield?

  • It does look pretty interesting…

    I hope it wasn’t for good reason that Kristen Stewart never speaks in the trailer.

  • Greg


  • anton

    too much cheesy crow effects.

  • krudsma

    At least Tim Burton isn’t directing.

  • Steve

    Not thrilled about Kristen….not..pretty enough for my tastes. But it had a good visual look so that alone might hold my interest.

  • Napalm

    An edgy? Snow White… could be good. I’m cautiously optimistic. Some of the visuals look interesting.

  • patrik

    I actually like the look of this and I like Kristen Stewart, forehead or not. She´s proven herself outside of Twilight..

  • Mikey T

    She seems to sleepwalk through the Twilight series (the one I actually watched) and seems to be embarrassed being involved with it when she is interviewed about the series. She’s great in Adventureland, Welcome to the Rileys, and the Runaways so I agree with Sly, I hope she does more independent films, she is highly underated in those types of films. She can act when given the right material.

  • swarez

    What’s with the TRON-esque score in this?
    But the trailer has some pretty looking moments.

  • patrik

    personally, I´m all for any kind of Tron score any day of the week.

  • TRON like score
    LOTR art direction
    BURTON trees
    DEL TORRO creatures

    this is one serious mash-up of a movie!!

    Kind like the idea of comparing 2 Snow Whites next year…

  • Barbara

    I like Kristin Stewart’s work very much and believe that she’ll be a credit to this movie. Kristin has good acting experience at this point and will continue to be a much-in-demand actress. She plays the part of Bella in the 4 Twilight movies exactly as portrayed in the Twilight Saga books. The movies were created deliberatley to adhere to the original stories, especially so for the 4th film. Probably not a movie for non-Twilight book fans! Charlize Theron and Kristin Stewart will work very well together. I’m hoping the screen writing and directing will be as good. I’m really looking forward to Snow White and the Huntsman.