John Goodman and Justin Timberlake Join the Coen Brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis

As the Coen Brothers prepare their next film, an exploration into the ’60s New York folk scene called Inside Llewyn Davis, the cast list continues to grow. They’ve already picked Oscar Isaac for the title role and Carey Mulligan has also signed on. This week, there’s two exciting new additions – one a newcomer to Coen-land, the other an old favorite. Starting off with the new blood, the Coens have reportedly offered a sizable part to Justin Timberlake, who will play a musician and husband to Mulligan’s character. Considering that we’ve heard that the Coens may shoot scenes “with live music played by the performers on set and overlapping, naturalistic dialogue,” Timberlake’s background as a singer could come in handy. Though the choice may seem like an odd fit, the Coens have a knack for casting and Timberlake has proven himself, at least in ensemble films.

The other bit of casting news will be sure to delight long-time Coen fans. After an absence of over a decade, John Goodman will finally return to work with the dynamic duo. His last appearance in one of their films came in 2000’s O Brother, Where Art Thou?. Currently, it’s unclear what part Goodman will play, but knowing the Coens, I’m sure they will have another memorable role for him. Shooting for the film is scheduled for early 2012, which hopefully means it will be ready for a late year awards run. Financed without studio backing and described as “The Mighty Wind with ominous twists,” how much are you anticipating Inside Llewyn Davis? What do you think of the latest casting additions?

  • I recently saw the movie “In Time” over the weekend. Justin Timberlake was horrible. He can’t carry a movie.
    I love the Coen brothers but I wept a little inside when I heard Timberlake will be cast in their next film.

  • mark

    this was a bit shocking to read, but I liked jt in alpha dog and the social network. plus he’s a great vocalist. I trust the coens know what they’re doing.