Film Junk Podcast Episode #338: 50/50

0:00 – Intro / Jay Hates Traveling
10:30 – Headlines: Kurt Russell Replaces Kevin Costner in Django Unchained, Kevin Tancharoen to Direct Mortal Kombat Reboot, Sony to Stop Covering the Cost of 3D Movies
28:50 – Review: 50/50
52:40 – Other Stuff We Watched: Terra Nova, Real Steel, Waking Sleeping Beauty, A Dangerous Method, Moneyball, Robin and Marian, Dragonslayer, Buck, 102 Minutes That Changed America, Vamp, Visiting Hours, Maniac, Bad Dreams, Community
1:32:00 – Junk Mail: Biggie and Tupac Mishap, Movies You Watch With Others, Movies You Watch By Yourself, Favourite Action Directors, The Joker is Racist, Slow vs. Fast Moving Zombies, Beauty Day Question + PS3 and Blu-ray Recommendations
1:58:50 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:03:40 – Outro

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  • What was that cancer movie starring that rapper that lost all that weight? 50/Fiddy?

  • Jeremy

    Thanks for reading my email guys about the best action directors!

  • Don’t we pay for 3D already? The ticket price is higher for 3D and I thought that was to accommodate for things like the glasses.

  • Anthony

    Lettuce be cereal, Lost was overrated

  • Overrated it may be, but everyone’s still trying to copy it and not even coming close. Give me another network drama from the past decade as good as Lost.

    Oh, and BTW it did win the Emmy for Outstanding Drama in its first season, and Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn both won for supporting actors other years.

  • It seem lot of good movies aren’t making any money at the box office.

  • Henrik

    First two seasons of Storage Wars wipes the floor with the first two seasons of Lost.

  • Well that goes without saying.

    I’ll attempt to answer my own question: The West Wing might be up there, although I’ve never seen an episode.

  • The first season of The West Wing is flawless.

  • Anthony

    @Sean: I know i’m gonna get flamed for this, but i’ll take Season 1 of Heroes over Lost any day.

  • bard

    Again, I’m excited that Frank is loving Breaking Bad. When he gets caught up soon, he needs to go more in depth on his feelings for the show. And he needs to get the other guys to watch it. I think I remember Sean saying he’s watching it, but I’m not sure…

  • @Anthony: I enjoyed the first season of Heroes right up to the finale. But even that show was riding Lost’s coattails.

    @bard: I’m up to the second or third episode of Breaking Bad season 3.

  • Greg

    I’m not saying Lost was good or bad, it just wasn’t my thing. I didn’t like it. Maybe I’m actually an old woman, but I’ll take Jerry Orbach/Sam Waterston Law & Order over any other drama anyday.

  • bard

    Sean, you’re about to hit a string of episodes that are going to leave you breathless.

  • Henrik

    The only fall TV show I plan on following is Fate/Zero, and the first episode was pret-ty badass.

  • Wintle

    I’m hardly a fan of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li. In my first review for Film Junk I gave it a 1.

    I am, however, a huge fan of Chris Klein’s performance as Charlie Nash, Interpol.

  • Haha sorry… I apologize for misrepresenting your taste.

  • kyri

    Best JJ abrams show is Fringe.

  • Dave

    That History Channel 9/11 doc Jay mentioned was truly amazing. They played it on the History Channel just this past 9/11 and at first, I didn’t really want to get back in to all the 9/11 stuff, but I started watching it anyway, and it completely sucked me in. It gave me chills and you really are taken back to that day. Who would’ve thought they could’ve salvaged all that footage especially right before the boom of camera phones.

  • Gil

    Anyone else hearing audio hickups on recent episodes? I ask because I’m wondering if it’s my device that’s causing this.

  • I’m pretty sure there are still some occasional audio hiccups happening that have been introduced by our new mixer. Working on getting it fixed as soon as possible.

  • Aaron

    The pilot for Homeland is pretty good. All the critics seem to love it as well, so that is the new fall show I am looking forward to most.

  • Gil

    @Sean All right. I was just asking because it’s been happening to other podcasts I’ve been downloading lately.

  • Henrik

    Charlie Nash is pretty ridiculous in the Street Fighter movie. Interpol.

  • Sly

    50/50 – I’m a cancer patient and when the doc told me the news it was done in an even harsher and colder way then depicted in the movie. It’s quite common. 50/50 is very realistic. And yes – cancer stories don’t have to be just depressing. I met many funny fellow patients over the past years. Life’s not just over after diagnosis.

  • Interesting to hear from someone who’s been through it. I forgot to bring up on the show that I was wondering if the movie could only be enjoyed by people who hadn’t been cancer patients themselves, because it might be too “Hollywood-ized” or because it potentially made light of the situation in a way that was disingenuous.

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one hearing the hiccups. I thought my Ipod was going to shit.

  • Matt McNeely

    Great to hear Laurence Fishburne approves of Take Shelter. I interned on that film and am looking forward to seeing it finally later this month.

  • kyri


    wish you the best man.

  • There are two Sean ratings and no Jay rating in the show notes.

  • bullet3

    Glad you finally saw that 9/11 doc Jay. I remember seeing it when it first aired on the History Channel and thinking it was an absolutely amazing piece of work. It was scarier and shook me up more than probably any fictional movie I’ve ever seen, and the perspectives they’re able to get are amazing. The shots at the end with people just stumbling through the smoke, it seems so insane, like you’re watching a sci-fi movie or something. Also, all the conspiracy theorists need to watch this documentary and shut the fuck up

  • Agree that Fringe is amazing. Also, wasn’t the fake Batman guy that Joker killed white?