Film Junk Podcast Episode #336: Drive and TIFF 2011

0:00 – Intro
6:30 – Review: Drive
36:35 – Other Stuff We Watched: Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory, Into the Abyss, Dark Horse, Killer Joe, Hard Core Logo II, Urbanized, Undefeated, Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope, Whores’ Glory, Melancholia, Extraterrestrial, Kill List, The Raid, Pearl Jam Twenty, The Last Dogs of Winter, Last Call at the Oasis, The Last Gladiators, The Moth Diaries, Trespass, Machine Gun Preacher, The Island President, The Descendants, Intruders, ALPS, Shame, Trainspotting, United 93, Mimic: The Director’s Cut
2:53:10 – Junk Mail: More Scenes Showing Emotion Without Words, Drive and GTA: Vice City, Internet Buzz and Box Office Numbers, Dark Bridges Film Festival and DVDs in Binders, DVD Collection Flood, Using Cell Phone in Theatre Dispute
3:07:25 – This Week’s DVD Releases
3:08:55 – Outro

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  • antho42

    TIFF films I am looking forward to:
    The Skin I live In
    The Raid
    Martha Marcy May Marlene

  • antho42

    You should watch the Pusher Trilogy. The second film is amazing.

  • More Randy Newman impressions!

  • Big Hungry

    @Jay looking forward to BeautyDay on iTunes! Also I will buy the Blu-ray, but any news on the poster?

  • kyri

    Ogh.. I would love a poster as well…

    Who did that poster by the way? was the old school look jay’s idea?

  • Beauty Day blu ray… best news ever!

  • alechs

    Urbanized is confused of its particular audience: it seemed like Hustwit wanted to make a populous film for both extremes, designers and non-urbanites. However the former will find Urbanized to be too shallow and the latter will be indifferent to the material.

    What made Helvetica so successful was the nuance of expertise and the restraint of investigating one singular font. Hustwit is not convincing as an advocate. His personal message is at the forefront and all his interviewees simply reinforce his own ideas: community needs to be more involved with urbanism. Let the experts talk for themselves. It is kind of a shame that Rem Koolhaas, one of the greatest modern urban thinkers, had like 2 minutes of screen time.

    Any of the cities could have been a film onto themselves and still cover all the topics that Hustwit did.

  • Drive is the most over hyped film so far this year. I swear half of the time the “online film community” are like sheep. Their afraid to go out on a limb and say they don’t like a film because the rest of the film nerds are hyping it.

  • KeithTalent

    You obviously have not listened to the podcast before if you are saying that.

    Bug is freaking awesome; Molly Shannon is so great in that. Looking forward to Killer Joe now. If it’s anything like Bad Lieutenant or Bug, I’m sold.

  • I am amazed at how much praise Drive is getting, I must not of seen the same movie. The movie I saw was super slow with zero character development. This was like Contagion all over again (although that was way worse than this).

    I never cared about anything that happened in this movie because the film makers never let us care about the main character. Ryan Gosling must of said 10 lines in the entire movie, the rest of the time he just stared into the distance in total silence.

    I resent the way this movie was marketed, they sold it as an artistic transporter, but there was barely any driving in this. This was a b-movie directed like an art house movie.

    People are saying that this deserves the oscar for best picture. Really?!?! Easily the most overrated film of the year.