Greg’s 2011 TIFF Report: Day 8

TIFF is really starting to wind down quickly. Second last day. By the way, I should note that I’m currently writing this report on an iPad. These things are amazing. Thanks Apple! I also have to mention that the iPad belongs to Shaun and Nicole Snow. They let me stay at their place Thursday night after the excellent Pearl Jam concert in Hamilton. Their cat Charlie puked on the carpet before we came home. I wonder if he knew I was coming and wanted to give me a welcome gift. Nice cat. Missing half an ear. He grew up tough apparently. When I asked to use the iPad, Shaun got all weird. Apparently, he uses it to play the sounds of the ocean to help him sleep. I bet he didn’t think I’d blog about it.

Just one film today. Trepass starring Nick Cage and directed by Joel Schumacher. I realize now after typing it out that this had disaster written all over it. Cage plays Kyle, a real estate salesman. He’s married to housewife Sarah, played by Nicole Kidman. They have a teenaged girl, Avery, played by Random Teen. On a night where Avery sneaks out a group of armed thieves break into Kyle and Sarah’s home to try and steal cash and diamonds that they think is in Kyle’s safe. They are held at gunpoint and this is where Cage’s character starts getting weird. He pokes holes in the thieves’ plans and even tries to go into business with them. There are a few twists and turns, but most of this film is a little too predictable.

I headed back to Hamilton for the night to go see Pearl Jam again. Another great show with a couple of surprises. A cover of The Stooges Search & Destroy and the show was also attended by retired WWE great, the Rated R Superstar, Edge. Easy to spot that guy in crowd. Shook his hand and let him go about his business.

One more film left at TIFF 2011 on Friday followed by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats hosting the Edmonton Eskimos in great CFL action. Christ, this week went fast.

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    another fun tiff update greg, keep em coming!!!