Greg’s 2011 TIFF Report: Day 7

Remember how I said that Killer Joe was the worst thing I’d seen at TIFF? I stand corrected. Just one film today and it was a doozy. The Moth Diaries, directed by Mary Harron. Harron is Canadian and directed the quite excellent American Psycho, so I decided to give this one a shot. Teenaged Rebecca is back at her all-female boarding school for her final year with her best friend Lucy. At least two years prior (the film isn’t clear) her father committed suicide. There’s a new girl at the school named Ernessa and slowly but surely she comes between Rebecca and Lucy. There’s a lot of weird things about Ernessa and although Rebecca doesn’t say it, she thinks Ernessa could be a vampire. Oh for fuck’s sake.

This film has every single teen movie cliche there is. 1) Teenaged girls are retarded and that’s insulting to people who actually are mentally handicapped. 2) If there’s an all-female boarding school at least two of the girls are going to explore each other and fuck. 3) If there’s a male teacher (there is), he’s good looking (Scott Speedman) and he’s going to kiss and fondle one of the young girls (he does). Does it have teen vampire movie cliches? You bet your ass it does. 1) No one ever believes the girl that knows the truth. 2) Teen girls somehow know a good way to kill a vampire. 3) No one else puts two and two together: Everything is fine, new girl shows up, people start dying. Lame. We get cheesy flashbacks of her dead father. He offed himself two years ago and now she’s having trouble with it? Convenient. My favourite part was Rebecca seeing herself in a dream hugging her father, so she smiles. When her father lets go…it’s not her he’s hugging! It’s Ernessa! O.M.G!! How uninspiring and how unoriginal can you get? This movie is absolutely ridiculous. What a waste of time.

Met up with my BFF Emma for salads (I know) and then off to Uproar for her birthday. Caught the 4 main stage bands. Bullet For My Valentine: Pretty good. Seether: Pretty lame. Three Days Grace: Very good and enjoyed the Eminem cover. Avenged Sevenfold: Awesome, but they need a real drummer. After the Rev and Mike Portnoy, everything else has been disappointing. Emma had a blast and really that’s all that matters.

Tomorrow: Two films, including one with Nick Cage. Also, for a second time…Pearl Jam!

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  • snugglebob

    “Ernessa could be a vampire. Oh for fuck’s sake.” lol

  • Bas

    Good report, Greg. But how many ‘Mr Skin’ stars does it get? Could be its saving grace!

  • Greg

    Bas: None. All teen girl body parts are covered up with sheets.

  • Landon

    Salads are awesome! Proud of you Greg.

  • That still photo you posted was the only reason I wanted to check out that flick, that and the fact it was made by the director of American Psycho.

    And that image comes from the only really cool scene in the movie. The rest is just excruciating bore. Totally agree.

  • That’s disappointing considering how much I, too, enjoyed American Psycho. Harron seemed to be above this sort of cliche crap. Sad.

    And please tell me the salad had doughnuts in it. Mmm.. doughnut salad….