Greg’s 2011 TIFF Report: Day 5

Just a short update today as I only had one TIFF screening, but I did have a concert in the evening.

I had a documentary today called The Last Dogs of Winter. On my way up the escalator a lady in her fifties took a header at the top and did a hardcore face plant on the tiled floor.  I probably shouldn`t have laughed, but I totally did.  Hey, I waited until I had stepped on to the next escalator and there were already people helping her.  Jeez, I`m not an animal.  People falling down is funny to me.  I even laugh when I fall down because it`s funny.  I know which of you who agree and those that are ashamed to know me right now.  Still funny.

Before the show started I was recognized by a Film Junk fan.  Yeah, I`m a little famous because of the podcast.  No big deal.  In all seriousness, it`s really cool to meet people who listen to the show.  I had two dudes from Finland earlier this year come to my store in Hamilton just to say hi as they were on their way from Toronto to NYC.  That`s pretty awesome.

So… The Last Dogs of Winter, this is third documentary with the word last in it.  Apparently, I love conclusions.  For those of you who live in Canada, you know what a Canadian Eskimo dog is.  A breed of dog that lived in the far northern parts of Canada that aided the Inuit in everything the did.  They worked like horses.  In the 1950`s the breed totaled about 25,000, by 1970 less than 100 remained.  Apparently, the government tried to get the Inuit to move into communities because it was safer, so they started killing their dogs.  Nice. 

This film is about a man named Caleb Ross, a young New Zealander who moved to Canada to be with his girlfriend and when that went south, he took a job waaaaaay up in Churchill, Manitoba working with Brian Ladoon, a kooky individual who has made it his goal to save the breed and the dogs now number over 400.  The film chronicles how he takes care of so many dogs and although, it seems unconventional to regular dog owners, all of the dogs are happy and healthy.  6 weeks out of the year, the polar bears migrate right along Churchill and it was amazing to see full grown polar bears playing with these dogs.  Actually playing with them.  It was crazy.  Last Dogs of Winter was fun to watch and it was pretty informative.  If you like dogs and you spot this film somewhere…check it out.

As I waited for my brother at the ACC for the Pearl Jam concert I sat on a bench when a young girl stat down beside me and just started bawling.  I changed seats.  Man, this blog makes me sound like such a horrible person and I`m really not.  Ask my girlfriend or my best friend or her family.  If I sat there, it would have just been awkward.  So, I moved.  I`m comfortable with my decision.

The Pearl Jam show was awesome.  A great set with tons of rarely played songs.  Half of the set was from the first two albums which was fantastic, plus there were covers of songs by the Cavaliers, the Who and MC5.  Excellent show.  Opened with Go and Animal and closed with Baba O`Reilly and Yellow Ledbetter.  Nice.  Can`t wait to see them again Thursday night back in Hamilton.

3 films Tuesday including the sequel to Hard Core Logo.

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  • Greg, I’m the one that spotted you at the AMC and disrupted your downtime. Thanks for being nice and friendly. Listening to the podcast is like meeting with a (virtual) bunch of cool friends for a movie chat, and I guess this unique attribute makes your listeners feel very comfortable to just approach and say hi.
    And you were right about Comic Con Episode IV. Funny but not very memorable or deep…

  • That old lady that fell was my mom and the crying girl was my sister you bastard. She was crying cause our mom just died from a fall YOU BASTARD!!!!