American Reunion Teaser Trailer

As you probably know by now, a new American Pie movie is in the works that will reunite all of the original cast members from the first three films. Nevermind all of those direct-to-DVD sequels… this is the real part 4 you’ve been waiting for. In an effort to generate some excitement, Universal has released a somewhat unique teaser trailer: a series of still images of the cast members made up to look like they are posing for a photo booth.

While I’m not sure if this trailer will actually appear in theatres, I think it’s a pretty effective online marketing tool. I know there are a lot of people out there who grew up on these movies, and just seeing the cast members back together after eight years should trigger some nostalgic feelings. I was never a huge fan, but it’s interesting to see where each of these people have ended up career-wise. Who would have thought Seann William Scott would be the biggest star? Actually I guess that kind of makes sense. American Reunion hits theatres on April 6th, 2012; check out the teaser trailer after the jump and post your reaction in the comments below.

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  • swarez

    Isn’t the Band Camp chick technically the biggest star since she has a huge TV show at the moment?

  • I guess maybe that’s true. But Stifler is the biggest movie star!

  • MikeH

    This was definitely a cool trailer and I am a huge AP fan, the theater flick not the staight to dvd flicks. It will be cool to see the whole original cast together again.

  • Mattq

    Kind of a pointless teaser don’t you think?

  • Mena Suvari looks scary

  • I can’t believe they’re letting Tara Reid be a part of this. She was a bad actress back in the original, and is a million times worse now thanks to coke and Uwe Boll.