The Movie Club Podcast Episode #22: Zardoz and Flash Gordon

The Movie Club Podcast is an irregular roundtable podcast where we select two movies to dissect, analyze and discuss with a group of fellow movie bloggers and film fans.

Zardoz is pleased! After an extended six-month wait, we’ve finally managed to get the crew back together to record a brand new episode of The Movie Club Podcast. This time around we engage in a trippy fantasy / sci-fi discussion involving John Boorman’s inimitable Zardoz starring Sean Connery and the cult classic Flash Gordon starring Sam J. Jones, Melody Anderson, Max von Sydow and Timothy Dalton. For the sake of science, of course.

This episode is also a reunion of the podcast’s original line-up of Kurt, Andrew and Marina from Row Three along with Jay and myself. Head over to to download the episode and leave your own thoughts on these two wacky films in the comments. Our next episode will be a high concept double bill: David Cronenberg’s Crash and Paul Haggis’ Crash.

  • Matty

    Love the sci-fi themed movie club podcasts. Great stuff guys!

  • Gerry

    I love Film Junk and Game Junk and like Row Three.

    I couldn’t understand the point of the Zardoz half of the show. A 2 minute review by Jay and / or Sean in the ‘what we watched’ section of Film Junk would have done the job just as well.

    If you know you all dislike a movie to this extent maybe include a couple of the director’s more positive offerings, e.g. The Emerald Forest and Deliverance in this instance. At the very least invite Jandy and Reed along for entertainment value.

  • Bryan

    What a dissapointing podcast. I was really looking forward to the Flash Gordon discussion and it seems like one guy shits all over it and most of the discussion is on defending why they like it instead of talking about all the fun stuff in the movie. Maybe u guys can talk more about it on things you watched. There was no talk about the awesome Hawkmen Attack scene with Queen playing in the backgroud and Lazer shit fliying through the air.

  • I think Zardoz was a first time watch for most of the panel.

  • (It gets better with multiple viewings! Seriously!)

  • Matty

    Kurt’s right. I went through this weird phase with older sci-fi/fantasy movies just trying to find ones specifically like Zardoz (or even Flash Gordon) where the director’s vision of the future is so overwhelming that the technical limitations of the time period, like costuming and special effects, serve to make the film wonderfully anachronistic and goofy.

    I think the comparisons to Jodorowsky’s films are also pretty apt for Zardoz, and I’d even say Zardoz is a pretty great film to get people to even watch something by Jodorowsky.

  • So you guys are disappointed because not everyone liked the movies we discussed? Maybe these weren’t the best choices for the Movie Club, but you had to expect us to come at them from the standpoint of defending them considering that they’re both generally seen as bad movies.

  • kyri

    This movieclub podcast boys is more like a fetish rather than an actual moviepodcast. I love the show but I understand how some people can be bored by the excessive discussion over a “bad film” but seriously I can’t get enough. I love how the more “ortho-logical” world of Film Junk collapse with the more.. pathological world of RowThree.

    Now about the two films.

    I believe that both films.. in order to be “liked” need to be discovered from the viewer..accidentally

    If you are “forced” to see the film or someone recommends it to you… you ll reject it. Because yes both movies are BAD beyond words you just can’t articulate how bad they are.

    I saw Zardox by a mistake 7-8 years ago. I had no idea what I was getting into.. I rented a copy of the film and I saw it one day that I had NOTHING else to do..
    and for some reason the movie is now mushed into my brain with another old sci-fi “classic” ..the TIME MACHINE.

    yeah.. it’s BAD but I thought it was awesome that such a movie even existed.. I thought back then that the film was PERFECT to be placed in the background of an actually good film? for example to be projected onto the wall of a hypothetical quirky,kinky brothel that the protagonist enters by accident..


  • Gerry

    What about ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Dark Star’ for the next podcast.
    Or ’12 Monkeys’ and ‘Trancers’.
    Either way it would make for a fun podcast.