Flatliners Remake Gets Source Code Writer

Even with the insane number of remakes currently in development right now, I’m still continually surprised by some of the movies being chosen for updates as of late. I guess some studios are now being forced to dig deeper than the obvious films… or maybe it’s just that choosing an unexpected movie to remake is the only way you can actually be creative in today’s Hollywood. Despite being a moderate box office hit back in 1990, I certainly didn’t think anyone would ever bring Joel Schumacher’s afterlife thriller Flatliners back out of the vaults, but it would appear that Sony is doing exactly that. According to Deadline, they have just hired Ben Ripley, the man behind Duncan Jones’ Source Code to pen the script. Interesting choice.

The original Flatliners featured a then hot young cast that included Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts and Kevin Bacon playing medical students who all team up to participate in dangerous experiments investigating the possibility of an afterlife. They take turns having their hearts stopped for one minute before being resuscitated with emergency procedures. At first they think they have discovered something amazing, until they start being plagued by visions related to wrongdoings in their past.

The movie was written by Peter Filardi, whose only other major credit is the ’90s teen witch thriller The Craft — which says a lot about how deep the film actually is. I do think Flatliners has an interesting premise that could be improved with a new script, and based on Ben Ripley’s work on Source Code, I am definitely curious to see what he comes up with. What do you think about a Flatliners remake? Who would you like to see cast in the new one?

  • I’ve long wished for someone to have the money, nuts, free time and sense of humor involved to see if a shot for shot remake of a movie 20-25 years later with all the original cast would fly. For awhile The Goonies was the obvious hilarious choice (RIP J. Matuszak), but there were others that would have worked just as well. However, I suddenly feel like a slight alteration of that idea might be the best way to go here. Is any of the original cast so above the B grade that the idea is just beneath them? I doubt it, and I think even Julia Roberts has a pretty good sense of humor and I HATE her in almost everything. Not so much a shot for shot remake, but some sort of new installment. Just by coincidence, I watched Flatliners last night, and don’t think this is the worst idea I’ve ever had, though admittedly, I’ve had MANY.

    Speaking realistically of the Hollywood I know, however, I expect they’ll just cram the cast of Cougar Town into it and call it a day. Oh, right, most of them are old, defeating the purpose of contemporizing……substitute the cast of Friends with Benefits instead. The show, not the movie…..but is there really difference anyway. One’s not funny and the others not….oh wait…yeah…..get it?

  • MikeH

    Yet again another classic flick getting the good ole Hollywood rape job! Who are they getting for the cast, maybe a combo of the cast of Twilight and Harry Potter?