Film Junk Podcast Episode #332: Fright Night and Conan the Barbarian

0:00 – Intro / Jay’s Trip
17:25 – Review: Fright Night
51:55 – Review: Conan the Barbarian
1:15:40 – Trailer Trash: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
1:20:35 – Other Stuff We Watched: Hot Coffee, Score: A Hockey Musical, A Beginner’s Guide to Endings, Liberia 77, Trigger, Pontypool, Daydream Nation, Small Town Murder Songs, Major League, Crazy Stupid Love, Final Destination 5, Field of Dreams, Master Chef, Fright Night, Child’s Play, Whatever Works, Billy Madison, Baseketball, Fright Night: Part II, Louie: Season 1
2:09:50 – Junk Mail: TF3, Pirates 4, Favourite Batman and West Memphis 3, Original Planet of the Apes Origin Story, Reversible DVD and Blu-ray Covers, Good Books on the Filmmaking Process,, Film Junk Action Figures
2:34:25 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:36:55 – Outro

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  • Kamen Liew

    Finally! It’s here! Welcome back Jay!

  • Kamen Liew

    Glad to hear you had a great time in Sydney, Jay. I hear you out on high prices and expensive meals over here so I hope that hasn’t put you off your trip at all. It is pretty ridiculous considering how high the Aussie dollar is at the moment.

    Anyways, Jay, if you ever come down to Melbourne, it’s a pretty nice city. Also, I work at the cinemas so if you ever want to hit the local theatres while you’re here, I can bring you in for free. That goes out to all the Filmjunk guys as well, if you guys ever feel like making a trip to Melbourne.

    Anyways, thanks guys for your awesome podcast, and Jay, I’m looking forward to a Beauty Day Blu-Ray :)

  • Anthony

    I don’t mind Louie, and agree Season 2 is far better than Season 1, but I seem to be one of the 10 people who loved Lucky Louie. Shame, it was great.

  • kyri

    wait, beauty day is available for purchase? I’ve been searching for it on AMAZON but all I can find is beauty care products for women.. is there a link or smthng.

  • Matt

    Maybe you guys should check if you’re pregnant, cause you’re definitely late. I keed. Good to have a new episode. Now make with a new Gamejunk, Cantencarous, and DVD sorting manifesto 2.

  • Beauty Day is not yet available for purchase and according to Jay will probably not be released on Blu-ray. We can always hope. ;)

  • I couldn’t catch the name of the documentary about editing (rewinded it several times but could not hear it). What is it called?

  • I don’t think we actually said the name of it, just that it comes on the Bullitt DVD and Blu-ray.

    It is called The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing.

  • I would think of Jay as rocking the glaive.

  • Henrik

    I think Gregs action figure would be holding a prostitute.

  • Paul Andrews

    Thanks – can’t wait to hear about Film Junk action figures (???).

  • schizopolis

    Favorite Batman…tough choice between Keaton and Bale. Pros: Bale – solid actor and physically suits the role…bad-ass push-ups! Keaton – gave unique persona to Bruce Wayne, better fight scenes in 1989 Batman and best cowl (Batman Returns)

    Cons – Bale’s Batman voice and slight lisp. Keaton – short Batman (5’9) and bad weave/toupee.

    Winner – Keaton

  • Henrik

    Keaton all the way. His akwardness as Bruce Wayne seems far easier to believe than Christian Bale’s “I just happen to be as good of an actor as the real Christian Bale!”-take on Bruce Wayne.

  • As for the batman films, for me it’s a tie. There totally different films.

  • Yeah, Keaton. I mean, c’mon: “you wanna go nuts? LET’S GO NUTS!”.
    As I’ve said before, Tim Burton needs to have a break from Johnny Depp in everything, and reinstate Keaton into the fold.

  • Fright Night was the most fun i had in the theater this summer. I don’t know if I’m in the minority but i liked it as much as the original.

    Also, Craig Gillespie announce that Fight Night will be released on Bluray as a combo pack with the original and it’s sequel included.

  • Among the choices, I’m with Sean: Keaton is the best Bruce Wayne, though as far as Batmans go, I like Bale the best. I like the voice as indicative of Bruce Wayne being new to the superhero game and disguising his voice poorly. Kevin Conroy did a neat twist by making Bruce Wayne a variation on his Batman voice, but that’s animated and probably wouldn’t work as well in real life. But yeah, overall, Adam West.

  • wanted to say I also did the Cabin Fever commentary Jay recommended and it is very good – basically Roth just telling his life story up to that film.

  • Mason

    Fun fact: Amy Madigan has been married to Ed Harris since 1983. Just glancing at their filmographies, I see they’ve acted in the same movie at least four times: Alamo Bay, Places in the Heart, Pollack, and Gone Baby Gone.

  • Brendan

    I think Greg’s super powered action figure attachment would be his hair.

  • Pres Mony

    Actually there WAS an actor who played the wolf man in Fright Night Part 2 and The Monster Squad, it was Jon Gries. He rules in Joysticks and TerrorVision.

  • I knew it!!! That’s the guy I was talking about! He’s on Lost as well. WTF Sean? You trying to make me out as some sort of chump??? I want an on air apology at the start of the next show.

  • Gries is also Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite, and was the bum who stole Kramer and Newman’s rickshaw in Seinfeld. Though it’s weird that IMDB lists him as playing the epic role of “Desperate Man” in Monster Squad.

  • Don’t blame me, my web skillz are solid.

    According to IMDb, The Wolfman in The Monster Squad is played by Carl Thibault.

  • It looks like once the character goes through the transformation, another performer is in the actual wolfman suit. Still, Gries plays the character in the film.

  • swarez

    I met Jon Gries last year at Fantastic Fest. Geeked out like a chump when I shook his hands.

  • Didn’t see it mentioned yet, but one of you guys should check out Bambi II (just out on blu-ray last week I believe) just in case it’s an awesome horror movie about a rabid deer going on a killing spree through some town full of hunters in the deep (US) south.

    I like to think it is anyway.

  • KeithTalent

    Thanks for the recommendations. I have seen The Cutting Edge and it is indeed very awesome. The Lovely Bones has a good making of documentary on the Blu-ray, though the movie itself is quite awful. I’ve ordered a couple of the books recommended; been eyeing that Mamet one for a while.

    Also it’s Keaton all the way. Best Batman ever.

  • by the way, I know you talked about Sons of Anarchy last week but I have to say it is awesome!!! if Greg hasn’t watched it yet, I predict it being one of his future favorites. why?

    guys being guys – check
    bitches – check
    Ron Perlman in all his glory – double check!

  • Big Hungry

    Does anyone know what the song is from the intro credits of the Fright Night Movie (2011)?

  • kyri

    It’s a shame that you did not compare the bodies of the two Conans though.

  • kyri

    Greg hasn’t answered the question yet,
    Jay must have a stronger admiration for the particular “sport”..