Ridley Scott Officially Signs on for Blade Runner Sequel… or Something Like That

Big news this week if you’re a fan of Ridley Scott and his 1982 sci-fi noir classic Blade Runner. We heard a bit of chatter earlier this year about a new Blade Runner movie when Alcon Entertainment acquired the rights to produce a spin-off from the original film. At the time, they said that they would love to work with Scott on a new movie set in this universe, but most people assumed that he would not be interested and that the idea would only end badly for all involved. Well, this week we finally have reason to be hopeful: Ridley Scott has officially signed on “to direct and produce a new installment of Blade Runner.” Now the question we’re all asking is, what exactly does that mean?

The good news is that this won’t be a remake, since Alcon only has the rights to “produce projects based on situations introduced in the original film.” However, at the moment, no one knows if it will it be a sequel, a prequel, or a spin-off that focuses on completely new characters. Perhaps we can find a hint in a project that Ridley Scott was supposedly involved in a couple of years ago: a web series that was loosely connected to Blade Runner, set sometime before the year 2019.

Either way, with Ridley Scott currently revisiting Alien from a new perspective with the movie Prometheus, he is clearly in the right mindset to revisit some of his seminal early works. Even if you haven’t been impressed with a lot of his recent output, you have to be excited about the prospects. What do you think, is this good news? Can a Blade Runner sequel or spin-off even come close to the original and is Ridley Scott the right man to direct it?

  • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

    I suppose I always knew the day would come when some fucker would step up thinking they summon more diamond tears to fall from God’s eye. Never thought it would be Ridders.

  • I read the first posters response twice and still don’t no what it means…

    This is a good thing, Ridley Scott getting money to play in a Blade Runner universe, fine by me.

  • Brendan

    I’m hoping more for a film set in the Blade Runner universe than a direct sequel. Blade Runner’s a film that’s best left with some ambiguity around it, and I can’t imagine a film that would continue the original’s story without detracting from that enigmatic ending (just so I’m clear, I’m talking about the director’s cut, not the theatrical version).

  • fatbologna



  • Mike F

    Stunning news! This could be truly awesome. I pray he is able to pull together the talent to make it work.

  • T. Heilman

    Yeah, Tron Legacy seemed like a good idea too. Too bad that was an incredibly dull, incoherent mess. Remaking or sequelizing 1982 sure seems to be the trend lately. Much like many filmmakers from his generation, Scott has never matched his early works and history has shown they rarely come back to greatness (Argento, Carpenter, Romero, Friedkin, Stone, De Palma, etc…).

    Yeah, it could be good…

  • How dare you compare Sir Ridley Scott to some no-name director’s attempt at a Disney reboot. shame on you for your baseless argument.

  • Paul Andrews

    Wow – this could be amazing.

  • T. Heilman

    Uh, I wasn’t comparing Scott to whoever directed Tron… Oh fuck it, try reading.

  • patrik

    I´m very excited for this.. It won´t effect Blade Runner for me so go ahead.. And with Ridley Scott at the helm, I don´t know why people are against it. The worst thing that happens is that they make a bad movie. Blade Runner will stil be there, exactly the same.