Film Junk Podcast Episode #331: 30 Minutes or Less

0:00 – Intro
2:38 – Headlines: Disney Pulls the Plug on The Lone Ranger, Frank Darabont Fired from The Walking Dead, Friday Night Lights: The Movie: The Series, Austin Powers 4, Study Finds That Spoilers are a Good Thing
34:30 – Review: 30 Minutes or Less
54:10 – Trailer Trash: A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas
1:06:10 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Change-Up, The Bachelor Pad, Breaking Bad, Master Chef, The Future, The Iron Giant, Sons of Anarchy, Jackass 3.5, Friday Night Lights, Friday Night Lights: The Series, Fright Night, Super, Roger Dodger, Jersey Shore
2:10:30 – Junk Mail: The Power of Silence, Movies That Were Affected by Death, The First Reboot and Book Sequels After a Movie Adaptation, Which Tom Hanks Are You?
2:35:30 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:38:00 – Outro

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  • mike

    my body is ready

  • mike

    also, nice to see someone watched roger dodger, pretty awesome movie

  • anton

    another great episode, thanks.

    what song is it playing in outro?

  • Jonny Ashley

    Nuno was a great addition. Would welcome him back!

  • I watch no trailers at all, so I’m one of those people that won’t be looking at the screen when the trailers are shown. Reason for this is that they usually spoil way too much. I’d like to go in knowing as little as possible. It makes the surprise that much bigger.

    When listening to the show I always skip the reviews until I’ve actually seen the movie myself.

    The death of Heath Ledger and the Oracle in the Matrix are examples I though of when hearing about deaths impacting movies. There must be many more…

  • It wasn’t just a guy who had a bomb strapped to him, it was a pizza guy who got kidnapped by two guys who strapped a bomb to him and forced him to rob a bank or they’d blow him up… and they did. Who sees that news story and says, “FUCK! That’s make a great comedy!!!”

  • That’s make a great comedy… yeesh.

  • Gil

    I hardly ever watch trailers, or hardly read leaked production pictures or videos. It’s just uninteresting to me. However, I do listen to podcasts who talk about films I still haven’t seen with spoilers included and love it! There’s a difference between a discussion with spoilers and production videos/photos.

  • Sean = The Money Pit Tom Hanks
    Jay = The Green Mile Tom Hanks (Hanks’s problems with his pisser make it a no-brainer)
    Greg = Polar Express Tom Hanks (HOT CHOCOLATE! Delicious!)
    Frank = Bachelor Party Tom Hanks — or possibly Dragnet Tom Hanks
    Reed = Philadelphia Tom Hanks…nah just kidding — Mazes and Monsters Tom Hanks all the way

    And this is for Greg:

  • Greg

    Nat, you’re way off. Frank LOVES that Hot Chocolate bit in Polar Express. You can’t take that away from him. Also, I’m a boss and I yell at my staff of younger girls all day long. I think Tom Hanks in League of Their Own suits me more than the Polar Express. That conductor is making kids happy. I hate kids.

    However, that clip of the Snookipunch is fantastic.

    @Jonny…you’re right, Nuno was awesome on the show.

  • Yeah, but check out the sweet ‘stache Hanks is rockin’ in Polar Express. Plus if FilmJunk ever had a “FilmJunk Saves Santa”-type Christmas Special, I always figured you to be the one who’d fill the role of Santa–delivering the presents and groping the hot soccer moms under the mistletoe.

    And I see Frank as preferring to be paired with ’80s Dan Aykroyd and Adrian Zmed.

  • Nuno was really good. Nice addition.

  • Good call on the Mazes and Monsters Tom Hanks… totally forgot about that one.

    Maybe Greg fits more as the Bosom Buddies Tom Hanks?

  • bard

    Greg is “Road to Perdition” Tom Hanks because he’s a gangster.

  • Justice

    The best thing about 30 Minutes or Less was that Danny McBride has the same Slayer ringtone I do. Other than that, it was mediocre at best. Ansari seemed like he was performing his standup instead of acting in a movie.

  • Bosom Buddies! Nice! I was thinking of Charlie Wilson’s War because in the opening scene he’s snorting blow in a hot tub with two buxom beauties. I can only assume that’s a classic Greg move. But BB‘s even better.

    And also forgot to add that Nuno was a fantastic addition.

    And I’m glad you sort of liked Roger Dodger — it predates Arrested Development, yet Eisenberg’s doing Michael Cera’s schtick before Michael Cera. Plus there’s Jennifer Beals and Isabella Rossellini. Have a soft spot for the film because the director’s dad was my college music professor. He looked like Santa Claus and was 5X nicer.

  • I thought that the explanation of helicopters in movies is completely off the wall, as real choppers are very much in use.

    Last year, I worked as an extra on the upcoming film “Abduction”, where myself and several other “CIA Agents” are investigating something along a railroad crossing. At the beginning of the scene, a chopper flies in with Alfred Molina’s character, and we’re just running around on the ground right next to where it’s landing, looking busy. At the end of the scene, the chopper takes off again, with everyone leaving the area. Again, it was mostly us extras in the scene, hardly anyone important. Maybe they keep the stars away from running choppers, like Alfred Molina may not have actually been IN it when it was coming or going, but there certainly were a lot of people around.

    I’d never been around helicopters in this sort of setting before, and I think the only direction we were given really was to just look like we do that shit all the time, not to get blown over.

  • WAS completely off the wall. Sorry, I changed the wording after the fact but didn’t change the tense. Nooooooo!

  • Nuno, you’re not alone. I too first thought of the Russell Crowe film Romper Stomper when Sean talked about Roger Dodger. And I’m on the no-trailers team. I stopped watching them altogether about two years ago and it’s made going to the theater amazing. I usually try to go early in the week when crowds aren’t that big, and I show up about 15 min late to avoid all the trailers and commercials. Sit down just as the movie is starting and it’s great.

  • Aaron

    Good to hear Nuno back on the show again. A fresh voice is always a welcome addition. I’m still curious about The Future, despite his lukewarm reaction.

    Regarding the Austin Powers 4 news, I kind of hope it doesn’t happen. It would mostly come off as desperate at this point.

    As always, another great show, guys!

  • As far as Austin Powers goes, it might be interesting if they take it in a different direction. Much as the spy films it’s lampooning have gone more gritty and realistic, it could be funny if they could somehow play into that. I mean, Jesus, there’s going to be a “Johnny English Reborn” that NO ONE could have possibly asked for, so I think an Austin Powers 4 can work.

  • RC

    In addition to Nuno being great, he and I have in common the fact that we both love The Iron Giant. Nuno was on the mark when he said it has lush colours. I would rather watch animation of that quality than any of the recent CG animated movies.

    On a related note, I also love The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming. I own both movies and one day I decided to watch both, back to back. It wasn’t until I did that, that I realized how many similarities there are in both. It leads me to believe with no doubt that the writers of The Iron Giant were big fans of the Norman Jewison movie.

  • indianamcclain

    As for films that utilize silence I can think of 2 examples. The first would be the scene in the 1986 remake of the Fly when Jeff Goldblum discovers that he was merged with a fly. The other scene is in The Dark Knight when Harvey Dent wakes up in the hospital and picks up the coin.

  • KeithTalent

    The Man With One Red Shoe is the best Tom Hanks! Love that movie.

    I think Michale Haneke uses silence really well; if you watch Cache there are several long shots with no dialogue and minimal sound (heck, the film opens with a long shot just like that). Very effective and it’s one of my favourite movies.

    I am really hoping that El Bulli doc shows up out here. We ate there a few years back and this sounds like a real fly on the wall type of documentary that would allow us to relive it. Since the restaurant is closed now, it’s great timing for the doc. Can’t wait to see it.

    Great show; nice to ear Nuno again, he’s very good.

  • RC

    Twilight Zone Accident

    Actor Vic Morrow and two child actors were killed on movie set.

    The case dragged on for seven years in court before all defendants were cleared of involantary manslaughter.

    The parents of both children killed, filed civil suits and settled out of court.

    The daughters of Vic Morrow (including actress Jennifer Jason Leigh) also filed a civil suit and also settled out of court.

  • Antonio

    An example of a movie which has no dialogue and is relatively silent is a sci fi movie called : Le Dernier Combat (The Last Battle) (1983) directed by Luc Besson.. worth a watch..