Peter Berg Confirms Friday Night Lights: The Series: The Movie

Over the years we’ve seen plenty of movies turned into TV series, and plenty of TV shows either adapted or continued as movie franchises. But how many movies have you seen turned into a TV series only to eventually get turned back into a movie again? According to Peter Berg, that is exactly what is being planned for Friday Night Lights, the Texas-based drama about a high school football team. Berg directed the successful 2004 film, which was then turned into a hit series that ran for five seasons on NBC. With the series finale airing this past February, he has now confirmed rumours that the story will continue on the big screen with another feature film.

According to Deadline, Berg has said that they are “very serious about trying to do it” and that they are hoping to go into production sometime next year. Like the original film, it’s being set up at Universal through Imagine Entertainment with Brian Grazer producing, and executive producer Jason Katims is just now starting the process of plotting it out. It will still be dependent on getting all of the actors back on board (some of which are now big stars in their own right), but it sounds like this is a lot more likely to happen than, say, the Arrested Development and Party Down movies. Plus, unlike those other shows, Friday Night Lights didn’t get canceled due to poor ratings — it just ended.

While I have yet to see either the original Friday Night Lights movie or the series, I know that they have a huge following and it will be interesting to see if they can pull this off. There are a lot of moving parts involved in turning a TV series into a movie franchise, and there are also rights issues to worry about with the book written by Buzz Bissinger. At the very least, it’s interesting that this won’t just be a made-for-TV movie but an actual theatrical release, and it could very well be a bigger hit than the original film. Would you pay to see Friday Night Lights: The Series: The Movie?

  • Blake

    Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, 10 Dollars, Can’t Lose!

  • Curtis Williams


  • Aaron

    I actually don’t care if a lot of the characters come back. As long as they have coach, his wife, and their daughter with maybe a guest appearance by Tim Riggins and Matt Saracen.

  • Me

    It was already a movie that’s where the series came from. Remember it had Tim Mcgraw in it.

  • Scott

    They have to bring back everyone but smash and street. Some of the new charicters can go too. I believe Luke is in the army so u don’t need him.

  • Blake

    Hey “Me,” I’m sure we all know that. I suggest you read the article.

  • Mike

    One of the best tv series of all time. i’ll be at the movie on opening night as long as coach taylor is there.