Andrew Niccol’s In Time Comic-Con Trailer

I’ve been pretty interested in Andrew Niccol’s next film In Time ever since it was first announced under the (admittedly terrible) working titles I’m.mortal and Now. The director of Gattaca and Lord of War is known for coming up with some pretty interesting concepts, although they don’t always turn out to be masterpieces (ahem… S1m0ne). This time around he has imagined a future world here time really is money — after the age of 25, people must work to buy themselves more time, and if they run out they die. The rich can essentially live forever while the rest of the population’s days are numbered.

Justin Timberlake stars as a poor young man who inherits a fortune from a dead upper class man and finds himself on the run from the police force (known as “time keepers”). Cillian Murphy plays one of the time keepers, while the supporting cast also includes Amanda Seyfried, Olivia Wilde and Alex Pettyfer. While the premise seems interesting, the footage that they just premiered at SDCC doesn’t appear to go much deeper than a generic action-thriller. It all seems a little bit corny, although if they go over the top with it like Repo Men, I might be on board. What do you think, does this look like a winner? In Time hits theatres on Oct. 28th; check out the extended comic-con trailer after the jump.

  • kyri

    wow, bad casting..

  • Bocuma

    And wow, what a lame trailer… Even the people with time on their hands act like they’re dead. Looks like there’s not much more to the film than the kinda cool premise.

    I do like Cillian Murphy though.

  • If I hear one more violin glissando to an ultra high note ending in a drum beat and silence to create ‘tension’, I’m gonna stab a bitch.

    As for the movie, eh… looks like a rental. I’d at least hope for a shot or 10 of Amanda’s ‘Seyfrieds’ but, I’m betting this will take the PG-13 route to maximize profits.

    And good fuckin god is Justin Timberlake in EVERYTHING now?

    I guess I’m just saying, this whole thing angers me.

  • Why is Justin Timberlake a movie star?

  • anton

    this trailer is sooo long. its like not so mini version of a film. i don’t get it why the hell they have to reveal so much.

  • ButtonMan88

    This looks just like a rehash of Freejack (1992)

    right down to Cillian Murphy borrowing Mick Jagger’s full-length leather coat. Oh and running hands-held ala The Adjustment Bureau and probably any other number of Rage-Against-The-New-World-Order themes and motifs.

    “120 minutes to see a lazy, derivative film? Sorry. I just don’t have that kind of time!”

  • projectgenesis

    Oh my god. I love Freejack.

  • Ray

    I agree Glen, he’s in way too much stuff laterly, he isn’t a good actor. He had an ok performance in the Social Network and because it wasn’t shit, people hailed it as brilliant, he’s out of his depth