The Thing Trailer

John Carpenter’s The Thing is the best practical effects driven film I have ever seen. I think it has a great concept that has you guessing at every turn. Now this film also titled The Thing is being called a prequel of sorts, and although some aspects of the trailer also say remake, I do like that it feels like we are right back in icy Antarctica with┬áno way out. Especially when there is an alien based organism floating around. It looks like they are willing to step up the horror and stay true to the original with practical effects, but I do expect some CG in there somewhere — they can’t help it, it is 2011.

There are a few choice scenes and setups in the trailer that make it look exactly like the 1982 film. From the looks of it the characters even seem similar with Joel Edgerton looking slightly like Kurt Russell and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje looking almost exactly like Keith David. You would think that this is a remake. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Eric Christian Olsen, Ulrich Thomsen and Kim Bubbs also star. This is Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.’s first film. He will be directing from Eric Heisserer (A Nightmare On Elm Street, Final Destination 5) and Ronald D. Moore’s (Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) script. I think that this is something to look forward to. It reminds me of something like X-Men: First Class in the sense that it is kind of like a reboot/remake and a prequel. I have a lot of love for John Carpenter’s The Thing and I do think that this looks good. The Thing hits theatres on October 14th; check out the trailer after the jump.

  • Xidor

    The original has the best jump scene of any film when they test the blood samples.

    I am a big fan of the original and I like the choice of some using some of the classic shots. I also liked how it has some new action sequences as well.

    The same goes with the music; I like the newer sound, but it pays tribute to the original score.

    Looks good to me

  • Fatbologna

    Sooooooo… Scott Pilgrim’s girlfriend is supposed to replace Kurt Russel? No thanks… I’m good.

  • So Mary E. Winstead is the new Ripley??? Hmmmm…..Fuck that shit!!!

  • Looks like it could be decent. So many trailers this week!

  • el ohroy

    That trailer shows too much. Scene by scene, the whole movie.

  • Napalm

    It could be good. The trailer has it’s moments, but overall it seemed quite underwhelming. But I’ll watch anything that has Mary Elizabeth Winstead in it.

  • Napalm

    Btw, am I the only one absolutely sick of the fact that every horror trailer ends with everything going quiet and then BOOM… a last jump “scare”? Fuck man, be a little more original than that!

  • swarez

    I just want to hear the explanation how an american woman and a black man end up in a Norwegian science camp.

  • saddler

    In answer to swarez’s burning question.
    Maybe he’s norwegian.
    Maybe she’s on some University science trip.

  • kyri

    It smells like a used-up vagina… I also bet 50$ that they removed the dog scene.

  • Jonathan

    Joel Edgerton is sidelined in this trailer. I’m not liking that. I was hoping he would be taking the (Kind of) Kurt Russell role. Still, his presence is what gives me hope for this. If you haven’t seen him in ‘The Square’ and ‘Animal Kingdom’ get on it!

  • Matt

    I agree with Jonathan. His role in Animal Kingdom was awesome.

    I don’t know if this movie will be able to decide if it wants to be a remake or a sequel. Right now, it’s looking a lot like a sequel (minus the women).

  • Guest

    How fucking stupid. This is about a Norwegian base in antarctica, and fucking Samish music starts playing in the middle of the film? WTF!? That’s like Native American music playing in a Middle-Eastern film. Well, can’t expect much better from the shit-pile industry that is Hollywood….

  • Matt


  • Colin

    I had the same reaction as Napalm. End of trailer scares are so played.

  • I will be watching the original on Blue Ray the night this opens, thank very little,

  • Henrik

    This trailer reminded me of a classic horror movie trailer, pretty good stuff I thought. It looks like Ulrich Thomsen is having some fun, I think it could be quite enjoyable. It will be hard to live up to the effects though…

  • LUDY

    I’m with Rus. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • Olof

    Guest, what the hell are you talking about? Saami people are IN Norway, are related (due to genetics, not linguistics) and many Norwegians are part Saami now. Saami music playing in a Norwegian base is hardly the same as Native American music playing in a Middle-Eastern film. God, what a retard.