Martin Scorsese’s Hugo Trailer

Martin Scorsese was very vocal when the hype of 3D was on the rise about two years ago when James Cameron’s Avatar came to big screen and became the highest grossing film of all time. The Oscar-winning director claimed that “3D is liberating. Every shot is rethinking cinema.” So now, two years later we get our first look at Hugo, a 1930s period piece set in Paris with a star studded cast including Asa Butterfield, Chloe Moretz, Emily Mortimer, Jude Law, Helen McCrory, Christopher Lee, Sacha Baron Cohen, Ben Kingsley and Ray Winstone. The film seems to be a action adventure mystery movie that is more family and kid-oriented than anything else.

It is tough to judge something like this coming from Martin Scorsese, the man who gave us Goodfellas, Casino and The Departed among others. He seems to be making this film with the 3D in mind but at this point I am just not interested when it comes to a film selling me on the 3D aspect. I am not writing the film off completely but this is not something anyone would be talking about without Martin Scorsese’s name being attached to it. The music in the background and the kid running through the train station while Sacha Baron Cohen runs after him for half the trailer is stupid and makes me wonder where Scorsese’s head is at. “It’s Neverland, Oz, Treasure Island all rolled into one,” add some The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe and Polar Express and you have Hugo. It says what it’s going for in the trailer. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Hugo hits theatres on November 23rd; check out the trailer after the jump.

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  • Brendan

    “The music in the background and the kid running through the train station while Sacha Baron Cohen runs after him for half the trailer is stupid and makes me wonder where Scorsese’s head is at.”

    As a frequent visitor to Film Junk, I find this type of writing to be sub-par compared to the usual posts. Besides the poor sentence structure, describing something by saying it “is stupid” is a lazy way of articulating criticism that reflects poorly on the writer.

    I’m sorry if this comes of as overly harsh, but it irks me when I see this type of bad writing.

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  • Fatbologna


  • Andrew


  • Jonny Ashley

    The typography and the soundtrack don’t do much for me, but I think it looks like a blast. That cake gag is going to be off the chains.

  • Gil

    this looks like shit.

  • The next Trailer Trash is going to be epic.

  • Napalm

    Visually it looks good, but I’m not too sure about the story. It seems too kiddish. The only reason I’ll watch this is because of Scorsese.

    The song in the trailer is a 30 Seconds to Mars song btw.

  • kyri

    The trailer is A PILE OF SHIT.. But I bet, I hope, that the actual film will be … oh.. It can’t be.. it just can’t..


  • Scorsese directing what’s essentially a period Home Alone, set in Paris, and in 3D? What about any of that is not interesting? This just became my most anticipated movie of the year.

    @Brendan Lighten up. “Poor sentence structure” is the laziest criticism one can toss out. And despite what your 3rd-grade English teacher taught, ending a sentence with a preposition shouldn’t get you howling for the Grammar Police.

  • El Ultimo Hombre

    What the fuck was that?

    I agree, it was stupid.

  • Guest

    What has happened to Scorsese? Shutter Island and now this shit?

  • Guest


    I totally agree with you, but you just got to accept it. Filmjunk doesn’t give us articles, but posts, because there is always the writer’s opinion in them. That’s why I often stop reading further than the headlines.

  • Brett

    This is one of the best kid books ever and yet the trailer makes it look like a Jim Carey or Adam Sandler project.

    Visually it looks great but I’m nervous about how much the trailer focussed on the goofy conductor hi jinks. And the music is wrong for this trailer.

    Oh, wait, I forgot to be super indignant and cynical … what the fuck shit blah blah blah Scorsese?

  • kyri

    But to be fair.. Scorsese never crafted good trailers.. maybe he should hire Michael Bay for that..

  • vesiculosis

    Read the book (26.The Invention of Hugo Cabret, by Brian Selznick). It’s magical.

    The trailer suggests that the movie will be OK and (if nothing else) visually interesting.

  • Curtis Talls

    fuck….what garbage.

  • theocean85

    I appear to be the only person who was grinning ear to ear when I watched this. The book was magnificent and the trailer just made my day.

    I have total faith in Scorsese; I’ve seen eighteen of his movies and I’ve only disliked one of them (After Hours).

  • patrik

    theocean85 – I´m with you, I really liked this trailer. The 30 Seconds To Mars song didn´t do much for me but it didn´t offend me as it seems to have done many other people.. Looking forward to see if Moretz can make it three awesome performances in a row. It´s Scorsese, have a little faith.. Visually it looks awesome