Disney’s John Carter Trailer

It seems to be a pretty big week for trailers with everyone vying for a piece of the Harry Potter action, and Disney is also getting into the act by releasing the very first trailer for their upcoming 2012 blockbuster John Carter (formerly known as “John Carter of Mars”). Based on the pulp novels written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the movie stars Taylor Kitsch (Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine) as an American Civil War veteran who gets transported to Mars, where he finds himself caught up in a war between green Tharks and red Martians. Although he is initially aligned with the Tharks, when they capture a Martian princess (Lynn Collins) he attempts to rescue her.

We can see Spy Kids star Daryl Sabara playing a fictionalized version of Edgar Rice Burroughs at the beginning of the trailer (apparently the story is told as if Carter is a relative of Burroughs). Despite the fact that it takes place on Mars, it feels a lot more fantasy than sci-fi (comparisons to Disney’s Prince of Persia are to be expected). The effects are pretty impressive either way. At one point this was going to be Pixar’s first live-action film with Andrew Stanton (Wall-E, Finding Nemo) in the director’s chair, but in the end it only bears the Disney logo. John Carter hits theatres on March 9th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

  • Vikke_AJ

    I’ve read some John Carter stuff a long time ago. I’m definitely interested in this film.

  • looks a lot better than I figured. interest going UP

  • Napalm

    I thought this was supposed to be a motion capture film? Huh. Looks pretty amazing either ways. The colors really stood out.

  • Captain N

    Looks bland.

  • Niklas

    I thought it looked bland as well

  • Curtis Talls

    Tim Riggins!

  • Darksiders

    looks much better than i thought it was gonna be.

  • I think Disney is shooting themselves in the foot with changing the title. And I’m not saying this as a bitter fanboy, I’ve never read the books. But John Carter of Mars at least implies some sci-fi element and gives you an idea of what you might be getting. John Carter could be anything.

  • Vikke_AJ

    At least the title attracts ER fans :)

  • Trecal

    JC…is it a Jesus Christ thing? does he start off as a carpenter perhaps? Mr Burroughs has some explaining to do

  • mitch

    pretty excited for this

  • kyri

    I saw something Green in that trailer that I really did not like.

  • Colin

    Oh hey… looks like they had some Prince of Persia props left over.

  • Steve Kasan

    Go Riggins!
    All the negative comments to John Carter will change when they let loose the money shots for the full trailer. Especially the White Apes sequence.

  • amok

    Was that Tars Tarkas? That looked horrible!

    I really hope that they still have massive CGI work to do on the exteriors because that just looked like your generic Arizona desert environment.

    So far, not thrilled at all.