Diablo Cody to Write Evil Dead Remake, Federico Alvarez to Direct

Earlier this week, rumours started running wild about a new Evil Dead film, with reports indicating that it was about to start filming in Detroit. At the time we weren’t sure if it was going to be a remake or a sequel, and we also weren’t sure if Sam Raimi was going to direct. Now we finally have confirmation straight from Ghost House Pictures: it is a remake and Sam Raimi won’t be in the director’s chair. However, he will be producing along with his good friends Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell. In his place, newcomer Fede Alvarez will helm the flick from a script that he co-wrote with Rodo Sayagues. Diablo Cody is currently doing rewrites on the script as well.

Uruguayan filmmaker Fede Alvarez has yet to direct a feature film, but he caught the attention of Hollywood last year when his short film Panic Attack! took YouTube by storm. Raimi ended up signing him to a deal, and although it was believed that he was setting up a feature-length version of the short, we now know that he was hand picked to direct the new Evil Dead.

While it’s potentially worrisome to think of this franchise in the hands of an inexperienced director, I’m excited to see what Alvarez can do with it. The announcement that Diablo Cody is “punching up” the script is slightly less exciting to me, if only because her last film Jennifer’s Body was not very good. I think she’s a talented writer, but I don’t trust her to tone down her very distinct voice in a situation where it is not entirely appropriate. Raimi, Tapert, and Campbell had this to say about the project:

“We are committed to making this movie and are inspired by the enduring popularity and enthusiasm for the ‘Evil Dead’ series. We can’t wait to scare a new generation of moviegoers using filmmaking techniques that were not available to us thirty years ago as well as Fede bringing a fresh eye to the film’s original elements.”

So what do you think? Does this news have you excited, or is it not exactly what you were hoping for? Is Evil Dead ripe for a remake?

  • Colin

    God no.

  • Chris H

    Why the fuck is Raimi NOT directing!? I dont want some shitty director (yes I think his short film was shitty) handling this franchise!?

    Diablo Cody!??? WTF??? Sam Raimi wake the fuck up man! Grow some balls!

  • Fatbologna

    I’m going to kill everybody…

  • bard

    I don’t like these movies either way, but respect what they are. Having Diablo Cody “punch up” the script is a terrible, terrible idea.

  • I’d REALLY love to be upset, but I’m too busy throwing up.

  • Shannon

    SIck and wrong. I won’t be seeing this.

  • Nick D

    My heart sank when I saw Diablo Cody was involved.

  • Captain N

    This sounds of a studio trying to capitalize on the popularity of the Evil Dead name and try to bring it to the masses with a pouring, plastic, overly produced product.

    I’m sure Diablo Cody loves the Evil Dead movies in the same way a 14 year old goth girl loves Tim Burton movies.

  • Darksiders

    question — how does directing a 5 minute short film with robots destroying a city turn into taking over one of the most beloved horror/comedy franchises? That’s bad enough…and then you throw in Diablo Cody to completely ruin the rest?

    No fan of the other movies will walk into the theatre and that’s what you/the studio should be banking on! Not throwing out another generic genre flick with a cult film name on it.

    Direct2DVD anyone?

  • really? you guys want Raimi to go back and remake his own movie?! does anyone EVER get outside of their little stupid world when they comment on the boards? people are selfish and clueless if you think Raimi would want to do this instead of something completely new you have zero creativity.

  • Tomoo

    Why god, why?

  • swarez

    @Captain N
    You that the original Evil Dead was made for any other purpose than to make money of it?
    And Diablo Cody can out geek any one you whiny bitches any day of the week. And she probably loves Evil Dead as much as you, as a 14 year old goth girl loves Tim Burton movies.

  • Fatbologna

    Go ahead and set up a “Meet-the-Geek” style competition between her and I and I’ll mop the fuckin’ floor with her! I’ll whine that cunt into the fuckin’ floor with my superior geek knowledge. Her shit’s WEAK, motherfucker!

  • Fatbologna

    Yikes… I was really drunk when I wrote that last post. It was meant to be tongue-in-cheek but this morning it doesn’t really come off right at all… sorry y’all.

  • Colin

    Take a close look at that picture up there:

    Raimi looks a lot like a yound Judd Apatow.

    Campbell and Jon Hamm could be brothers… twin brothers.

    This shit is freaking me out.

  • Eyegor

    What made The Evil Dead great was that it was low budget and campy!

    You can’t take a film like that and remake it with today’s technology and expect it to have the same results.

    The remake train just keeps on chugging along, with no engineer to put on the brakes.

    This just makes me appreciate the originals that much more. Thanks Hollywood for helping me save money!