Jack and Jill Trailer Starring Adam Sandler and Adam Sandler

Well I think it’s official… Adam Sandler has finally hit rock bottom. Just when you thought he was starting to break out of his comedic slump with dramatic performances in movies like Funny People and Reign Over Me, he goes and stars in a movie that looks exactly like one of the parodies from Funny People. It’s clear from the trailer for his next film Jack and Jill that he simply doesn’t care anymore. He has now entered into Eddie Murphy / Wayans Brothers territory.

The movie stars Sandler in dual roles playing both a family man named Jack and his twin sister Jill, who comes to visit from the Bronx and turns his life upside down. So yes, we get to see him in drag for the entire movie, although they showed surprising restraint in avoiding the fat suit. Jack and Jill is directed by Dennis Dugan (Grown Ups, Happy Gilmore) and also co-stars Katie Holmes, Al Pacino and Shaquille O’Neal. What more do you need to know? I’m sure it will be the runaway hit of this holiday season. Jack and Jill hits theatres on November 11th; plug your nose and check out the trailer after the jump.

  • kyri

    This is insanely brilliant..

  • Mark

    hahahhaa I actually laughed at that last part, I think this is probably one of Sandlers better movies in the past… shit, 5 years? I hope so at least, looks good.

  • Justice

    Speaking of just not caring anymore…can we strip Al Pacino of his Oscar retroactively like Reggie Bush’s Heisman?

  • MikeH

    i dont know about this one, i like Sandler, but once you start doing multiple roles in a flick that just hurts.
    is that not the bum from Happy Gilmore?
    and why is Katie Holmes still acting.

  • Anthony

    Because Grown Ups and Just Go with it didn’t tip you off?

    And really, even in between his dramatic films that received decent reviews he was still releasing shitty comedy films. Reign Over me and Funny People were still sprinkled among shit like I now pronounce you chuck and larry, 50 first dates, mr. deeds, grown ups, just go with it, and you don’t mess with the zohan.

  • Indianamcclain

    @ Anthony. I’d say that 50 First Dates was the last good Adam Sandler comedy outside of Funny People.

  • kyri

    ? liked “you don’t mess with the zohan”. there I’ve said it.
    Is it a sin? Am I going to movie hell for liking an Adam Sadler movie?

  • krudsma

    I can’t imagine someone needing a payday this badly.

  • Anthony

    Also wanted to comment on Katie Holmes making terrible decisions, but then again it is the same person who turned down The Dark Knight to do Mad Money.

  • mitch

    i still do not see why people hate katie holmes so much

  • Napalm

    What the fuck Sandler! And an even bigger WTF at Al Pacino… what happened you man!

  • katie holmes ‘acts’ with a smug smile permanently hanging on the right side of her mouth, what isn’t there to hate?

    and pacino? he got old, simple. no one or thing stays great forever, unfortunately.

  • @ MikeH

    I think the bum is Allen Covert, at least that’s who it looks like. He’s always has some bit role in these Sandler flicks.

  • Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey should team up to do a really crappy movie together.

    penguins could be involved.

  • swarez

    Does Pacino owe money to someone?

  • This could have easily been one of those embarrassingly-bad fake movies from Funny People like “MerMan or Re-Do”.

  • Hugo Van Nor

    Shaquille O’Neal, is the new Brando.

  • Mark

    Whats up with adam sandler wearing puffy vests?

  • @Mark, still rooting for this one?