William Shatner’s The Captains Trailer

Despite being snubbed by J.J. Abrams and left out of his Star Trek reboot, William Shatner is still eager to maintain his association with Star Trek and a connection to its rabid fanbase. The original Captain Kirk is putting together a documentary called The Captains, in which he interviews and hangs out with all of the people who have played starship captains over the years including Patrick Stewart, Kate Mulgrew, Avery Brooks, Scott Bakula and yes, Chris Pine, seen above participating in an arm wrestling match with Shatner. The movie will make its world premiere at the San Diego Comic Con next month and will air online via Epix, who will also broadcast a live Q&A immediately following the film moderated by Kevin Smith.

It will all be a part of something called Shatnerpalooza, a week long a celebration of the Shatman’s film and television work. They’ve released a short trailer online for the film, and while I don’t expect it to be much more than an vanity project for Shatner, I’m still curious. I did enjoy the Captain’s Summit roundtable that was included as part of the Star Trek Motion Picture Collection on Blu-ray. The Captains premieres on Fri. July 22nd at 8 pm EDT; check out the trailer after the jump.

  • I watch it just for the Chris Pine interview. I’m curious to know what he thinks about the reboot and Nimoy doing the movie.

  • projectgenesis

    I just hope Avery Brooks doesn’t get the shaft in this special. I hope Shatner asks him about the ascendency of Captain Sisko to Emissary of the Prophets. That was, bar none, the most interesting Captain story-arc of Star Trek.

  • Henrik

    The Captain’s Summit was fantastic, really looking forward to this. Would love to see the Q&A as well though, hopefully that shit will reach an audience (KEVINSMITHGETIT?).

  • LisaM

    Will this movie be shown on TV? Sent to DVD? I want to see it an dwould love to buy it if they do sellit on DVD.

  • Nelson

    I grew up watching/listening to Shatner, even as early as Kindergarten my teacher used to play Star Trek records during nap time. I think he’s hilarious, especially now, so I will definitely see if I can pick this up on blu-ray or something, if it becomes available.

  • If I could, I’d like to go back in time to 1990 and convince Perry Farrell to name his festival just about anything else, as I’m tired of seeing “-palooza” slapped on everything.

  • Supposedly, this is the last Star Trek related project that Shatner will ever do.