Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Trailer

Ethan Hunt is back… but does anyone really care? Tom Cruise, in need of a blockbuster to re-establish his bankability in Hollywood after Knight & Day made just $76 million domestically last year, went back to the one franchise that has been consistently lucrative for him over the years. Fortunately, the timing is right and spy movies are almost as popular now as they ever have been. The thing I find weird is that this trailer does not feel like it is advertising a spy film at all, and it seems so far removed from the original TV series that it might as well just be called Tom Cruise: Part 4.

The new addition to the equation this time around is Jeremy Renner, playing another IMF agent that may or may not be on Ethan’s side. There has been talk that Renner could take over the franchise after this installment, so it will be somewhat interesting to see how that plays out. Probably the biggest reason to be excited about Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, however, is the fact that it marks the live action directorial debut of Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Ratatouille). Not that we can actually see any of his handiwork in the rapid fire ADD-style editing of this trailer. Hopefully the movie itself is a little more coherent. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol hits theaters on December 16th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

  • Henrik

    Looks like the work of a real visionary ~

  • Tomoo

    It might be a fun popcorn flick.

  • Looks just as good as the other three were IMO. I’m always down for more MI movies.

  • Napalm

    Looks fun as hell! Really enjoyed the last one and I’m sure this one will be no different.

  • Mel

    Maybe it’s just me but I never really understood the direction this franchise took after the first movie. De Palma didn’t just make a dumb summer blockbuster, he made a fun espionage thriller, one that was more about spies, double crosses and gadgets than it was about the action set pieces.

    I thought Brad Bird might move the series back in that direction – The Incredibles had a bit of a 60’s spy movie feel to it – but if this trailer is any indication, he’s just making a dumb modern popcorn flick. Obviously you can’t judge an entire movie by two minutes of random footage but there’s absolutely no personality to anything in this, it looks like footage from any action movie from the past five summers.

    Other than the first movie, the Mission: Impossibles have had no real identity, they’re just blank Tom Cruise action vehicles that feature a few of the same characters. Unless they’re hiding a lot of stuff from the trailer, this seems to be no different. It might end up being dumb fun, but the Mission: Impossible brand has so much more potential than that.

  • kyri

    The problem is T.Cruz. He cannot carry this kind of roles any more. He should only play villains..

  • Kasper

    Looks awesome. I’m ready for Cruise to make the impossible possible once more.

  • Steve Kasan

    Well, the action is definitely there. But, I have to agree with Mel’s comments.
    Mission 1 was fantastic, to me, becuase, De Palma made an espionnage thriller. Spies being Spies. Then, a total shift in direction and tone.
    Gone were the cat and mouse plays to summer action blockbusters.
    If you were to take the Mission: Impossible title and the character of Ethan Hunt out, this could have been a totally new property.

  • Steve L

    its wasn’t Cruise’s fault the flick bombed..its that talentless skank Diaz thats to blame.

  • Ron

    Looks awesome. Like the last 3 before it. I just don’t understand why people think he need another hit. KNIGHT and DAY made worldwide $262mil. On a $120mil budget. Not counting what dvd and tv rights it made. I think most all studios would hope and prey their films do as well. Case in point Green Latern.

  • I don’t think it’s about studios needing to make a blockbuster, it’s about Cruise himself needing to prove that he still has pull with North American audiences. He is definitely a big star internationally, but his image is still hurting in the U.S. in particular.

  • Nelson

    Despite everything I still like Tom Cruise, but I wonder what kind of person he is in his private life, after everything I have seen of him on television. I guess it’s unfair, at least in my opinion, for me to consider anything other then his acting ability and character when I am trying to decide whether to go see one of his movies, but I am more then a little curious about all of this Scientology stuff. Probably more dubious then curious. I don’t know, it seems weird but if it helps actors and celebrities be successful, even while charging them money for the favor, do I have the right to knock it if no one is being harmed?

    There are tons of actors and actresses who have done and said weird things and I haven’t had a second thought about going to see their movies, so why should it be any different with Tom Cruise. I think, if anything, the fact that he is more popular then many actors has actually hurt him, ironically. He might be a victim of his own success.

    I know, boo hoo, poor Tom, rich, married to a beautiful woman, but misunderstood by SOME people. Poor guy :p

  • Rick Vance


    The MI movies are an experiment in genre film making, the audience for the film for the most part has such a lack of knowledge about the roots (outside one of the catchiest theme songs ever). They pick different directors to do their own thing with it so the results can be anything as shown from the disconnect between a De Palma movie and a Woo movie.

    I think its amazing way to run a franchise.

  • Justice

    The third film is one of my favorite action/spy movies ever, I’ll take it over any of the Bournes. This one looks just as fun and awesome. Can’t wait. May be going through a little Jeremy Renner fatigue though.

  • kyri


    all he has to do is embrace good old Jesus..

  • indianamcclain

    No Ving Rhames?

  • Bas

    I’m with Justice on this one: MI:3 kicked MAJOR ass!!!

    There are few movies I love more than The Incredibles and Bird seems a perfect choice for MI:4, but it’s hard to tell by this trailer if he can deliver on my high expectations…

  • Nelson

    I did actually go back and look at the trailer for the movie ;)

    The trailer looks good and I think it should interest any fan of Tom Cruise or spy movies in general, that happens to look at it.

    It’s true that people in the trailer are generally in more action oriented wardrobe and situations, but it also looks like there could be more then enough intrigue and spy-related activity to keep people guessing and make the film interesting, intellectually, as well as visually.

    Depending on how they play Tom’s character in the film, I could easily see him coming back to play this role at least one more time. Again, I think Renner is talented, and maybe he could take Tom’s place in this series, but I don’t think he would pull in quite as much money as Tom could in this same film series.

  • Joe

    So is Jeremy Renner short, or is Tom Cruise standing on a box?