Weekly Poll Results: Best Woody Allen Movie

Last week’s poll may not have had as much participation as some of our usual polls, but it definitely sparked some decent discussion in the comments as people sounded off in support of their favourite Woody Allen flicks. In the end, it was Annie Hall that was voted #1 by quite a large margin — no surprise considering that it’s one of only two films that he won Oscars for (yes, it beat Star Wars for Best Picture). Manhattan came in second, followed by Sleeper and Match Point in a two-way tie for third. Crimes and Misdemeanors rounded out the top 5, although Vicky Cristina Barcelona was not that far off either. Do you agree with these results? Was there anything missing from the list that might have had a shot at taking down Annie Hall?

1. Annie Hall — 36.6%
2. Manhattan — 15.2%
3. Match Point — 10.1%
3. Sleeper — 10.1%
5. Crimes and Misdemeanors — 8%
6. Vicky Cristina Barcelona — 7.6%
7. Hannah and Her Sisters — 6.2%
8. The Purple Rose of Cairo — 3.3%
9. Bullets Over Broadway — 1.4%
9. Husbands and Wives — 1.4%

  • Andrew

    “(yes, it beat out Star Wars for Best Picture)???? Ummmm, so Star Wars….the first one (or the fourth one, whatever), is considered, in Sean’s mind, as more deserving than Annie Hall. Holy dick breath Batman.

  • I meant it more as a testament to how good the movie actually is.

  • I’m surprised that each film got at least one vote.